Book: The Lonely Wife: How Did We Get Here

The Lonely Wife: How Did We Get Here
by Tweedy Poole

The Lonley Wife is an intriguing, mind-bending novel. You’ll bring to life each character, as they find themselves engulfed in a realistic twist-of-fait. A story of sex, lies, abuse hatred and envy. Many of them are in a place they choose not to be. Forcing them to make decisions they don’t want to make. This must read will caputure your full attenion. “Don’t let the title fool you.”  Listen to the reading from the book now.

EXCERPT: The Lonley Wife

How did we get here? Somehow or another, life has drawn a wedge between us. What once began as a life of love and laughter has now become a life of assumption. How did we get here? There is not another woman and certainly not another man. So what is it?

Was it when you left the toilet seat up and I fell in? Or was the time you left the damp towel on my side of the bed and I had to sleep in the wet spot? Oh, maybe it was the time you shaved and didn’t clean off the sink? No…none of that.

This is the man I prayed for day after day. The only man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. No one can talk like him. No one can make me smile the way he does. No one can hold me like he can and sureley no one can…well you know. Now the very thought of him touching me has become repulsing. Why?

Life has put me in a place, where I choose not to be. Demanding things I don’t want to give. Forcing me to make decisions I don’t want to make. Now I ponder. I question. I complain. I’m angry. But…Humph, there’s that word again. But…a word that confounds us. It almost makes us who we are. According to it, there should be a contingency play. Insinuating a plan “B”. Well guess what? I don’t have a plan “B”. How did we get here?

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About Tweedy
I grew up in Baltimore and now reside in Greenville, South Carolina. Never would I have thought I’d be a southern girl, but I actually like it here. I am married to a wonderful loving man of God that completes me. My family and I have a lot of fun together. They are determined to turn our home into sitcom.

I am a former State of Maryland employee and am now working in the engineering field. Though I love my job, writing is my passion. I started my first book in 2004 and release it, but after a series of events in my life I pulled it. Never would I have thought I’d be doing what I am doing, yet here I am.

It was New Years day 2004, and I was sitting in my office cleaning out some things when I switched from doing my budget sheet to actually typing a book. I actually had an outer body experience and when I came to myself the printer was going and I had typed five chapters. I must have sat at the computer for about 6 hours not realizing the time. Oh and by the way, I removed my budget sheet from chapter three. Lol.

My desire is to help those who have lost hope. Many of us have had our life experiences, but the key is moving on from them. I bless God for trusting me to do this. I would never be able to do this without Him. So many people are lost and broken and have just given up not only on others, but also themselves. I welcome you to become apart of what God is doing in this hour.

This fiction novel will rock your world. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever read. So sit back, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride. Don’t even bother to pump the brakes, trust me, they won’t work.

Be Blessed.
Tweedy Poole

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