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African American Males have a New Champion and guide for Success in 2009

“In the new book Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God, readers will be inspired by Roland V. Tyler’s story of overcoming horrific trials and finding his Strength Within. As a young child the Strength Within helped Roland V. Tyler and his younger brother survive abuse at the hands of their mother, and missing in action Dad. This book will release the chains for many!”

Temple Hills, Maryland - November 1, 2008 - Strength Within, Surviving by the Grace of God is truly a deep inspirational story about a young boy who comes into manhood without any guidance, or so he thought. This thought provoking book exposes the unwritten taboo that what goes on in the family, stays in the family.

Strength Within, Surviving by the Grace of God shows the reader that they are not alone on life’s path. Mr. Tyler's testimony demonstrates the matchless glory of God. Strength Within, Surviving by the Grace of God is an excellent roadmap for young men determined to succeed, even when faced with unwise decisions and various trials during their lives. We all fall down, the thing is to get back up and learn from the experience.“ This book is a " MUST READ." Hope R Greene ~ Brooklyn, New York

“Please if you have not done so, read this brother's book. To me it was very uplifting. I do pray that he continues to contribute to the literary world. Roland-thanks for sharing with readers around the globe. Continue to be blessed. " Zandra B. ~ Wyandanch, New York

" This book was one of the best books I have read in 2008. I hope that this book will touch the hearts of many as it has touched Roland V. Tyler’s heart. I cant wait until this book hits the silver screen to help someone who feels like they are all alone with their troubles. " Melissa ~ Hyattsville, Maryland

Roland V. Tyler Jr., was born in Long Island, New York and now resides in Temple Hills, Maryland. He has a degree in General Studies from " THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, EASTERNSHORE ". A screen writer has completed the script for this movie and Mr. Tyler is now working on the continuation to his first book called "I Am Roland V. Tyler: Brother's Keeper Vol. l "

You can visit his website at where you can read chapter three of Strength Within, Surviving by the Grace of God.

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Full title of book: Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God (Second Edition)
Name: Roland V. Tyler Jr.
Date published: September 2008
ISBN number: 978-0-615-21031-5
Author email contact: