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Have you ever thought about the fact that Female pedophilia is on the rise!

Are Our Children Safe? Part I by Keith Lee Johnson

Are Our Children Safe? Part I

EDC Creations is proud to present this stunning editorial by author Keith Lee Johnson on the welfare of our children. Read it and take in the importance of knowing who is in your circle!

Recent revelations about Catholic priests and Jewish rabbis have shaken the very foundation of the religious world. Sadly, another shocker is on the horizon. There have been recent reports that Catholic nuns are guilty of female pedophilia, too. Rick Linsk and Stephen Scott of the Pioneer Press report that a nun at a Roman Catholic boarding school abused Mary Dunford for three years. Dunford says the floor monitor “would enter her room at night and spend the next one to three hours with me.” Ashley Hill, author of Habits of Sin, a book about the sexual abuse of women and children by nuns, claims she was sexually abused by a nun in the second grade.

Female pedophilia is on the rise. For years, men have dominated the headlines in the arena of child molestation. Now, entire websites are dedicated to this phenomenon of female pedophilia. One such site is called Female Childlove. This site encourages adult women to accept child molestation as a natural and maternal way of life with catch phases like “female childlove, you’re not the only one.”

The recurring theme throughout the Female Childlove site seems to be an affirmation of vile fantasies that the pedophiliacs claim many women have but are afraid to acknowledge. Page after page of their rhetoric delves into the sexual desires of women while at the same time staunchly advocating that children have rights, “including the right to choose adult sexual and romantic partners.”

Joy, an educator and one of the hosts of the Female Childlove site, believes that “female childlovers who have young female lovers are often the only ones offering a hand to help these young women cross the difficult terrain between strait [sic] society and the lesbian/bisexual community. Baby dykes need and deserve such guidance, mentoring, and love.” Sally, Joy’s collaborator, says, “I am [a] female childlover. I have been attracted to children as long as I can remember. For a long time I thought I was alone. But after I found this web site I know now there are others like me.”

On the opening page of the Female Childlove website is a cartoon of a five- or six-year-old girl scantily dressed in a black and white maid’s uniform, complete with thigh high black stockings and revealing white panties. On the About Us page, the same little girl has pulled down her panties while looking innocently into the camera. Other pictures depict young girls in provocative positions wearing lace and thong underwear.

On the Frequently Asked Questions page, these depraved women justify their way of life by answering the trenchant questions posed. One such question asked, “Why do you profess that female childlove is normal and healthy for children?” The answer was “We allow children to be seductive. We encourage their sexual expression. We share in their sensuality and their sexuality. We give rather than take from them.”

To be fair, it should be noted that these female pedophiliacs say they don’t approve of rape, coercion, manipulation, or any form of violence against children by adults. They say that sex with young girls and boys is okay as long as the child agrees. Nevertheless, sex with minors is a criminal offense, regardless of their acquiescence to the act. Consensual sex with a child is, by law, rape, coercion, manipulation, and probably in a lot of cases, violent in nature. Simply put, these women are guilty of everything they say they’re against.

The women on the Female Childlove website describe themselves as female childlovers. They describe “childlove” as an attraction to young girls and boys. If what these women are doing to innocent children is as natural as they claim, why was it necessary to exchange the word pedophilia for the word childlove? Why exchange the word attraction for the word eroticism? Perhaps it's because childlove doesn’t sound nearly as outrageous as pedophilia. Childlove almost sounds like a maternal act, when in reality a felony is being committed.

Is pedophilia acceptable if you “love” the child? Of course not. Nevertheless, female pedophiliacs tend to throw the word love around when they have sex with children. Observe, for example, Mary Kay Letourneau, 36, who was impregnated twice by a child less than half her age. It should be further noted that Mary Kay Letourneau is far from being the only woman in this sad predicament. (I will deal with the issue of female teachers who have sex with their students in an upcoming article.)

The Female Childlove site is full of provocative pictures and fictionalized stories of “woman child love.” The authors of these “fictional stories” say they are wives, mothers, grandmothers, teachers, and other professionals. The “stories” include seducing preteens at swimming pools, at the next door neighbors’ house, and just about anywhere one looks. This is incredibly disturbing, especially since a crime is being committed and these female pedophiliacs don’t seem to get it. Some of the names of these stories are “Gazing at Tiffany’s Venus Part 1,” “The Boy Next Door,” “Carwash,” “Fancy Pants Part 1,” “Catholic Scandal,” and others. These stories are sexual in nature and vivid in description.

Finally, the Female Childlove site goes into amazing detail to explain away their crimes of passion by claiming that women are stimulated when nursing their young. The following questions are posed: “Is anyone not aware of the nature of the female nipple? That clitoral/genital arousal is involuntarily and automatically achieved when the nipple is sucked?” Several years ago, I worked with a woman who told me she was stimulated by breast-feeding. The woman was emotionally unstable, so while I thought what she told me was strange, I dismissed it. However, recently, I have been told by several other stable women that they, too, are stimulated by breast-feeding.

Whether all women experience an involuntary and automatic response to breast-feeding is irrelevant. The point is that the female pedophiliac takes a natural act and turns it into something vile, then justifies the act by associating the body's natural responses with prurient desire. Given the national coverage of the three little girls who were kidnapped, one of whom was molested and murdered, I wonder how much female molestation is going on unreported. Are our children safe?

Continued to PART 2 and PART 3, read all three of these thought provoking articles. Please leave your thoughts and opinions at the end of each post.

Written by bestselling author Keith Lee Johnson

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Are Our Children Safe? Part 2

Are Our Children Safe? Part 2

Do screenwriters get their ideas from real life? Or are Americans inspired by the films they see? Perhaps motion pictures are a mere reflection of our hidden selves. Whatever the truth, one thing is clear; Hollywood has a knack for delivering Oscar winning pictures that reflect the basest aspect of the human condition. And when it suits studio executives, aspects of the human condition can be told in such a way that the general populace isn’t even offended by offensive subject matter. In fact, Americans tend to embrace the offensive and discard their sense or right and wrong. And more important, their sense of justice.

In 1967, Embassy Pictures released The Graduate. The Oscar winning film depicted the seduction of a recent college graduate by an older married woman. With the monumental success of that film, Hollywood went for the gusto. In 1971, just four years later, two more coming of age films were produced. Columbia Pictures released The Last Picture Show and Warner Brothers released, The Summer of ’42. The difference between these films and The Graduate is that they depicted relationships of high school students and older women. Both films were greeted with high praise and 12 Oscar nominations between them. However, only three Oscars were won; two for The Last Picture Show and one for The Summer of ’42.

Cloris Leachman, who won best supporting actress for her portrayal of Ruth Popper, the wife of the high school football coach, said, “I based my character on some Ruth Poppers I knew when I was growing up in Des Moines.” The Summer of ‘42’s only Oscar was awarded for its theme song. But the film was met with critical acclaim and actress Jennifer O’Neill received glowing reviews.

"A ROMANTIC FILM! Jennifer O'Neill is a girl of almost magical loveliness and vulnerability." The New York Times.

"REWARDING! ABSORBING! A tender, funny, realistic story. Beautifully written. Jennifer O'Neill is a delight!" - Long Island Press

"THIS IS MOVIE-MAKING AT ITS BEST! Stunning with beautiful acting and direction!" - The Evening News

"MAJESTY ON FILM! It is wonderful - told in an almost unforgettable way. Jennifer O'Neill is super!" - WABC-TV

"A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE! A blend of humor, growing-up pangs, and life's experiences! Jennifer O'Neill is fetchingly perfect!" - Cue Magazine

"A MASTERPIECE! ONE OF THE MOST TOUCHING FILMS I'VE EVER SEEN! Its warmth cannot be conveyed, it must be experienced. It actually evokes long dormant, sincere emotions - beautiful memories we share. Jennifer O'Neill has a quiet, beautiful maturity that makes her impossible to resist!" - WPIX-TV

"Beautiful! A LOVE STORY with a bite." - Washington Post

"A MARVELOUSLY DONE FILM! - A touching, sensitive, unforgettable experience!" - Family Circle


What the reviews don’t say is that Jennifer O’Neill plays the role of a 22-year-old woman who has a sexual fling with a 15-year-old boy. Keep in mind that these films were released in 1971, a time when sexual mores were a lot more reserved than they are in 2002. Even at that conservative time, the critics saw nothing wrong with this. They used words like absorbing, tender, love, sensitive, touching, romantic, and rewarding to describe The Summer of ’42. Perhaps the reaction to those films explains why so many female teachers have abandoned their public trust and are having inappropriate sexual relationships with their male students.

Female Teachers-Male Students

In 1996, Mary Kay Letourneau, a Washington State teacher, made headlines when it was discovered that she was having sexual relations with a 13-year-old boy, who eventually impregnated her two times. I’m sure most Americans thought this was an aberration, but it was just the tip of the iceberg. There have been numerous female teacher-male student relationships through out the country.

For example, On February 12, 1999, The Arizona Republic reported that a teacher at Parker High School, Jennifer A., was indicted for three counts of sexual conduct with a minor. A couple of weeks later, Ms. Tracey N., a librarian in the same district, was indicted for molesting a 13-year-old girl. “This week, Ms. Marian L., 39, former director of a Cave Creek charter school, was given a year in jail and lifetime probation for two counts of attempted sexual contact with two 14-year-old boys.” Some years earlier, in the same school district, Suzanne Y., 40, was having sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy. She was sentenced to three years' probation. “In 1997, Ms. Catherine M., a 35-year-old former teacher at Deer Valley High School, got six months for sex with a minor, a former student, at a party in the desert.”

Sadly, the abuse by female teachers isn’t confined to Arizona. One could find cases of abuse in virtually every state. For example, Denise McBryde, a 38-year-old Florida teacher, married with three children, admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

Caroline Hendrie of Hastings, Minnesota reports that Julie Anne Feil, a 32-year-old married teacher with an 8-year-old son, pleaded guilty in 1998 to having a three-month sexual relationship a 15-year-old boy, saying, “I loved him the best way I knew how.” A note she had written to the boy about a Valentine’s Day rendezvous was discovered. It read: “Here's what I want. 1. Go to our place. 2. Great Sex! 3. Dinner out--Olive Garden? Planet Hollywood? We dress up! 4. Dancing or a movie? Or our place and more great sex?” Four months after her arrest, while she was out on bond, Mrs. Feil went to the boy’s home at 2 A.M., her 8 year-old-son in tow, and “pounded on his window,” and attempted to have sex with him on the lawn.

In Carroll County, Maryland, two more female teachers, Kimberly Merson, 24, and Tracie Lynn Mokry, 21, were charged with having sex with teenage boys. Merson pleaded guilty, but Mokry’s charges were dropped. According to a May 23, 2001, police report, Mokry initially denied having contact with male students away from school. But later in the same interview, Mokry admitted to having sex talk with some students on a computer. One of the students told the police that Mokry had provided large quantities of alcohol to him and six other males from Francis Scott Key High School. The same student reported that after drinking a lot of alcohol, he laid down on her bed and Mokry took off his pants and “initiated sexual contact with him.” “The contact included, French kissing, fondling, fellatio, cunnilingus, and vaginal intercourse.”

The police report filled against Mrs. Kimberly Lynn Merson provided even more damaging information than Ms. Mokry’s. Mrs. Merson admitted to drinking alcohol with students, posing nude, and having sexual contact with “one or more students.” One of the students gave the police four pictures of Mrs. Merson spreading her genitalia and fondling herself. The report went on to say that Mrs. Merson had written requesting the return of the photographs. The note read: “it’s all my fault, I know, but I need to stop worrying and act like that part never happened. I hope you respect me enough to do this.” The police arrested Mrs. Merson May 19, 2001, and she admitted to providing alcohol, doing a striptease, having sex, fellatio, and fondling “multiple male students.”

If I were talking about the sexual deviance of men, I could probably stop providing evidence at this point. But women are not known for their lust and sexual depravity. Therefore, I will offer more evidence that our children are not only in danger from licentious predatory men, but also from lascivious women. As I said in my last article, female pedophilia is on the horizon.

Consider these examples, “37-year-old Amy Rodriguez raped a 12-year-old boy at least three times at her home. The mother of the boy suspected trouble when she noticed Rodriguez picking up the boy. When she checked his room, she found romantic messages from his teacher.” June 13, 2002, the Associated Press reports that “California high school teacher, Tanya Hadden, 33, ran off with her 15-year-old student. A Louisiana teacher is accused of having an affair with her 14-year-old student. In the Bronx, a teacher is charged with statutory rape involving a 16-year-old former student.”

Court reports that Beth Friedman was convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The 42-year-old Florida teacher was having an 18-month relationship with a 14-year-old student. “In Utah, a female gymnastics coach awaits trial for allegedly raping and sodomizing a 12-year-old male student. A 24-year-old New York teacher is charged with having a sexual relationship with two 16-year-old male students at the high school where she worked. And this past August, a former Bentonville, Arkansas special education teacher pleaded guilty to first-degree violation of a minor for having sex with one of her 16-year-old students.” In Hackensack, New Jersey, a 43-year-old teacher, Pamela Diehl-Moore admitted having sex with a seventh-grade student who was 13 at the time.

At this point, I’m sure some people are saying, “So what? What’s the big deal? These guys are lucky. They ought to be grateful. And therein lays the problem with female pedophiliacs. Few people care. Most people think this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often. Even judges want to wink at this. For example, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Bruce A. Gaeta, after sentencing Pamela Diehl-Moore to five years probation, said, “I really don't see the harm that was done here, and certainly society doesn't need to be worried. I do not believe she is a sexual predator. It's just something between two people that clicked beyond the teacher-student relationship. Maybe it was a way for him, once this happened, to satisfy his sexual needs. People mature at different rates.”

He doesn’t see the harm? It’s just something that clicked between two people? The boy was 13-years-old. Ms. Diehl-Moore was 43. Perhaps Judge Gaeta was a fan of the films I mentioned earlier in this article. I wonder if the judge would see something wrong with a man being 43 and having sexual relations with a seventh-grade 13-year-old girl. What if it was his daughter? Would he feel the same? Would you?

Imagine the mind-set of a 13-year-old boy whose had sex with a grown woman. Does anybody think he’s going to stop having sex once the relationship is over? He’s probably going to think its okay to have sex with girls his own age. Or worst yet, he too, will become an abuser. This is the harm that judge Gaeta is too short sighted to see. This boy, like so many before him, may become a sexual predator. The irony of this is that if the boy becomes a pedophile, a judge will probably give him a sentence far more severe then the woman who molested him. I seriously doubt that the judge would say, “maybe it was a way for 13-year-old girl to satisfy her needs” even if she gave her consent. But this article isn’t about equal treatment under the law. It’s about bringing the issue of female pedophilia to the surface.

Nevertheless, a double standard exists. People are not outraged when a woman molests a child. Somehow, people deduced that the woman is crazy. Why? Because if she were sane, a woman would never do something like that. But I’ve just proven that a woman will and have molested boys all over the United States. We can’t continue to smile and look the other way. If we do, how can we condemn men when they do the very thing that we winked at years earlier. What if the male pedophile believes it’s okay to have sex with young girls? Isn’t that what we taught him by telling him he was lucky?

Consider Daniel, who was molested by his mother, who was molested by her stepfather. Daniel had been molested at a local swimming pool and his mother insisted that he tell the authorities. Daniel told the police he didn’t see what the big deal was. His mother did the same thing to him all the time. Subsequently, Daniel’s mother was arrested and sentenced to prison. Seven years later, Daniel is now up on charges for molesting his young female cousin.

Best regards,

Keith Lee Johnson

Are Our Children Safe? Part 3

Women Committing Statutory Rape

It’s important to note that sexual molestation isn’t indigenous to female teachers. Women in other vocations are committing the same crimes in record numbers. For example, Kristina Magnuson, 30, a Kenosha County social worker was found guilty of molesting four boys, one of which has three children with her.

In Tampa, Florida, Patricia Burmeister, 32, was arrested for picking up teenage boys and girls at bus stops. Burmeister, a mother of two, provided alcohol and pornographic movies, and had sex with the kids.

Joyce Smith, a mother of three, surrendered to San Diego police for luring teenage boys over the Internet to her home and having sex with them. They boys ages range from 14-17.

A 35-year-old New York woman was sentenced to five years of probation and designated a level one sex offender after she pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old boy whose child she bore.

In Conyers, GA, 21-year-old Summer Jessica Strickland was charged with statutory rape of 13-year-old Tony Goss. The couple is married now, but Strickland still faces 20 years.

A March 26 1998 UPI article reports that Rebecca S., 28, of Roseville, Michigan, and a 13-year-old boy are in love and want to get married. Rebecca is facing two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Women and Incest

Unfortunately, there’s not enough space to chronicle all the crimes that I’d like to list to convince the general populace of what’s going on. As I said, what I list here is only the tip of an enormous iceberg.

The parents were glad to see a woman bond with their children. But Shelley, a 41-year-old mother, had a dark secret that the other parents didn’t know about. “All these sexual fantasies were going through my head when I was talking to the children,” Shelly confessed. “It was very sexual for me.” Soon Shelley began to focus on her 3-year-old son, Troy. She believes the abuse began when she continued to breast feed him when he was eighteen months old. Not long after that, her sexual urges became too powerful for her to control. “I would have him lay on top of me or on my breasts. I would put my finger in his rectum and suck on his penis.”

A December 3, 1997 UPI article reported that Maria D., 28, of Hempstead, NY, is facing charges of forcing her 2-year-old to perform oral sex.

An August 19, 1998, Associated Press article reported that a 30-year-old woman in Antioch, California was ordered to stay away from her foster son. She had had a child by him and was pregnant again with his child. She started having sex with the boy when she was 27 and he was 14. The woman said she loved the boy. “I just want everyone to know that I am not a child molester.”

It’s seems as though each time a woman is arrested for raping boys, she says she’s in love. Let’s remember that these boys are victims no matter how many men and women rationalize the crime. More important, male victims of sexual molestation are often psychologically damaged. The trouble is society still says its okay for boys and men to practice whoredom. Therefore, society sanctions these so-called harmless crimes, right up to the time that these boys become men and do the same thing that they were praised for when they were children. We can’t have it both ways. We cannot say a boy can be molested and that’s all right, but don’t you molest a girl when you become an adult.

Perhaps we need to teach our boys to be chaste instead of whorish. Perhaps we should value male sexuality the way we value female sexuality. And in this way, we can curtail the abuse that both genders suffer. If we teach our boys to value their sexuality, if we teach them that sex is a sacred gift, maybe teenage pregnancy would become a thing of the past. Maybe sexual disease would disappear. But since we allow our boys to be whores, we as a society must take a significant portion of the blame when our daughters succumb to their innate desires too. After all, girls realize that there is a double standard. And given what they’re allowed to watch on television, and listen to on CD’s it is any wonder that our children are becoming sexually active at earlier ages. If we want our children to be safe, we have to stop focusing on our females and concentrate on our males. We cannot allow adult women to abuse boys with a mere slap on the wrist. The punishment must be severe, not simply because it would be equal treatment under the law, but because an adult, in all probability, set into motion a chain of abuse that tends to expand in scope exponentially.

Statically, female pedophiles only represent three percent of the population. But is this true? Or is this something we want to believe? The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Both boys and girls generally under report abuse. One reason for this is that the abuser swears the abused to secrecy, or threatens the victim. Another reason is that the abuser often tricks the victim into believing that if they felt pleasure from the abuse, they are accessories to the crime. Some abusers actually trick the victim into believing that they initiated the sex and they are responsible for what happened. This leads to untold psychological damage to the victim and society in general.

Consider for example, the unresolved issues that result from abused males who are now adults. Many experience alcohol and drug abuse problems. Remember Mrs. Merson and Tracie Mokry, the two teachers who served alcohol to several males students at a party prior to having sex with them? It is highly possible that these women were abused the same way. Physical abuses, domestic violence, suicide, poor relationship skills, are more results that point to the victim of an adult that was sexually abused as a child.

Imagine the horror of the pyramid prism of sexual abuse with just one male at the top. If that male abuses five victims, and each victim abuses five victims, the numbers boggle the mind. It’s important to point out that boys don’t typically report the crime. In all the examples that I cited, not one victim reported the crime. Usually, someone finds out and tells the authorities. With that in mind, imagine just how much of this is going on. What’s worse is that society is too short sighted to see that winking at this is a major contributing factor to my pyramid theory.

Tolerating female perpetrators eventually affects all of society. Erica Pratt, Tamara Brooks, and Jacqueline Marris are all lucky to be alive after being abducted the summer of 2002. But what about 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart who is still missing? Who can forget 6-year-old Jon Bonet Ramsey, 5-year-old Samantha Runnion, and 9-year-old Amber Hagerman? Sadly, we don’t realize that premature sex has profound consequences when these abused men become adults. When they become the abusers, when they kidnap our little girls and sexually abuse them, when they brutally rape and murder our little girls, only then are we outraged. But it’s too late then. We need to do something now, before another potential predator is sexually abused.

Best regards,

Keith Lee Johnson

Obama's Informercial Is Checkmate Against McCain

If I've guessed correctly, Sen. Barack Obama's 30-minute informercial on several national media outlets tonight should prove to be the final move he needed to make in his campaign to be elected as this country's next president.Some political pundits have called this general election phase a Battle Royale of sorts that involved ideological, generational, and social contrasts.

But if I accurately have a sense for the way Obama thinks, he played his campaign against John McCain like a chess match. He's now made his case for declaring checkmate.How so?If any of you've been watching the polls like I have, Obama leads either comfortably or significantly in most of the states that have shown an inclination to vote for him. Although the national polls have dwindled from about eight points to right at six points since last weekend, Obama is likely to experience a boost in the overall polls once again.

Add him going on a likely full-court press with his campaign stops it's also probable that his overall margin over McCain should take him back up to seven or eight points by the end of the weekend. That would make it almost impossible -if the polls are any where near accurate รข€“ for McCain to overcome with two days remaining.

Obama's informercial went straight to the heart of this country and matter. He used samplings from ordinary people from Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico, and Kentucky to articulate their personal situations. All were struggling in some form or fashion like many of us. That resonates with the average person.Of personal interest, I'm aware of a man who is in his mid-50s who after today was out of an $85,000-a-year job as a senior manager.

He has a wife, a college-age daughter, a pre-teen son, and a mortgage. As of today, his employer could not withstand this economy and officially closed its doors. His problems are much like those who appeared on Obama's informercial. Now he's facing the uncertainty of whether he'll find a job -any one - given his work experience, pay his bills, or have anything to be thankful over for at the family's holiday meal next month.Complicating matters, earlier this year his daughter had surgery to relieve issues from a cancerous tumor on her brain stem.

I'm not sure whether he's managed to pay whatever he's been exposed with his insurance coverage: a $1,500 deductible and a $5,000 out-of-pocket expense. But considering the actual cost of the surgery and other related services was in upwards of $30,000 he wasn't complaining at the time. Now he'll have no health insurance starting on Nov. 1; his daughter's only option unless he finds a job is to accept a marginal indemnity plan that doesn't pay for any hospitalization or the state's insurance pool, which costs on average twice as much as an individual insurance plan.

I'm sure that Obama's tax plan that should help 95 percent of tax-paying Americans sounds inviting at this moment. So does Obama's proposed tax credit for college. Not to mention, his proposed policy to streamline the health insurance industry, and make it a little more affordable.

Though the Republicans may scoff and mock Obama's moment, comparing it to his Party acceptance speech and staging in Denver, they would love to have had a fraction of the money that Obama spent on the 30 minutes of prime air time to present whatever message they might have to offer this country.

The way Obama orchestrated the informercial along with his campaign stops this week is nothing short of brilliance. I'm more than convinced that he's had some read on McCain, and he knows that McCain being the military man that he is will not concede this election until it becomes clearly obvious on Tuesday night.

The fact remains, however, that McCain has no more moves that he can make on this year's political chessboard. Obama has him cornered; therefore, it is checkmate.

--Posted By Sam B. Redd to Straight From The Maverick at 10/29/2008

NOT GOD'S WILL by Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Did you know that it is NOT GOD'S WILL that you
be physically, sexually, or emotionally abused?

Award Winning Author Cheryl Lacey Donovan Speaks out about Faith Communities about Domestic Violence

In Texas alone, statistics indicated in 2005 that there were 30, 995 reported incidents of domestic violence? Just imagine the "silent" unreported incidents who are living in silent fear! Each year, an estimated 3.3 million children are exposed to violence by family members against their mothers or female caretakers.

In a national survey of more than 2,000 American families, approximately 50% of the men who frequently assaulted their wives also frequently abused their children! Of children who witness their mothers being abused by their fathers, 40% suffer anxiety, 48% suffer depression, 53% act out with their parents and 60% act out with siblings.

Statistics further indicate that victims of domestic violence are everywhere ¡V even in your faith community. Seventy-four percent of all Texans have either been a victim of domestic violence or know someone who has (according to a quantitative study conducted for Texas Council on Family Violence, Saurage, 2002.)

Because there is a need for outreach and education in faith communities, the faith family can be a critical resource for spiritual renewal and guidance. Texas Council on Family Violence. The problem is communities of faith can inadvertently make the situation worse. Misguided attempts at counseling can, in some cases, endanger rather than help the victim. In addition, religious values may pressure the victim to keep the family together at all costs.

Some batterers may even use scriptures and faith as a way to control their partner. "I grew up in a ministerial family. My parents were divorced when I was very young, but the religious impact was always there. Therefore, when I was initially thrust into an abusive situation, I found it difficult to come to a conclusion about my future because I didn't want to do anything that would be seen as contradictory to God's teachings on marriage," said Donovan. "Dissolving the marital relationship was one of the hardest things I had ever done because I wanted to be right in God's sight.

Yet, there were no programs within the church setting to provide guidance in this respect." The bottom line is, love should never hurt. Domestic violence is never acceptable. It goes contrary to any religious teachings. Expecting a victim of domestic violence to simply pray about a situation and expect it to go away is ludacris. Encouraging a victim to keep the family together because it is what God would want is not scriptural or moral. Communities of faith need to open their eyes and understand the important role that they play in the fight against domestic violence. Training programs and outreach can assist congregants who may be experiencing physical or psychological abuse.

Information regarding training and outreach programs can be obtained from the Texas Council on Family violence

Cheryl Donovan is the award winning author of Women What the Hell are You Thinking and the soon to be released Ministry of Motherhood. She is also the host of the inspirational radio show Worth More than Rubies which airs on

To contact Cheryl to speak about domestic violence issues as they relate to communities of faith, or to learn more about other potential topics, e-mail her at cherylspeaks@

You may also visit her website at

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Empowering Women to Empower Themselves through programs that promote social and economic self-sufficiency

Meet Author Jackie Moore

Jackie Moore, Author of Serving Justice

Jackie Moore is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in religion and offers spiritual words of encouragement daily on her website and her myspace page

She and her two sons, James and Joseph reside in Detroit, Michigan. She is also a contributing author to several anthologies including 2008 releases, Triumph of my Soul, Stories of Hope, Triumph and Inspiration, Journeys of Love, Voices of the Heart, and Gumbo for the Soul, Here's our Child Where is the Village.

Her contributions to online magazines or ezines are many. They include: Bahiyah Magazine, Precious Stones, Divine Afro European Sisters Network, Rise Up Magazine, The Blessed Room Magazine, and most recently, More Beautiful Woman Magazine.

Jackie has served as a Deaconess, as well as served on various boards and committees. She has taught a basic computer skills class in an after school program at her church and she has also worked as a consultant for an after-school motivational program that teaches students how to write books.

She has been a parent Advocate with the Detroit School Board. Jackie has also served as a consultant to a non-profit organization incorporated to address the problems of domestic violence in a pro-active way.

Visit her website at:

Searching for the Body Beautiful

In Pursuit of Perfection: Searching for the Body Beautiful
By Jacqueline Moore

For you created my innermost being, you knit me together in my
mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139: 13-14

For centuries, women have been competing with the unrealistic portrayal of beauty as depicted by Hollywood and in the print media. The need to be thinner, younger and in some cases, plumped up in certain areas; has escalated to epidemic proportions.

African-American women have been taught that the darkness of their skin, the fullness of their lips, and the thickness of their waist, are the things that make them unattractive. Their nappy hair is a sign of un-cleanliness and their big noses are a sure sign that they must have descended from apes.

Our Caucasian sisters are also confronted with faulty conditioning by society. They are told to seek a darker complexions, hence the popularity of the "tan body." They run the risk of skin cancers by tanning in the tanning salons and baking their white flesh in the sun. If their lips are not full enough, then they are supposed to have collagen added for fullness. If their hair is curly, they need to straighten it. If their hair is straight, they need perms to make it curly. No matter what their hair color, they are told that blondes have more fun.

In recent years, the desire to become more like the Hollywood caricature has escalated to behavior that is putting our very lives at risk. Eating disorders and plastic surgery, issues that until a few years ago were unheard of, have now spiraled out of control. Bulimia and Anorexia were once words that did not exist in the minds and lives of young women, but now they are as widespread today in our schools as the common cold.

Women of all races are dying everyday from their attempts to become more beautiful.

Gastric bypass surgery, breast augmentation, nose jobs, cheek, and chin implants are becoming commonplace as a means to reshape and redefine who we are. Young girls are starving themselves to death, just to fit it.Hollywood’s image of the beautiful and desirable woman has tainted our perceptions of the acceptable standards of beauty.

Even successful women, who appear to have achieved greatness through their work, are succumbing to the pressures of being in the public eye. Starr Jones and Cher are but two well-known celebrities who have undergone dramatic procedures to improve their looks, while Oprah, Kirstie Alley and Janet Jackson are criticized for gaining even the slightest bit of weight.

We are born into this world, with no preconceived notions about how a person should look. As children, we don’t know to judge others based on their skin color, hair length, how tall or how short they are. We don’t instinctively look at another child and say, she looks different to me. The tendency to judge is not a natural part of our makeup; we teach our children these things. At some point during our childhood, we start judging others by standards we have been taught. We start tearing down one another’s self-esteem. We create doubt in the minds of others on their worthiness. We start going along with the crowd. We start thinking like the crowd instead of thinking for ourselves.

I am not trying to imply there is anything wrong with us making cosmetic changes so that we look better or feel healthier. I have acrylic nails, I wear make-up, and I have had dental work done. However, I did these things to help me feel better about myself, not to be accepted by others. While doing research on this topic, I came across a very interesting passage written by Wade Hodges.

In speaking on the Virtuous Women in one of his sermons, he quoted another passage of scripture from the book of Proverbs. It was from the book of Proverbs, Chapter 11; verse 22. He used the NIV interpretation, which really drove the point home. Proverbs 11; 22 says, like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion. His interpretation stated, don’t get so enamored with the golden ring that you fail to see that it’s stuck in a pigs nose.” In other words, don’t let the beauty fool you. Beauty is fleeting, charm is deceitful, don’t be led astray by such things.Self-acceptance is the real beauty secret.


Jacqueline (Jackie) Moore is a Christian writer of non-fiction and fiction. She is currently working on publishing her first fiction book Serving Justice and has written a non­fiction book on "Virtuous Women" from which she has developed a workshop/seminar.

Jackie is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in religion at Liberty University and offers spiritual words of encouragement daily on her website She and her two sons, James and Joseph reside in Detroit, Michigan.

African American Males have a New Champion


Kingdom Living Bookstore
10907 Livingston Road
Ft. Washington, MD 20744
Phone Number: 301-292-9010
Website URL:

African American Males have a New Champion and guide for Success in 2009

“In the new book Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God, readers will be inspired by Roland V. Tyler’s story of overcoming horrific trials and finding his Strength Within. As a young child the Strength Within helped Roland V. Tyler and his younger brother survive abuse at the hands of their mother, and missing in action Dad. This book will release the chains for many!”

Temple Hills, Maryland - November 1, 2008 - Strength Within, Surviving by the Grace of God is truly a deep inspirational story about a young boy who comes into manhood without any guidance, or so he thought. This thought provoking book exposes the unwritten taboo that what goes on in the family, stays in the family.

Strength Within, Surviving by the Grace of God shows the reader that they are not alone on life’s path. Mr. Tyler's testimony demonstrates the matchless glory of God. Strength Within, Surviving by the Grace of God is an excellent roadmap for young men determined to succeed, even when faced with unwise decisions and various trials during their lives. We all fall down, the thing is to get back up and learn from the experience.“ This book is a " MUST READ." Hope R Greene ~ Brooklyn, New York

“Please if you have not done so, read this brother's book. To me it was very uplifting. I do pray that he continues to contribute to the literary world. Roland-thanks for sharing with readers around the globe. Continue to be blessed. " Zandra B. ~ Wyandanch, New York

" This book was one of the best books I have read in 2008. I hope that this book will touch the hearts of many as it has touched Roland V. Tyler’s heart. I cant wait until this book hits the silver screen to help someone who feels like they are all alone with their troubles. " Melissa ~ Hyattsville, Maryland

Roland V. Tyler Jr., was born in Long Island, New York and now resides in Temple Hills, Maryland. He has a degree in General Studies from " THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, EASTERNSHORE ". A screen writer has completed the script for this movie and Mr. Tyler is now working on the continuation to his first book called "I Am Roland V. Tyler: Brother's Keeper Vol. l "

You can visit his website at where you can read chapter three of Strength Within, Surviving by the Grace of God.

The book can be purchased at Kingdom Living Bookstore located at 10907 Livingston Road, Fort Washington Maryland 301-292-9010. Visit them on the web at

Full title of book: Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God (Second Edition)
Name: Roland V. Tyler Jr.
Date published: September 2008
ISBN number: 978-0-615-21031-5
Author email contact:


Parker Publishing Goes GREEN!

In today's economic uncertainties of high gas prices, growing paper prices and higher shipping cost. Parker Publishing llc is going GREEN.

In an effort to accommodate tightened budgets, in addition to our print editions, we are now offering Parker Publishing, LLC books in electronic PDF and Kindle formats for our customers.
Other formats (MobiPocket and Microsoft Reader) are available on request. We are committed to our customers and their needs.
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Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2008

Conversations Presents its "Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2008"

Conversations Book Club is pleased to announce its "Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2008". There are so many books that have come into the market during 2007 and 2008, however, these are the ones that we feel should be on your bookshelves.
(Listed in no particular order)

"Possession" by Da'Neen Hale
"The Street Life Series 2: Is It Passion or Revenge?" by Kevin M. Weeks
"Brothers" by James Fredericks
"Mpire Series: In Search of the Lost" by T. L. James
"Running From Mercy" by Terra Little
"Every Secret Crime" by Doug M. Cummings
"Grown & Gangsta" by Jacki-O
"Murder on the Down Low" by Pamela Samuels-Young
"Love On A Two-Way Street" by J. L. King
"Sweet Dreams" by Nikkea Smithers
"Pieces of the Hole" by Tony Lindsay
"Daughter Denied" by Alretha Thomas
"A Rich Man's Baby" by Daaimah S. Poole
"Unbound" by Kia Stokes
"My Son's Wife" by Shelia E. Lipsey
"When Destinies Meet" by V. L. Green
"Yellow Moon" by Jewell Parker Rhodes
"My Soul Cries Out" by Sherri L. Lewis
"Scota's Curse" by Dudley Sykes
"Hot Mahogany" by Stuart Woods
"Faces of Fear" by John Saul
"Too Little, Too Late" by Victoria Christopher Murray
"Always and Forever" by Gretchen Craig
"Ex-Terminator" by Suzetta Perkins
"Electric Honey" by Sam Love
"Gettin' Caught Up Wit Nina" by P. Elaine Archie
"Keyshia & Clyde" by Treasure E. Blue
"Dare" by Abiola Abrams
"Final Fling" by Torrian Ferguson & Brian W. Smith
"Journey To Love" by Peter Gebeshian
"Pulpit Confessions" by Peron Long
"Stackin' Paper" by Joy King & Joe Joe
"Just Too Good To Be True" by E. Lynn Harris
"Divorcing The Devil" by Dwan Abrams
"Still Dirty" by Vickie Stringer
"Sandrine's Letter To Tomorrow" by Dedra Johnson
"Of Blood and Sorry" by Valerie Wilson Wesley
"The Messiah" by Lee Hayes
"Unfaithful" by Devin Scott
"The Prayer Chest" by August Gold & Joel Fotinos
"Unholy Birth" by Andrew Neiderman
"Searchable Whereabouts" by Tinisha Nicole Johnson
"My Secrets, Your Lies" by N'Tyse
"Memories Vision" by Ken Coleman
"Love Don't Live Here No More" by Snoop Dogg
"Deadly Sins, Deadly Secrets" by Sylvia Dickey Smith
"She Had It Coming" by Mary Monroe
"Love Tornado" by Mable John
"The Ties That Bind" by Electa Rome Parks
"Palace Council" by Stephen L. Carter

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This Hurts & What He Really Wants

Starting on Black Friday (Day after Thanksgiving) This Hurts & What He Really Wants will be 30% off with Free shipping until December 20th, 2008. This offer is only available on

Synopsis For This Hurts:
Syncere Washington is an attractive charming playboy who lies andcheats his way into the hearts of women who adore him. But all that changeswhen he meets Kendra Lewis, whom Syncere wants to change his lifestyle for. All is easier said than done, as distance proves too great for the twoyoungadults to have the type of relationship they both want. So to fill thevoid of Kendra’s absence, Syncere indulges in romantic and sexualrelationships with various women until the opportunity to be with Kendra presents itself.

But when that opportunity finally comes knocking will Syncere be able to releasehis playboy activities to be with the woman he fell in love with?

Or will the fear of karma be so great that it throws Syncere into a paranoid state when Kendra attends UNC and befriends a star football player?

Maybe the possibility of spending some time behind barswill be enough to teach Syncere that you receive what you put out!

Does this sound like a book you would purchase for yourself or a friend? Have you ever read any of the books by the author? Share your thoughts with us. Please leave your questions or comments below. We so appreciate your feedback!


I AM A BLACK MAN IN AMERICA by William Fredrick Cooper

(Author of ‘There’s Always a Reason’)

Sometimes I’m up, and then too again, I’m down
Sometimes, I’m almost, leveled to the ground,
Lord, I’m tired of being lied on, tired of being stripped and scorned,
How long, will it be?

Excerpt of ‘Tell Me How Long’

Stripping me of my origins, removing me from my warm climate and the harmony of ancestral bliss, you brought me here, against my wishes. Sometimes in my own vomit and feces but always, always in shackles and chains, many of my brothers never completed this cruel journey, for some were fed to sharks or impaled by long, rusty nails on a wooden bed I never asked to lay my head on.

But you never killed my soul, even when forced to live as a Black Man in America.

Working from dawn till dusk upon my arrival, all the while enduring inhumane, harsh realities, you tried to break me. Feeding my brain with illiteracy, incompetency, insecurity and inadequacy, even a glimpse of my inherited strength was cause for confinement in corn cribs and tool sheds, the branding of my skin, or my tongue being slit in two. Worse yet, the bloodied stripes of 39 lashes at a public flogging, to teach others who looked like me “a lesson.” Alternatively toiling in extreme heat and bone-freezing cold, in plantation fields for your prosperity or in your house serving your ego, you just loved being called “Massa.” My mouth said such, but my soul, still raging fire, screamed an unspoken truth.

You’ll never break my spirit, even as I try to survive as a Black Man in America.

Using me as a mule and a breeder, then separating me from my family, I watched in silent horror as you, your family members and owner friends raped the most treasured part of my existence, my queens. Imposing your racism and thrusting your hatred for me within her core with each stroke, my anger bordered on unspeakable fury as children looking like you were produced. Psychologically castrated, emasculated and humiliated, but never devastated, if I were caught trying to escape the insane asylum you called a normal life, you chopped a foot off. But in most cases I stayed and endured your darkness. My inner resolve saw progress if I survived and stories to share with other brothers in the lurch.

You threw me down, but a Black Man in America was not destroyed.

After slavery, any time I spoke of equal treatment, you threatened my life and those I loved, then said with a straight face that it was for my own protection. Foolishly, I sought your approval by heroically fighting in wars emanated by your dissension. Alas, even when representing your country, you were wedded to the notion that I was dishonest, cowardly and inferior. Yet you still needed my assistance for your cause. Loyal, even while segregated in battle, foreigners told me constantly, “this is not your war”, while slaughtering my body with bullets and bayonets. Returning home to your hypocrisy in democracy not as a conquering hero recognized for his bravery and valor, but to continued separatism and unwelcome pariah status, even in your uniforms, I was maimed and shot at by mobs and local authorities.

Winning Olympics medals for you to discourage Hitler, in your eyes I remained an animal when racing horses just to survive. Knocking out heavyweight hopes in boxing matches to disprove Aryan supremacy, the reward for my courage were mountainous tax debts; in spite my generous donations to your military might. Bravely, I spoke up for my family and community, and you burned my churches down. Nary a truth could be voiced against your madness, or the ultimate penalty was suffered. With glee coming from hooded eyes I never saw, I recognized the letters KKK as you fractured my skull, knocked my eyeballs out with sticks, chopped off digits from hands, pulled raw flesh from me, and then mercifully, burned me alive or strung me up on trees. A lynching was a relief to me, for I was going home to a God who stilled loved me.

You tortured and killed the body, but the soul and spirit of a Black Man in America always lives.

With a courage and resolve you still find implausible, indestructible and incomprehensible to this day, selflessly, I soldiered on. Innately knowing the risks for the progression, power and peace of millions to follow and fortified with faith, still I must endure. That was the reward, I told myself, even when hoses full blast from hating crows named Jim drenched my hope; vicious attacks from dogs ate away at my resolve; milk and paint tossed in my face stained my dreams for better days; and the assassinations of those who believed in change left me weary and wary. Sometimes the way was dark, and the load hard to bear, but I knew if I leaned on God and never let my faith waver, everything would be alright.

Even in the deepest valleys, A Black Man In America always sees the top of the mountain.

And today, a Black Man in America, in spite of all obstacles, and with the aid of a helpmate who understands that it’s not about competing against each other, but complementing one another while putting God first, will always reach the summit. Even if I endure racial slurs when crossing color lines and ‘Dear Nigger love letters’ when breaking home run records; even when dealing with brothers who aren’t completely down with the struggle; (You know them very well in past and present. Take a bow, Anti-Affirmative Action Activist masquerading as a Supreme Court Justice.

A round of applause for all infiltrators of the 1960’s revolutionary movement as per the directive of a cross-dressing racist. Or those in the 21st Century real time polluting our neighborhoods with guns and drugs.) even when saying “I’m sorry” and “I still love you, my queen” with humility to some our own women still angry at our imperfections and waiting to exhale in love; even as I struggle to bridge an emotional chasm built on waters of resentment by becoming a better father to my sons and daughters; even when breaking traditional stereotypes by putting my emotions on public display in an effort to show a beautiful masculine completeness never understood; and most importantly, with help from My heavenly father, a Black Man in America, will always stand tall.

And today, because of our patience, persistence and perseverance for the sake of change, God has given us a blessing. A Black Man in America, Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States.


William Fredrick Cooper is a proud member of First Corinthian Baptism Church, in Harlem, New York. A secretary of Brother 2 Brother Symposium, Inc., a literary initiative that encourages black men to read fiction, Mr. Cooper is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Six Days In January as well as the African-American Literary Award-Nominated, Black Expressions Book Club and Essence Bestselling novel There’s Always A Reason.

Described by writing peers as a message-delivering, emotional masterpiece within the African-American Community, There’s Always A Reason was a Master’s List Finalist for a 2008 NAACP Image Award Nomination in the Outstanding Literary Work Fiction Category as well as the recipient of four Infini Literary Awards. Touching minds when giving thought-provoking radio interviews or when moderating or facilitating panel discussions throughout North America, he has contributed articles to national periodicals such as EBONY MAGAZINE and many bestselling anthologies.

William Fredrick Cooper


Meet Dwayne Vernon

My Man, My Boyz by author Dwayne Vernon

Where are you from?
I was raised in Oklahoma City and Portsmouth, Va and I am currently residing in the DC/MD area.

Who are your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
My two main characters are Chuck and Tariff. Chuck is my favorite character of them all. I like his honesty and I am in love with his value and commitment. Chuck has this swagger about himself as well that makes him very appealing and attractive.

I like Tariff as well. But one of the other characters who’s name is Demetrious. Even though he may not be a lead character. I really like his patience. Everybody went to Demetrious and he was like every bodys source for advice.

What makes your book stand out and would make a reader pick it up?

I think the one thing that makes my book stands out it helps educate people. This book breaks the stereo types of Black Gay men. It helps people see us from a different perspective. The book takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. It helps people to understand why most black men do not come out of the closet.

What is the one most surprising thing you have learned in creating novels?
That my writing style is much different then most writers. I use a lot of cliff hangers throughout the book. I guess you could say my writing style is much like a soap opera. Once you start reading you will definitely understand what I am saying.

Contact the Author
Dwayne Vernon 240-472-0850 or 301-396-3548 or 240-449-9809 Website address:


My Man My Boyz is an intriguing story about men coming together as a family. Their shared lifestyle and compassion for each other is the back drop for this fast-paced drama filled with emotional moments and suspenseful plot twists.

Tyrell and Chuck - Will this promising new relationship be destroyed by Chuck's secret past? Does his past have the power to wreak havoc on the interwoven lives of all these men?

Tariff - Struggling to uphold his lover's dying wish for him to find love again; he must come to terms with Demetrius, who waits in the wings. Can Demetrius be patient while Tariff accepts the love he has to offer him?

Mike and Reese - The veteran lovers attempt to maintain their partnership while Mike deals with the rejection from his father, and Reese faces difficulties with getting his NFL career jump started. This mosaic of black men weaves a poignant tale through the chance encounters, human action, and past history of these eclectic characters.

They all have their own issues to deal with, but the bond they share is unbreakable - or is it?

This mosaic of black men weaves a poignant tale through the chance encounters, human action, and past history of there eclectic characters. They all have their own issues to deal with, but the bonds they share is unbreakable - or is it?

Explore the Excerpt
Unconsciously, James reached for the cell phone. Just as he grabbed the phone, Curtis nervously pulled the trigger, firing a deadly shot to James' abdomen. For a second, James thought he'd been punched, but when he touched his stomach he felt the sticky warmth of his blood.

James was shot. He struggled to stand, but collapsed to the pavement. Shock and fear began to choke him and everything began to turn white.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Why that niggah have to move, huh? Why he have to move?" Curtis yelled hysterically, knocking himself in the head with his hand. Chuck sat in the car, petrified, his head buried in the spokes of the steering wheel. He kept repeating to himself, "What did we
do? What did we do?" "Man, come on, let's go! You done killed dude we gotta get the fuck outta here! Come on niggah, let's go!" Carlton said, pulling Curtis away from the scene and into the waiting getaway car. "Move niggah!" Carlton snapped, pushing a catatonic Chuck out of the driver's seat.

With Curtis' head spinning a mile a minute and Chuck whispering prayers to himself, the three drove off, hoping that the horror of the last five minutes was nothing more than a terrible nightmare.

James heard his cell phone ring for the second time. He momentarily blocked out the sleepy sensation that was overtaking him. He struggled to pull himself up on one elbow to answer the familiar ring.

"Baby, where are you, you should have been here over 10 minutes ago," Tariff said chuckling with mock annoyance.

James heard the words in his head and struggled to make them leave his mouth. Finally, he faintly heard himself say, "A couple of blocks away near Elm Avenue, I've been shot!"
Tariff felt the shot of adrenaline and panic hit him. Before the words had completely settled in his brain, he yelled, "I'm on my way baby, hold on, don't hang up!" Tariff sprinted up the street toward where James lay dying. His pace didn't affect his dread-drenched words of support to his soul mate. He didn't want to lose the sound of James' voice.

When Tariff reached James, his body dangled between the car door and the ground. He desperately looked around to see one of the neighbors coming around the corner. Tariff yelled for her to call 911 as he slammed his own cell phone to the ground and ran to James' side. Tariff slid down next to James and put his upper body in his lap as he waited for help to come.

"I'm sorry to spoil our anniversary, baby," James uttered with short breaths, his eyes almost completely closed.

The sound of James apologizing shattered Tariff's heart. "You didn't spoil anything baby. We're goin' to have plenty more to celebrate," Tariff said, tears streaming down his cheeks. James could feel the life force slipping out of his wounded body. James suddenly started to see
a warm soft light, and the sound of Tariff's voice grew muffled and faint. He fought to look at Tariff, but his vision became blurry and all he could think about was whatever was waiting for him on the other side.

"Listen, Tariff," James dribbled out, "I want you to know that I have always loved you and I always will. Baby…" James paused before continuing, "if I don't make it I want you to know I will still be with you. As he felt his heart drumming to a slower beat, he finally said, "But I want you to love again, okay?"

Tariff shook his head from side to side in disagreement, not wanting to hear what James was saying to him. "Don't talk like that James, just hold on for a little longer. It's going to be alright. You're not going anywhere." Realizing that time was rushing by, Tariff looked up frantically,
eyes darting from corner to corner, wishing to see flashing lights and hear siren sounds of hope, but there were none. The cool and eerie silence told the story. As Tariff looked back down at James, he had closed his eyes. They would never open again. Rocking James in his arms, Tariff cried and kissed James' lips.

Brought to you by:

GBM Book Club is a literary group created by and for us as same-gender-loving men of African descent where we gather to be culturally affirmed and empowered. We focus on the advancement of self-love, social consciousness and critical thinking skills that will not only allow
us to overcome, but also transcend the conditions facing our community. We are primarily educated through literature by authors of African descent which recognizes and promote diversity within the African Diaspora.

Does this sound like a book you would purchase for yourself or a friend? Have you ever read any of the books by the author? Share your thoughts with us. Please leave your questions or comments below. We so appreciate your feedback!

Meet Tina Brooks McKinney

Intimate Conversation with bestselling author Tina Brooks McKinney

EDC: Tina please tell us about your passion for writing.
TBM: Sometimes Ella, it’s like a fire burning a hole in my brain. Like this morning for example. All I wanted to do is write but I knew that I had to finish this interview. But writing allows me to express my feelings without opening my mouth. I get to talk about the things that trouble me and hopefully when folks read me they will feel the relief I feel when it’s over. Add your bio at the end and include all of your contact information and website addresses at the end.

EDC: Introduce us to your new book.
TBM: My new book is titled, Dubious. Let's start here: Atlanta’s hotshot attorney, Felicia Clark, is bored as hell, deprived of sex, and is watching helplessly as her marriage careens toward divorce court at ninety miles per hour. Her growing feelings for her new client, Sherman Jennings, a handsome and successful software developer, is a distraction that promises to increase the momentum of her emotional free fall. Before Felicia can welcome Sherman into her life with any degree of certainty, she needs time to learn why her husband no longer desires her and is hell-bent on sitting their thirteen-year relationship out with the trash. What Felicia uncovers—cloaked beneath a dark fetish—is a secret so vicious that if it were brought to light, it might literally rip her world to pieces.

EDC: Where are you from?
Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland

EDC: Who are your two main characters and what do you like most about them?
TBM: Felicia Clark is the epitome of a strong black woman. Raised with old fashion values she would do anything for her man. That is until he ripped her heart out and stomped on it. After that, she put on the gloves and came out the corner swinging. I just love that about her.
Randy Clark, her husband, has no problem taking all the things his wife doled out to him but deep down inside he resented her success. Instead of admitting his

EDC: What makes your book stand out and would make a reader pick it up?
The cover is intriguing. You can look at that brother and tell he’s up to something. Most think he’s cheating but they will never guess who’s been getting his time.

EDC: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?

TBM: Wow, unlike my other books, I didn’t have this deep underlying message to portray, but since you’ve got me thinking about it, there is a message in it and it’s still the same one that I’ve been preaching all along. Learning to love you enough to say no, I don’t think so. Some woman will do anything just to keep a man—sometimes to their own detriment. It is only when we wake up and say enough is enough that things start to change. The hard lesson is that sometimes we have to give up the people we love the most.

EDC: What is the one most surprising thing you have learned in creating novels?

TBM: I wish I had some great witticism to share with you but I don’t. The most surprising thing has come from me. I continually battle with low self esteem and writing allows me to escape into a world that has no boundaries. Most times, I walk away feeling good about myself.

EDC: What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?

TBM: Through my stories, I’ve been able to touch and tell the stories of many women who were afraid to stand up for themselves. From what my readers tell me, I’ve taught them that it’s okay to make a mistake, just don’t dwell on it, and move on. How did you do it? By creating characters and situations that we all can relate to. I also did it with the help of Zane. Without her believing in me from the beginning, none of this would have happened.

EDC: What advice would you give a new writer?
The best advice I can give is to tell new writers to not give up if this is their passion. Don’t write to make millions—write if you feel it in your soul. I would also advise them to be careful in whom they trust. There are many snakes in the grass in this business and everybody doesn’t wish you well. Would you change anything about your journey? I would have started my journey earlier in life.

EDC: What can we expect from you in the future?

TBM: I just finished a new novel entitled The Set Up scheduled for a May 2009 release date. Once again I have stretched my boundaries. It’s about a Chinese family that ultimately got duped by this black woman.

I’m also looking forward to seeing where my new publishing company goes. Part of me wants to publish other people but that scared part of me that is unsure of me—is afraid that I won’t do them justice. We shall see.

Tina Brooks McKinney is the author of All That Drama, Lawd, Mo’ Drama, Fool Stop Tripping, and The Set Up (May 2009). She is also the editor of Taboo Publishing.

To learn more about Tina visit her website at or visit Contact: or editor@taboopublishing.
Bookclubs and new fans, you can also be reached at or

Meet Author NDEA B

Meet NDEA B, President of Authors With A Passion

To Good To Be True ( Summary)
Jasmine Simmons had some misfortunes in her life but know she has a big break a chance to go to law school. She has taken her finals and meets with her advisor and everything is set. She has a full scholarship to the University Of Duke School of law. Everything will be great as
long as her secret stays hidden if anyone found out her secret all chances of her going to law school would be gone. Emmanuel McBride was getting ready for his career to take off with a job teaching business law classes at Duke University. He was excited finally his college degree would be put to work. Malcolm, Emmanuel best friend got him to agree to go to the club. Even though he new he didn’t like going but he had been down in the dumps lately.

Walking into the NCO club he new he was going to be board out of his mind until he turned around and seen the most beautiful being he’s ever laid his eyes on. He almost forgot to breathe. Jasmine wanted to go and celebrate passing her exams and getting into law school. She
was ready to celebrate but not at the club. Ally had hoodwinked her again. She was going to try and have a good time.

Snapping out of her Daydream she heard all the ladies whispering and fanning themselves so Jasmine turned around to see what all the commotion was about when her eyes locked with the most sinful sexy dark chocolate brother she’s ever seen. Dam! Her clitoris started jumping and doing double flips just by the sight of him and that was strange since Jasmine hated men with a capital H. Emmanuel introduces himself to her but upon doing so she shut him down and I mean shut him down cold.

A month had past and Emmanuel couldn't stop thinking about Jasmine and Jasmine couldn't stop thinking about Emmanuel. A chance meeting had them spending the day together and enjoying each others company realizing they had a lot in common and were very attracted
to each other. Emmanuel wanting Jasmine so much he didn’t even realized there’s someone coming from his past and this person has some unfinished business with him. Can Emmanuel get Jasmine to let her guard down, to trust in him, to give them a try or will secrets, lies and past lovers interfere before they get started or could this turn out to be a love TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

About NDEA B

A little about my self I am a new author with a lot of good things going on. My first novel will be released under A New Journey Publishing titled Too Good To Be True. The released date is December 26, 2008. I am president of the tour group Authors With A Passion. We have a lot of great things coming up.

Check us out at, I'm also vice president of AAMBC with Tamika Newhouse who is president and founder. We have a lot of great things going on to LOL. We have the Anthology coming out in December of 2008 in which I wrote a short story title Part Time Lovers check it out. We are also having our first annual meeting in Houston Tx, come out and join us.

Visit us at for updates and functions.

My second novel will be out July of 2009 title The Other Brother it is a romance/supense. Me and Authoress Tamika Newhouse will be co-writing a novel together titled To Sides To A
Story. Keep checking I will be posting things often. Enjoy your stay!!!!

NDEA B, President of Authors With A Passion, Vice President of AAMBC


Social Network:

NDEA B. Blog:

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By William Fredrick Cooper (Author Of THERE’S ALWAYS A REASON)

Seven long days until a truth is revealed to the world. Seven long days until the beginning of change, or a worsened chaos. Seven long days until a difficult choice between hope and fear is made. For better or worse, the judgment of a whole globe awaits the land of opportunity. Will the flowers that grow on November 5th be rosy red in truth, or wilted in despair? Will the world sing a joyful noise of praise, because America finally got it right; or in the alternative, will the bells toll a continued sorrow?

In this writer’s opinion, it’s a choice that screams common sense. Given the present legacy that has led to two reckless wars (Where are those weapons of mass destruction? Osama Bin Laden – we find him yet?) economic mismanagement (see Government Bailout) and blatant fraud (Why were gas prices so high in June/July, and so low now?), the light has turned green to forward, yet fundamental change.

Out with the cold-war nationalism, the warhorse bullying tactics that transformed allies into adversaries, friends to foes that detest our present chief executive. In with the multi-polar world view and warm universal growth.

Out with the argumentative, confrontational guard, for that approach leads to bullets and bombs. In with growth and change that starts within the stars and stripes and illuminates the outer continents. Out with the panic, in with the peace. Out with the infighting Republican Party worried more about the public infighting and the money it spends to dress is Vice-Presidential nominee than solving our fiscal crisis. In with a party demanding that parents focus more on education than MTV, video games and saving as opposed to spending on what cannot be afforded. Out with the spoiled “sense of entitlement” mentality that has crippled our economic core, and in with the hard-working mentality of generations past.

In short translation, Barack Obama should be the next president of the United States over John McCain, and the world is watching America closely, and what we tell our children:

“I’m sorry Maranda or Michael,” the bronze colored authority figure says to his eight year old, “But you can be anything in this country but it’s chief executive. Will equal opportunity be exposed as a myth? Will the land of free be truly labeled such if it fails to put the legacy of slavery, segregation and racism in the rearview mirror? Will the rest of the world embrace a country that couldn’t put its own self-preservation ahead of the race element that continues to make such an obvious choice confusing.

There, I said it. The Truth. Dress it up with foreclosures throughout the land, sprinkle in the fluctuating gas prices and other components of a major money crisis, add a pinch of war policies, job layoffs and economic bailouts, add a dash of 9/11 after a couple of rigged elections, and you now have, for your dining pleasure, the perfect recipe for a phony meal disguising the truth about traditional politics.

Is America ready for a person of color to run this country, or do the stars and stripes remain crazily irrational when the subject pertains to race? Ask yourself this: When a candidate like Barack Obama spends close to seven hundred million dollars to emphasize the need for change, does it make sense? To me, it further illustrates the “Twice as Good, to be considered equal” philosophy that can all change on November 5th. When he remains dead-even in states even after providing a logical blueprint for all to see and his opponent spends more time either 1) attempting to publicly humiliate him as opposed to establishing his own agenda – WAS THERE EVER ONE IN PLACE?- and; 2) Dresses up a honey pot named Sarah to distract voters from the ills shaping the country’s fabric?; that should speak volumes.

Strip away all of the pageantry that has you undecided, the political correctness so many hold dearly in their minds, and think about the truth. Is the country ready to progress forward in a way of complete change, or in the contrary, will the words of Jack Nicholson from the movie “A Few Good Men” true about the core of the country.

Can we handle the truth?

Seven long days until it is revealed to all.

And I, for one can’t wait.




Meet author Roland V. Tyler

New Author Roland V. Tyler Jr. Is Destined For Greatness With Captivating True Life Story -- Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God.

"STRENGTH WITHIN is truly a deep, inspirational story of a determined young man who had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and nowhere to get help." Kalaani of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

MP3 File

Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God is truly a deep inspirational story about a young boy who comes into manhood without any guidance, or so he thought. This must read book exposes the unwritten taboo that what goes on in the family-- stays in the family. Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God shows you that you are not alone. Mr. Tyler's testimony demonstrates the matcless glory of God.

Readers will be inspired by Roland V. Tyler's story of overcoming horrific trials and finding the Strength Within. As a young child the Strength Within helped his younger brother and Roland survive abuse at the hands of their mother, and missing in action Dad, who only showed up to add to their already dismal world.

You know the saying "GOD DON'T MAKE NO JUNK..." Well, Roland V. Tyler, native New Yorker will let you know that saying is true. He went from thinking God has punished him at every turn in his life, to finally rejoicing that God was his Strength Within.

A Message from the Author Roland V. Tyler

My true life story is incredibly unique and unlike any other. I tell of the horrific tests and trials experienced from my youth to adulthood, most of which the average young boy could not have endured. Your curiosity will be aroused when you learn of how as a young boy, I overcame a dismal childhood stricken with abuse. I will take you for an emotional walk through my family history. It’s struggles, its tragedies and the obstacles as a family exactly as they played out. Most importantly you will learn from my story that strength is created from within through all life experiences and like a tiger, that strength is reveled from GOD.

I insist that my story strengthens your momentum and will thereafter, enable you to prevail. Through life, hard times and hurdled obstacles that were put before me….. Thus I survived by the GRACE OF GOD.

Please visit my website at where you can read chapter three and visit

To purchase a copy of the book please visit Kingdom Living Bookstore located at 10907 Livingston Road, Fort Washington Maryland 301-292-9010. Please visit them on the web at

About the Author Roland Tyler
Roland V. Tyler was born in Minneola, New York. As a small child, he moved to Roosevelt, where both he and his brother Andre were raised. As a teenager, both Roland and Andre came under the loving care of Aunt Rosa Witsell in Lakeview, New York. Aunt Rosa Witsell raised not only Roland and Andre, but also her three sons - Gerod, Mark and Chad. Roland fondly calls them all his brothers. Roland attended North Carolina Central University, and later transferred to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), in Princess Anne, Maryland. It was at UMES where Roland received his Bachelor of Studies in General Studies.

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Meet author Endy

Intimate Conversation with bestselling author Endy

Endy was born in Newark, NJ. Like most inner city children she was fascinated by the noise of the busy streets in the ’hood. Raised in a two parent home with her younger brother, her parents knew the harsh reality of living in the city. With her mother being robbed several times at gun point while operating the clothing store they owned, her father carted his family away to the suburbs of Linden, NJ. Endy’s father wanted to give his family a better home and a solid foundation. Little did he know his daughter would be drawn back to the streets in which she was born.

But Endy felt a magnet pulling at her and that magnet was the streets. So, she returned. Although, she continued with her schooling in which she enrolled at Union County College, she couldn’t shake the monkey on her back. “I’ve seen a lot in my time in the streets and I’ve stored them in the back of my brain as a learning tool.” As an adult she became involved in different after school programs for kids after witnessing what most children had to deal with growing up in the ’hood. She continued to write poetry going on to win several poetry contests in NJ and in NY night clubs. Endy loved to read and write. She says, “It relaxes me and allows my mind to release all it has taken in for the week.”

Endy became heavily involved with the community and volunteering many hours helping children. She joined the Pop Warner Organization where she became a certified Coach for the Cheer teams. She enjoys mentoring the girls steering them away from the fast life of glam and
glitter. Afterwards she penned two novels, that she held onto for her first introduction to Crystal Lacey Winslow, who was interested in her work, and later she signed with Melodrama.

EDC Creations Intimate Conversation with Endy

EDC: Where are you from?
Endy: I am from New Jersey.

EDC: What makes your book stand out and would make a reader pick it up?
Endy: My synopsis, which may give you more of the story then most others. Once you read my books, I’ve been told that they are detailed and very descriptive having the reader feeling they are right there in the scenes as they play out.

EDC: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
Endy: The readers gain a rollercoaster ride thru my world of twist turns and reality adventures. They will get to know and fall in love with my characters. They will be able to understand first hand why each character goes through the obstacles that they do. My goal is to reach, if not one but several readers. Reaching them by hopefully helping them to understand that they are not the only ones dealing with their lifes issue. Hopefully to change someone’s life by helping them to
change the life that they may be living at the time.

EDC: What advice would you give a new writer? Would you change anything about your journey?
My advice to a new writer is to never give up. Write everyday, even if it’s a paragraph or two. Be consistent with for your readers. Do the best you can with each novel. After all that’s how you build a fan base. Be consistent with your writing everyday!

Do not come into the business thinking you are going to be an overnight success. Strive for success, but do not have the mind set that you are going to be rich because your novel has been published.

Do your homework! Understand all the aspect there is to learn about writing, publishing, promoting and advertising. You must be faithful and dedicated to your craft. You must promote yourself along with your publishing company. Do not cancel any book signings unless absolutely necessary. Grind! You must get out there and do as many book signings, public appearances and networking as you can. Last but not least, be yourself. Be true to self and have confidence in yourself.

EDC: What can we expect from you in the future?
You can expect more novels of course. I plan to write from different genres in the
future. I plan to start a Not-For-Profit organization for teen woman of today. I plan to get into producing as well as directing.

Endy: I have such a passion for writing because it is very therapeutic for me. Some may turn to the bottle for relief, some may turn to drugs for relief, and some may even eat more to find relief. I found writing to be comforting as well as healing. It helped me to overcome the harsh reality of my past as well as heal me. I never knew I had the gift to pen a novel, because I’ve always just wrote poetry or kept a journal. But when the creative nitch struck me one day, there was no stopping me afterwards.

Endy: My passion comes deep within. I’ve lived some through some scary moments in my life and I didn’t have to. So when I write, its like I relive some of those experiences through my writing. I want to share what I know first hand hoping that someone can learn from my experiences.

Contact Endy at:
Myspace: and the publishing companies web page:

Books by Endy

A Deal With Death

Sounds like a horror movie or something, right? Well it isn’t written as one, however it is the harsh reality of a horror movie in which some people live.

The book takes place in inner city of Newark NJ. At one time Newark was at the top of the list for murders, car thefts and drug trafficking. These things actually still going on now everyday in the city, however today there are other city’s whom have taken the lead in the government
statistic list. But every city has the same issues.

A Deal with Death focuses on a single mother who happens to be a functioning Heroine addict. This is a common issue in most cities. No one can judge a person unless they have walked in their shoes. The novel focuses on how difficult it is to live in low income and still find the strength and sanity to raise your children properly. All at the same time while you try to keep your teen children away from a King Pin who preys on the young recruiting them to do his dirty work. The book gives you an inside look at what the media cannot show you. It helps you to understand why it is easy for a person to become an addict.

In My 'Hood
ISBN: 0971702195
Every city has a hood, and every hood has a drug-infested corner. As a once successful businesswoman, Desiree “Rae-Rae” Johnson use to avoid driving through that section of the neighborhood until she fell on hard times. After becoming a crack addict, she starts living with her soul mate Bilal “Bunchy” Wilson, the man who introduced her to cocaine.

After witnessing a double murder and struggling to survive the everyday dramas to support their drug habits, they manage to pull off one of the biggest robberies in New Jersey's history. Bilal is sentenced to life for murder and armed robbery and meets his sudden death in prison,
leaving Desiree to face the demons of her past alone.

After turning her life around, she meets one of the top men in the game, Ishmael Jenkins and falls for him, not knowing his secret past. Ishmael is comfortable in his position in the hood, and falls for Desiree just as hard. All hell breaks loose as Ishmael's loyalty is tested and
Desiree struggles to maintain her sobriety. Between love, murder and a possible relapse, will they survive? Or will they be another statistic in this society in which we live? Have you seen this in your hood? Well, this is what happened In My 'Hood.

In My Hood II
ISBN: 1-934157-06-6

You thought there would be no one left in the hood after the horrible chain of murders that occurred in In My ’Hood. But the ’hood don’t stop living; the saga only continues with a new breed of street dwellers to take their place.

Nettie’s back to wreak havoc on the city of Newark by targeting the HNIC, Leroy “Big Roy” Jenkins. But she is not alone. She recruits Ishmael’s old squad, along with a few people of her own and takes getting money by any means necessary to a new level. But there’s a new cat on the block and his name is Wild. The name is self-explanatory and he has the same vision in sight: to conquer and destroy Leroy. Nettie and Wild join forces to create the illest crew Essex County has seen in decades.

Greed and jealousy rear their ugly heads among the crew, causing a turmoil of destruction that reveals Nettie’s ultimate secret. Will Nettie trade in the blade she sucked on for years for a gun? Or will the ’hood take her out first?


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