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Endy was born in Newark, NJ. Like most inner city children she was fascinated by the noise of the busy streets in the ’hood. Raised in a two parent home with her younger brother, her parents knew the harsh reality of living in the city. With her mother being robbed several times at gun point while operating the clothing store they owned, her father carted his family away to the suburbs of Linden, NJ. Endy’s father wanted to give his family a better home and a solid foundation. Little did he know his daughter would be drawn back to the streets in which she was born.

But Endy felt a magnet pulling at her and that magnet was the streets. So, she returned. Although, she continued with her schooling in which she enrolled at Union County College, she couldn’t shake the monkey on her back. “I’ve seen a lot in my time in the streets and I’ve stored them in the back of my brain as a learning tool.” As an adult she became involved in different after school programs for kids after witnessing what most children had to deal with growing up in the ’hood. She continued to write poetry going on to win several poetry contests in NJ and in NY night clubs. Endy loved to read and write. She says, “It relaxes me and allows my mind to release all it has taken in for the week.”

Endy became heavily involved with the community and volunteering many hours helping children. She joined the Pop Warner Organization where she became a certified Coach for the Cheer teams. She enjoys mentoring the girls steering them away from the fast life of glam and
glitter. Afterwards she penned two novels, that she held onto for her first introduction to Crystal Lacey Winslow, who was interested in her work, and later she signed with Melodrama.

EDC Creations Intimate Conversation with Endy

EDC: Where are you from?
Endy: I am from New Jersey.

EDC: What makes your book stand out and would make a reader pick it up?
Endy: My synopsis, which may give you more of the story then most others. Once you read my books, I’ve been told that they are detailed and very descriptive having the reader feeling they are right there in the scenes as they play out.

EDC: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
Endy: The readers gain a rollercoaster ride thru my world of twist turns and reality adventures. They will get to know and fall in love with my characters. They will be able to understand first hand why each character goes through the obstacles that they do. My goal is to reach, if not one but several readers. Reaching them by hopefully helping them to understand that they are not the only ones dealing with their lifes issue. Hopefully to change someone’s life by helping them to
change the life that they may be living at the time.

EDC: What advice would you give a new writer? Would you change anything about your journey?
My advice to a new writer is to never give up. Write everyday, even if it’s a paragraph or two. Be consistent with for your readers. Do the best you can with each novel. After all that’s how you build a fan base. Be consistent with your writing everyday!

Do not come into the business thinking you are going to be an overnight success. Strive for success, but do not have the mind set that you are going to be rich because your novel has been published.

Do your homework! Understand all the aspect there is to learn about writing, publishing, promoting and advertising. You must be faithful and dedicated to your craft. You must promote yourself along with your publishing company. Do not cancel any book signings unless absolutely necessary. Grind! You must get out there and do as many book signings, public appearances and networking as you can. Last but not least, be yourself. Be true to self and have confidence in yourself.

EDC: What can we expect from you in the future?
You can expect more novels of course. I plan to write from different genres in the
future. I plan to start a Not-For-Profit organization for teen woman of today. I plan to get into producing as well as directing.

Endy: I have such a passion for writing because it is very therapeutic for me. Some may turn to the bottle for relief, some may turn to drugs for relief, and some may even eat more to find relief. I found writing to be comforting as well as healing. It helped me to overcome the harsh reality of my past as well as heal me. I never knew I had the gift to pen a novel, because I’ve always just wrote poetry or kept a journal. But when the creative nitch struck me one day, there was no stopping me afterwards.

Endy: My passion comes deep within. I’ve lived some through some scary moments in my life and I didn’t have to. So when I write, its like I relive some of those experiences through my writing. I want to share what I know first hand hoping that someone can learn from my experiences.

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Books by Endy

A Deal With Death

Sounds like a horror movie or something, right? Well it isn’t written as one, however it is the harsh reality of a horror movie in which some people live.

The book takes place in inner city of Newark NJ. At one time Newark was at the top of the list for murders, car thefts and drug trafficking. These things actually still going on now everyday in the city, however today there are other city’s whom have taken the lead in the government
statistic list. But every city has the same issues.

A Deal with Death focuses on a single mother who happens to be a functioning Heroine addict. This is a common issue in most cities. No one can judge a person unless they have walked in their shoes. The novel focuses on how difficult it is to live in low income and still find the strength and sanity to raise your children properly. All at the same time while you try to keep your teen children away from a King Pin who preys on the young recruiting them to do his dirty work. The book gives you an inside look at what the media cannot show you. It helps you to understand why it is easy for a person to become an addict.

In My 'Hood
ISBN: 0971702195
Every city has a hood, and every hood has a drug-infested corner. As a once successful businesswoman, Desiree “Rae-Rae” Johnson use to avoid driving through that section of the neighborhood until she fell on hard times. After becoming a crack addict, she starts living with her soul mate Bilal “Bunchy” Wilson, the man who introduced her to cocaine.

After witnessing a double murder and struggling to survive the everyday dramas to support their drug habits, they manage to pull off one of the biggest robberies in New Jersey's history. Bilal is sentenced to life for murder and armed robbery and meets his sudden death in prison,
leaving Desiree to face the demons of her past alone.

After turning her life around, she meets one of the top men in the game, Ishmael Jenkins and falls for him, not knowing his secret past. Ishmael is comfortable in his position in the hood, and falls for Desiree just as hard. All hell breaks loose as Ishmael's loyalty is tested and
Desiree struggles to maintain her sobriety. Between love, murder and a possible relapse, will they survive? Or will they be another statistic in this society in which we live? Have you seen this in your hood? Well, this is what happened In My 'Hood.

In My Hood II
ISBN: 1-934157-06-6

You thought there would be no one left in the hood after the horrible chain of murders that occurred in In My ’Hood. But the ’hood don’t stop living; the saga only continues with a new breed of street dwellers to take their place.

Nettie’s back to wreak havoc on the city of Newark by targeting the HNIC, Leroy “Big Roy” Jenkins. But she is not alone. She recruits Ishmael’s old squad, along with a few people of her own and takes getting money by any means necessary to a new level. But there’s a new cat on the block and his name is Wild. The name is self-explanatory and he has the same vision in sight: to conquer and destroy Leroy. Nettie and Wild join forces to create the illest crew Essex County has seen in decades.

Greed and jealousy rear their ugly heads among the crew, causing a turmoil of destruction that reveals Nettie’s ultimate secret. Will Nettie trade in the blade she sucked on for years for a gun? Or will the ’hood take her out first?


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