Marc Lacy presents Rtiqlation

Marc Lacy presents Rtiqlation - Spoken Essence of Music
© 2008 Marc Lacy (9780974971223) CD price: $11.00

Straight-up, to the point, smooth flowing, on target, and very much worth your while.

1 Prelude - Rtiqlation
2 Rtiqlation
3 Verbalized Intentions
4 Chorus Call
5 Mellow Rhapsody By the Waterfront
6 Inflexion Detection
7 3 Part Trash Talkin'
8 Interlude - Time Spoken
9 Whispering Voices
10 Accoustic Mack Down
11 Poetic Serenity
12 Bass Clef Serenade
13 Artistic Bellow Tones
14 Interlude - Enchanted Dialects
15 Lyrical Mood Swings
16 Noise Revolution
17 Outro - Quiet Rain
18 Renditions - a Tale of Two Metronomes
19 Anti-music Box

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Walter Marcellus (aka “Marc”) Lacy is the second child and first son of three children born to Walter and Julianne White Lacy. Alongside maintaining a current residence in his birthplace of Huntsville, Alabama, Marc has also resided in Korea and Germany. In having been well schooled and traveled; his knack for creative writing and poetry was discovered at an early age.

In high school, Marc received numerous awards for his excellence in the areas of English, German, Political Science, Mathematics and Athletics.

Mr. Lacy is a Cum Laude Mechanical Engineering graduate of Alabama A&M University (AAMU). Marc is most noted for his smooth flowing lyrics and creative mind which are exuded in his eloquently written poetry.

But also a beast is awakened within as he delivers his often-charged and thought provoking spoken word performances. The energy within Marc’s work can certainly be attributed to his strong faith in God.

Published and Produced Works

“The Looking Heart” – Poetic Expressions from Within ISBN 0-9749712-9-4

“REFlux” – Poetic Spirit and Spoken Soul (Spoken Word CD) ISBN 0-9749712-1-9

“Rock and Fire” – Love Poetry from the Core ISBN 13-978-0-9749712-8-5

“RTIQLation” – Spoken Essence of Music (Spoken Word CD) ISBN 0-9749712-2-7

RTIQLation, subtitled "Spoken Essence of Music" just that. This compilation combines a plethora of beats, melodies, basslines, sounds, chorus', and lyrics to birth what is called The RTIQLation... Expression... Creation... Nation!

This musically entrenched lyrical chronicle teaches one how to laugh, cry, rejoice, feel, and be thankful all while making the head bob to delightfully smooth and fun music orchestrated by Canita Rogers (Quiet Girl Music Production, Huntsville, AL).

The ultimate point of captivation is realized when Gloria Betts and Carla McAlpine – Franklin release enticing, eardrum numbing, mood swinging vocal harmonies so sweet, that all listening ears will develop cavities. So sit back and let the silky voice of Marc Lacy sway you into an uplifting and enchanting spoken word groove.

Special thanks to: God almighty, the fam, the friends, the influences, ans crew, qgmp, AVOCrew, and all parties who made the evolution of this project, possible.