#PowerRead: The Jubilee Taylor Series by La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson

A Name That Sang
(Book 1 in the Jubilee Taylor Serial Novel)

Meet Jubilee Taylor, a quiet man living in Smith Bridge, Tennessee, one of America's few remaining Black townships. Jubilee spends most of his time in the small dry goods store he runs, playing checkers with his longtime friend, Langston Haynes. The rest of the time he spends trying not to remember the days before he lost most of his hair and his left leg.  

Jubilee's tranquil days are interrupted when Della Jean Martin, descendant of the township's founder, decides to throw a celebration to mark Smith Bridge's centennial and Jubilee's past rides into town on a Greyhound bus wearing a synthetic wig of honey colored curls. 

Readers will find themselves laughing and crying along with Jubilee and the other colorful characters of Smith Bridge.

Buttermilk and Baseball
(Book 2 in the Jubilee Taylor Serial Novel)

What started with tissue paper flowers and a huge banner reading "Happy 100th Birthday Smith Bridge" in "A Name That Sang" has turned into something all together different. There are some things that time and celebrations cannot fix. Could this be the case for Jubilee Taylor and Hannah Jefferson? The past has more questions than answers for Jubilee. Hannah wonders if returning was such a good idea after all. She soon realizes that it will take more than a new wig to come to peace with her past. Find out what brought Jubilee and Hannah to Smith Bridge; a place of both refuge and regret.

Top Customer Reviews

In just a few pages, Crosby-Johnson takes readers with her carefully placed words on a visually smooth simulated ride through the town of "Smith Bridge." You will quickly meet current and former residents, identify their triumphs and be amused by their individual quirks. All of whom make their way to a local church to celebrate "Smith Bridge's" 100th anniversary. Crosby-Johnson then leaves you wondering, what such an evening will bring? Will the dynamics shift?...in a room full of such big personalities? Feels like this ride through "Smith Bridge" has some unexpected jolts ahead...Can't wait to find out what will happen next...buckle up! 
I enjoyed this glimpse into the fictional town of Smith Bridge, Tennessee. Crosby does a remarkable job with character and setting. She captured my attention and kept it the whole time. I felt like I was right there in Smith Bridge. I can't wait to find out what happens next. I hope to get a deeper look inside the lives of Hannah, Jubilee, Olivia, Langston, Nan, and Della. I have taken a liking to them all. Looking forward to Book 2.

About the Author
La Rhonda Crosby-Johnson
, educator, writer and Certified Integral Coach is Founder and CEO of BARUTI Enterprises; dedicated to creating and supporting environments for transformation. She was born in Oakland, California and was a product of Oakland public schools before entering San Francisco State University.  She received a Bachelor’s of Social Work in the winter of 1984.  La Rhonda, a much sought after speaker and facilitator, is proud of her almost 35 year career focusing on women’s wellness.  She currently devotes her time to writing and her transformational coaching practice.  Website:  www.barutienterprises.com