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New Author Roland V. Tyler Jr. Is Destined For Greatness With Captivating True Life Story -- Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God.

"STRENGTH WITHIN is truly a deep, inspirational story of a determined young man who had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and nowhere to get help." Kalaani of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

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Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God is truly a deep inspirational story about a young boy who comes into manhood without any guidance, or so he thought. This must read book exposes the unwritten taboo that what goes on in the family-- stays in the family. Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God shows you that you are not alone. Mr. Tyler's testimony demonstrates the matcless glory of God.

Readers will be inspired by Roland V. Tyler's story of overcoming horrific trials and finding the Strength Within. As a young child the Strength Within helped his younger brother and Roland survive abuse at the hands of their mother, and missing in action Dad, who only showed up to add to their already dismal world.

You know the saying "GOD DON'T MAKE NO JUNK..." Well, Roland V. Tyler, native New Yorker will let you know that saying is true. He went from thinking God has punished him at every turn in his life, to finally rejoicing that God was his Strength Within.

A Message from the Author Roland V. Tyler

My true life story is incredibly unique and unlike any other. I tell of the horrific tests and trials experienced from my youth to adulthood, most of which the average young boy could not have endured. Your curiosity will be aroused when you learn of how as a young boy, I overcame a dismal childhood stricken with abuse. I will take you for an emotional walk through my family history. It’s struggles, its tragedies and the obstacles as a family exactly as they played out. Most importantly you will learn from my story that strength is created from within through all life experiences and like a tiger, that strength is reveled from GOD.

I insist that my story strengthens your momentum and will thereafter, enable you to prevail. Through life, hard times and hurdled obstacles that were put before me….. Thus I survived by the GRACE OF GOD.

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About the Author Roland Tyler
Roland V. Tyler was born in Minneola, New York. As a small child, he moved to Roosevelt, where both he and his brother Andre were raised. As a teenager, both Roland and Andre came under the loving care of Aunt Rosa Witsell in Lakeview, New York. Aunt Rosa Witsell raised not only Roland and Andre, but also her three sons - Gerod, Mark and Chad. Roland fondly calls them all his brothers. Roland attended North Carolina Central University, and later transferred to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), in Princess Anne, Maryland. It was at UMES where Roland received his Bachelor of Studies in General Studies.

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