Book: Her Game Plan by R. Michelle

Her Game Plan by R. Michelle
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This is a captivating story told from three sides. Her side, his side and her side. That's right, this story is about a woman, Raquel, her husband, Tahir, and his mistress, Misha. Find out who's game plan actually works and who's left holding the gun. There are many twists and turns that keep the reader turning page after page.

Raquel Baker---Her Game Plan

Where do I begin? My name is Raquel Baker. Six months ago I was living in a one and a half million dollar house, I had a thriving business and married to the man of my dreams. I was living a fairy tale life and it all fell apart as quickly as you can pull a trigger.

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what happened. I pulled the trigger and almost killed my husband. I promised to love him until death did us part and I almost made death part us at that very second. Of course, he promised to love, honor and cherish me but I guess he forgot that part of our vows.

Well, it’s been six months since I shot Tahir. I didn’t mean to. I just wanted him to leave. Thank God I didn’t have to go to prison because he didn’t press charges against me. I don’t know what I would’ve done if he did. I couldn’t imagine having to spend time behind bars for something that really wasn’t my fault. All I kept thinking was how I thought we were so happy but it was all a lie. Tahir was leading two lives. One with me and one with her.

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Meet the Author
R. Michelle is originally from Philadelphia, PA and currently resides in Middle Tennessee. Her Game Plan is her debut novel and she's currently working onher second book. R. Michelle is married and has one son. She is an avid reader, loves writing and enjoys traveling.

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