Literary Trivia Contest-Black Books Weekend

Black Books Weekend Literary Trivia Contest

November 21-30, 2009. Answer our 5 trivia questions to collect a new gift book. Please visit the Black Pearls Magazine for the full details. We have more gift books for readers and community trivia contests. Click here for the full details.

Trivia Questions for Serious Readers:

1.Who published The Same River Twice: Honoring the Difficult?

2.Who published My Bondage and My Freedom (1855)?

3.Who is quoted as saying, "There is no such thing as Black literature. There's good literature and bad. And that's all."

4. Who is best known for his novel Invisible Man (1952), which won the National Book Award in 1953?

5. Black Fire: An Anthology of Afro-American Writing, was edited by ____.

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