Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2008

Conversations Presents its "Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2008"

Conversations Book Club is pleased to announce its "Top 50 Fiction Titles of 2008". There are so many books that have come into the market during 2007 and 2008, however, these are the ones that we feel should be on your bookshelves.
(Listed in no particular order)

"Possession" by Da'Neen Hale
"The Street Life Series 2: Is It Passion or Revenge?" by Kevin M. Weeks
"Brothers" by James Fredericks
"Mpire Series: In Search of the Lost" by T. L. James
"Running From Mercy" by Terra Little
"Every Secret Crime" by Doug M. Cummings
"Grown & Gangsta" by Jacki-O
"Murder on the Down Low" by Pamela Samuels-Young
"Love On A Two-Way Street" by J. L. King
"Sweet Dreams" by Nikkea Smithers
"Pieces of the Hole" by Tony Lindsay
"Daughter Denied" by Alretha Thomas
"A Rich Man's Baby" by Daaimah S. Poole
"Unbound" by Kia Stokes
"My Son's Wife" by Shelia E. Lipsey
"When Destinies Meet" by V. L. Green
"Yellow Moon" by Jewell Parker Rhodes
"My Soul Cries Out" by Sherri L. Lewis
"Scota's Curse" by Dudley Sykes
"Hot Mahogany" by Stuart Woods
"Faces of Fear" by John Saul
"Too Little, Too Late" by Victoria Christopher Murray
"Always and Forever" by Gretchen Craig
"Ex-Terminator" by Suzetta Perkins
"Electric Honey" by Sam Love
"Gettin' Caught Up Wit Nina" by P. Elaine Archie
"Keyshia & Clyde" by Treasure E. Blue
"Dare" by Abiola Abrams
"Final Fling" by Torrian Ferguson & Brian W. Smith
"Journey To Love" by Peter Gebeshian
"Pulpit Confessions" by Peron Long
"Stackin' Paper" by Joy King & Joe Joe
"Just Too Good To Be True" by E. Lynn Harris
"Divorcing The Devil" by Dwan Abrams
"Still Dirty" by Vickie Stringer
"Sandrine's Letter To Tomorrow" by Dedra Johnson
"Of Blood and Sorry" by Valerie Wilson Wesley
"The Messiah" by Lee Hayes
"Unfaithful" by Devin Scott
"The Prayer Chest" by August Gold & Joel Fotinos
"Unholy Birth" by Andrew Neiderman
"Searchable Whereabouts" by Tinisha Nicole Johnson
"My Secrets, Your Lies" by N'Tyse
"Memories Vision" by Ken Coleman
"Love Don't Live Here No More" by Snoop Dogg
"Deadly Sins, Deadly Secrets" by Sylvia Dickey Smith
"She Had It Coming" by Mary Monroe
"Love Tornado" by Mable John
"The Ties That Bind" by Electa Rome Parks
"Palace Council" by Stephen L. Carter

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