Are Our Children Safe? Part I by Keith Lee Johnson

Are Our Children Safe? Part I

EDC Creations is proud to present this stunning editorial by author Keith Lee Johnson on the welfare of our children. Read it and take in the importance of knowing who is in your circle!

Recent revelations about Catholic priests and Jewish rabbis have shaken the very foundation of the religious world. Sadly, another shocker is on the horizon. There have been recent reports that Catholic nuns are guilty of female pedophilia, too. Rick Linsk and Stephen Scott of the Pioneer Press report that a nun at a Roman Catholic boarding school abused Mary Dunford for three years. Dunford says the floor monitor “would enter her room at night and spend the next one to three hours with me.” Ashley Hill, author of Habits of Sin, a book about the sexual abuse of women and children by nuns, claims she was sexually abused by a nun in the second grade.

Female pedophilia is on the rise. For years, men have dominated the headlines in the arena of child molestation. Now, entire websites are dedicated to this phenomenon of female pedophilia. One such site is called Female Childlove. This site encourages adult women to accept child molestation as a natural and maternal way of life with catch phases like “female childlove, you’re not the only one.”

The recurring theme throughout the Female Childlove site seems to be an affirmation of vile fantasies that the pedophiliacs claim many women have but are afraid to acknowledge. Page after page of their rhetoric delves into the sexual desires of women while at the same time staunchly advocating that children have rights, “including the right to choose adult sexual and romantic partners.”

Joy, an educator and one of the hosts of the Female Childlove site, believes that “female childlovers who have young female lovers are often the only ones offering a hand to help these young women cross the difficult terrain between strait [sic] society and the lesbian/bisexual community. Baby dykes need and deserve such guidance, mentoring, and love.” Sally, Joy’s collaborator, says, “I am [a] female childlover. I have been attracted to children as long as I can remember. For a long time I thought I was alone. But after I found this web site I know now there are others like me.”

On the opening page of the Female Childlove website is a cartoon of a five- or six-year-old girl scantily dressed in a black and white maid’s uniform, complete with thigh high black stockings and revealing white panties. On the About Us page, the same little girl has pulled down her panties while looking innocently into the camera. Other pictures depict young girls in provocative positions wearing lace and thong underwear.

On the Frequently Asked Questions page, these depraved women justify their way of life by answering the trenchant questions posed. One such question asked, “Why do you profess that female childlove is normal and healthy for children?” The answer was “We allow children to be seductive. We encourage their sexual expression. We share in their sensuality and their sexuality. We give rather than take from them.”

To be fair, it should be noted that these female pedophiliacs say they don’t approve of rape, coercion, manipulation, or any form of violence against children by adults. They say that sex with young girls and boys is okay as long as the child agrees. Nevertheless, sex with minors is a criminal offense, regardless of their acquiescence to the act. Consensual sex with a child is, by law, rape, coercion, manipulation, and probably in a lot of cases, violent in nature. Simply put, these women are guilty of everything they say they’re against.

The women on the Female Childlove website describe themselves as female childlovers. They describe “childlove” as an attraction to young girls and boys. If what these women are doing to innocent children is as natural as they claim, why was it necessary to exchange the word pedophilia for the word childlove? Why exchange the word attraction for the word eroticism? Perhaps it's because childlove doesn’t sound nearly as outrageous as pedophilia. Childlove almost sounds like a maternal act, when in reality a felony is being committed.

Is pedophilia acceptable if you “love” the child? Of course not. Nevertheless, female pedophiliacs tend to throw the word love around when they have sex with children. Observe, for example, Mary Kay Letourneau, 36, who was impregnated twice by a child less than half her age. It should be further noted that Mary Kay Letourneau is far from being the only woman in this sad predicament. (I will deal with the issue of female teachers who have sex with their students in an upcoming article.)

The Female Childlove site is full of provocative pictures and fictionalized stories of “woman child love.” The authors of these “fictional stories” say they are wives, mothers, grandmothers, teachers, and other professionals. The “stories” include seducing preteens at swimming pools, at the next door neighbors’ house, and just about anywhere one looks. This is incredibly disturbing, especially since a crime is being committed and these female pedophiliacs don’t seem to get it. Some of the names of these stories are “Gazing at Tiffany’s Venus Part 1,” “The Boy Next Door,” “Carwash,” “Fancy Pants Part 1,” “Catholic Scandal,” and others. These stories are sexual in nature and vivid in description.

Finally, the Female Childlove site goes into amazing detail to explain away their crimes of passion by claiming that women are stimulated when nursing their young. The following questions are posed: “Is anyone not aware of the nature of the female nipple? That clitoral/genital arousal is involuntarily and automatically achieved when the nipple is sucked?” Several years ago, I worked with a woman who told me she was stimulated by breast-feeding. The woman was emotionally unstable, so while I thought what she told me was strange, I dismissed it. However, recently, I have been told by several other stable women that they, too, are stimulated by breast-feeding.

Whether all women experience an involuntary and automatic response to breast-feeding is irrelevant. The point is that the female pedophiliac takes a natural act and turns it into something vile, then justifies the act by associating the body's natural responses with prurient desire. Given the national coverage of the three little girls who were kidnapped, one of whom was molested and murdered, I wonder how much female molestation is going on unreported. Are our children safe?

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Written by bestselling author Keith Lee Johnson

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