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#PowerRead: The Promised Land by Sherryle Kiser Jackson

Eighteen months into their marriage and ministry, Will and Rebecca Donovan are now faced with new challenges. Recession, sickness and stagnation hit the Grace Apostle Methodist church in a major way. With crippling doubt in his ability to lead his church community through this crisis, Will finds it hard to aid or even bring hope to his congregation when there is little hope in obtaining the one thing he desires most.  He’s left to walk the thin line between hanging in there and hanging it all up.

There is no place to hide when the truth comes looking for Rebecca. She wrestles with infertility and the best time to reveal it to her husband. Her plans to be Super First Lady in an attempt to silence her husband’s cries for an offspring are thwarted when answers to the questions that have haunted her from childhood overtake her. Passions are ignited as old grudges with longtime rivals are dredged up and exhausted, but can they be laid to rest?

Can Will and Rebecca find what they need in on…

#PowerRead: The Jubilee Taylor Series by La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson

A Name That Sang (Book 1 in the Jubilee Taylor Serial Novel)

Meet Jubilee Taylor, a quiet man living in Smith Bridge, Tennessee, one of America's few remaining Black townships. Jubilee spends most of his time in the small dry goods store he runs, playing checkers with his longtime friend, Langston Haynes. The rest of the time he spends trying not to remember the days before he lost most of his hair and his left leg.  

Jubilee's tranquil days are interrupted when Della Jean Martin, descendant of the township's founder, decides to throw a celebration to mark Smith Bridge's centennial and Jubilee's past rides into town on a Greyhound bus wearing a synthetic wig of honey colored curls. 

Readers will find themselves laughing and crying along with Jubilee and the other colorful characters of Smith Bridge.
A Name That Sang (Jubilee Taylor Book 1)

Buttermilk and Baseball
(Book 2 in the Jubilee Taylor Serial Novel)

What started with tissue paper flowers and a huge bann…

The Sisterhood: Exploring Mental Freedom Through Fiction!

From a pioneer in technology and transformation, Nichol Bradford, comes an empowering story, African-American women joining together to fight slavery in the new millennium.  A reinvention of the futuristic action genre, intelligent technology, hot cars and sleek offices are paired with unique heroines, proud black women.  The book, based on a revolutionary premise black female action hero moguls, is called THE SISTERHOOD. Our goal is to introduce Book One  of The Sisterhood Trilogy to 2,000 women! The ebook is available for free downloads!  Please go to Amazon and join our movement by getting your copy today and please tell all of your friends!
THE SISTERHOOD tells the story of what becomes possible when intelligence and hope are channeled into an outrageous mission. Founded by Vivian Delacroix – The Sisterhood is a massive corporation built over decades by black women to support black women & girls wake-up and prosper. Eventually, their progress is noticed by a ruthle…

#PowerRead: Lawful Deception by Pamela Samuels Young

Lawful Deception
by Pamela Samuels Young

"Pamela Samuels Young has crafted a page-turner that will keep you engrossed until the very last page. If you’re a fan of smart legal thrillers with brisk pacing, crackling dialogue and edgy, intriguing characters, Lawful Deception is for you.” --Dwayne Alexander Smith, Award-winning Author of Forty Acres.

Once again, award-winning author Pamela Samuels Young delivers another captivating legal thriller full of unexpected twists and jaw-dropping moments you never see coming. The beautiful Bliss Fenton won't be winning any awards for Mother of the Year. Truth is, motherhood isn't nearly as important to Bliss as the cottage industry she's created: extorting wealthy men for the hefty child support she can collect.

But Bliss' greed goes too far when she takes on Fletcher McClain. The handsome music industry mogul refuses to accept her conniving conduct lying down. He retains high-profile attorney Vernetta Henderson to …

#PowerRead: Urban Tango by Regina Neequaye

Novels by Regina Neequaye
360 Degrees: A Novel by Regina Neequaye

What would you do if you lost the mother you loved at the hands of the father you adored?

After of her mother’s murder, Thandisha is placed in the care of a maternal grandmother so absorbed in her own grief, she is incapable of providing an environment for Thandisha to heal. Thandisha finds solace in the arms of Andreas, her first love. Her life spirals out of control after an unwanted pregnancy leads to a drug addiction. In order to heal, she is forced to journey 360 Degrees to the day her father killed her mother.

The multi-dimensional characters in 360 Degrees will stay in your heart long after you turn the last page.

Urban Tango: A Novel by Regina Neequaye 
When you want it all and will do anything to get it…

Ayanna Williams has it all, wants more, and will do whatever it takes to get it. Her promotion to Senior Deputy Assistant to the District Attorney is the next move to her best move. Jefferson Thomas is a …

#PowerRead: Thrive!...Affordably by Jennifer Streaks

Thrive!...Affordably by Jennifer Streaks
Life is meant to be enjoyed, but let’s be honest: It’s almost impossible to live a life of abundance when you are drowning in a sea of debt and suffering under the strain of financial struggle. So many people are not free to enjoy life simply because they don’t have control over their finances. As a result, they go through life surviving and not truly living.

Thrive!...Affordably, takes the headache and the guesswork out of financial management. It is a monthly “how-to” designed to help the reader meet financial goals one step at a time. The book offers tips, advice, and basic financial management lessons geared towards helping the reader highlight strengths, identify missteps, and take control over finances. If you are looking for a way to permanently free yourself from debt, this book is for you. Jennifer Streaks takes the mystery out of management, making financial freedom attainable for anyone willing to do the work.

Excerpt: Thr…

#PowerRead: LaShaun Rousselle Mystery Series by Lynn Emery

Into The Mist by Lynn Emery
Book 4: LaShaun Rousselle Mystery Series

Children are missing in ever increasing numbers. LaShaun Rousselle and Deputy Chase Broussard have to make sure their child isn’t next. After a series of gruesome murders, LaShaun has to answer one critical question to stop the bloodbath: are the children victims or weapons?

LaShaun Rousselle finds herself and her young family at the center of a devious and deadly series of crimes once more. A girl goes missing, bad enough. Yet when LaShaun follows the threads, she discovers the six year old is only one of many. What’s the connection to a string of attempts to get at LaShaun’s own child, JoĆ«lle? She must help sort through the facts and evidence to convince level-headed law officers that supernatural forces are at work. Her life and the lives of those she cherish depend on LaShaun making a way out of no way.

LaShaun Rousselle Mystery Series - A Darker Shade of Midnight is the first book in the LaShaun Rousse…

#PowerRead: Order The Million Dollar Destiny by RM Johnson

The Million Dollar Destiny
by RM Johnson

Not long ago, when Monica Kenny’s husband realized his wife had gone through premature menopause and would never give him the children he so desperately wanted, he took a mistress, deceived and divorced her. Monica tried to move on, but was unable, feeling the fool for allowing herself to be so badly abused and mistreated by the man she loved. Unable to look herself in the mirror, Monica was determined to even the score. She needed to hurt Nate in a way in which he would never recover. She needed revenge! That would come in the form of stealing from him what he valued most in the world: his son, the boy Monica had recommended they adopt two years ago, in order to save their marriage. Her husband rejected the idea at the time, only to later adopt the infant after his divorce from Monica was finalized.

In order to succeed with her plan, Monica must convince a judge the child should be taken, and she will have to paint Nate as an adulterous, unfit…

#PowerRead: WOMANISH: How She Survived by Angelia Vernon Menchan

WOMANISH: How She Survived
by Angelia Vernon Menchan

What is WomanIsh? WomanIsh are the things women go through. The day to day ish, the man ish, the raising kids ish, the I earn lots of money but still wanna be cherished ish, the I'm more than my womb ish... The what you mean I'm old ish... Sound familiar? All of this and more is in WomanIsh: What She Survived.

WomanIsh: How She Survived is stories about women for women. There are real time stories about the situations, the ish women live through, survive through in order to come out with some semblance of wholeness and peace.

A Review Written By Nikki-Michelle
4.5 out of 5 Stars for WomanIsh 

My gosh! Where do I start? I've never been a huge fan of books that consists of short stories. For me, I never seemed to get a beginning, middle, and ending. However, God bless Angelia Vernon-Menchan for blessing us with this work of art. From the very first story, I was enthralled. From 'Her Emp…

#StorytellersBookTour: Seducing the Boss Lady by Sharon C. Cooper

Seducing the Boss Lady
by Sharon C. Cooper

Award-winning and bestselling author Sharon C. Cooper brings you another exciting romance!

Master electrician, Peyton Jenkins, is tired of being the responsible Jenkins’ girl. She’s ready to hand over the reins of the family business for a chance to live life and find love. However, fear of getting hurt again keeps her from letting down her guard. That is until her world intersects with bad-boy, Michael Cutter. Their sparks ignite a passion that can’t be denied.

Private investigator, Michael Cutter, has no intention of falling for another pretty face, not even someone as beautiful as Peyton. But her smokin’ hot body and sass can’t be ignored. She desires love and commitment, yet the sins of his father continue to haunt Michael, deterring him from pursuing any relationship other than a casual fling.

Will their pasts keep them from taking a chance on love? And will love be enough to heal old wounds?

Excerpt: Seducing the Boss Lady by S…