#PowerRead: WOMANISH: How She Survived by Angelia Vernon Menchan

WOMANISH: How She Survived
by Angelia Vernon Menchan

What is WomanIsh? WomanIsh are the things women go through. The day to day ish, the man ish, the raising kids ish, the I earn lots of money but still wanna be cherished ish, the I'm more than my womb ish... The what you mean I'm old ish... Sound familiar? All of this and more is in WomanIsh: What She Survived.

WomanIsh: How She Survived is stories about women for women. There are real time stories about the situations, the ish women live through, survive through in order to come out with some semblance of wholeness and peace.

A Review Written By Nikki-Michelle
4.5 out of 5 Stars for WomanIsh 

My gosh! Where do I start? I've never been a huge fan of books that consists of short stories. For me, I never seemed to get a beginning, middle, and ending. However, God bless Angelia Vernon-Menchan for blessing us with this work of art. From the very first story, I was enthralled. From 'Her Empowerment' to 'My Life Was Better After He Died', Angelia managed to show us women from every walk of life, young and old, those smart and those a bit aloof.

It's amazing how she is always able to capture every woman. She literally writes every type of woman, including those who are bisexual and won't admit it. But I think what stands out to me the most are the women and their ability to bounce back after such tumultuous situations and circumstances. Every woman in this book did what she felt she had to do whether she regretted the situation later on or not.

Andrea's mother gets the win for her comical wit. One of the best quotes in the book belongs to Mabel.
Andrea to her mother: Did you ever want a husband?
Mabel to her daughter: I've had two or three but they weren't mine.
I laughed so hard I snorted.

Poor Betta just couldn't catch a break from the men who seemed to be attracted to her. She jumped out the fire into the pits of hell. I have no words for Sissy and Carlos.

Calliope's story touched me in a way I didn't expect. It made me question how much I'd be willing to give up for love. While I commend Calliope for choosing to put her needs to the side for the sake of her marriage, I felt as if she got the short end of the stick.

From Kenya, who assumed she needed more than her husband could offer, to the woman who justified being a man's mistress because she had him first, Angelia managed to keep me interested from the beginning to the end.

However, the one story that stood out to me the most was the story with Winda, Bobby and Norman. I was so mad when it ended! I wanted more. I just know there has to be more to that story. I wanted Winda to be THAT woman so badly. LOL

I'd advise all women to read this book, young and old. Angelia is ministering without preaching, teaching without badgering, and giving you a lesson without calling you to class. Nikki-Michelle recommends this book.

Excerpt: Her Un-Empowerment 

Men found Betta to be everything black men dreamed of at the time, she had light skin, was thin but shapely and could be sexy without trying. Many men vied for her attention throughout her late teens through her thirties but she ultimately became involved with a violent man, who thought he owned her. At age thirty nine she was running for her life from one violent man, straight into the arms of another…

Excerpt: I Had His Children... He Didn't Put A Ring On It

"Pregnant? I thought your doctor gave you some sponge or something?"

"I guess it didn't work." She said, watching him and his demeanor change.

He stood pacing around before he turned to her.

"You can't have it. I told my mama I wouldn't have no more babies." She stared at him in shock. He was weeks away from his thirty first birthday.

"Your mama?" A curl of derision filled her tone.

"Yea. I live with her. I'm all she's got and she's sickly. This might kill her." Sissy stood, brushing off her skirt.

"I'm having this baby. If your last child didn’t kill her, neither will this one. Deal with your mama and I'll deal with my brothers."

( Continued... )

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Meet the Author

Angelia Vernon Menchan authors and publishes women's fiction, non fiction, young adult fiction, edgy Christian fiction and multicultural fiction. By day she is a Budget Analyst, married for 38 years with two wins. Angelia advocates for women through writing and mentoring. Through her publishing company with her husband, Maurice, Honorable Menchan Media she has published 14 authors.

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