Poem: In Due Season by Doris Washington

President Barack Obama gave a inspiring speech for his first State of the Union Address last night about keeping the hope, and going forward that through these most challenging times in our country and the world we can and will restore our economy. Hold on to 'hope" even though things may be difficult right now, that today does not have to be your tomorrow. And as we go forward to putting our dreams in action the economy will get better. I have a poem I hope will inspire you that is titled In Due Season. This poem is also from my book Faith, Hope & Love. May you be inspired. And please share this poem with others.

In Due Season
(Excerpt From Faith, Hope & Love Poems of Inspiration by Doris Washington)

When I think about all the blessings
He brings.
When I think about His Grace- His Love,
I can only stay where he wants me to be.
I cannot doubt him,

No matter what,
No matter the challenges.
And when the storms come,
And it seems as though they will not pass,
I look up to Him to know

He's my help,
He's my friend.
And whatever desires,
I know He will grant.

Always- In Due Season

In Due Season copyright (c) Doris Washington, April 2008. All rights reserved.

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