The Survival Bible: 16 Life Lessons for Young Black Men

Greetings Bookclub Member,

I’m sure like most book clubs, your club is into reading fiction. But as lovers of the written word, I wanted to introduce you to my nonfiction book, The Survival Bible: 16 Life Lessons for Young Black Men.

I’m not expecting you to choose it as a book club selection (although that would be nice), but I’m hoping that as mothers, educators, community leaders, and someone who cares about the future of young people, you will help spread the word to someone you think might benefit from the book, especially in light of all the craziness going on with our young Black men.

There are very few books aimed at young black men, and even fewer written by someone who has seen the ugly side of walking the wrong path. I’m lucky that I lived to tell about my life in the streets. I’m even luckier that I learned some valuable lessons from my journey and it’s now my hope to spread those lessons to young black men across the county.

Just a little bit about me…I am the author of five socially-conscious, thought-provoking, novels, including Baby Girl, Riding Rhythm, MVP, PreacherMan Blues and Wild Cherry. A single father who resides in Atlanta, I am most proud of my latest book, The Survival Bible: 16 Life Lessons for Young Black Men. You can find out more about me at my website at

You can order the book directly from my website and I do offer special discounts to school, churches and community organizations. Or you can order at and give as gifts to the community.

Please help me spread the word to others – male and female – who can make our young black men aware of this book! As always, I appreciate all that you do for African-American authors.