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During Black Books Weekend we want readers to find out more about our colorful literary past. Listed below are 5 African American trivia questions. Search the web and find the answers. November 27-30, 2009, is Black Books Weekend!  Read more about the live author readings and contests here.

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Let the Hunt Begin....

1. Name the important African American literary scholar that left us this quote: "My desire has been to allow the black tradition to speak for itself about its nature and various functions, rather than to read it, or analyze it, in terms of literary theories borrowed whole from other traditions, appropriated from without."

2. Who is the author of the oldest known piece of African American literature: "Bars Fight". Although written in 1746, the poem was not published until 1855, when it was included in Josiah Holland's "History of Western Massachusetts"? 

3. Name the abolitionist and prolific writer who wrote what is considered to be the first novel by an African American, titled Clotel or, The President's Daughter (1853). The novel is based on what was at that time considered to be a rumor about Thomas Jefferson fathering a daughter with his slave, Sally Hemings. However, because the novel was published in England, the book is not considered the first African American novel published in the United States.

4. Who was the first African American poet to gain national prominence for such works as When Malindy Sings, Joggin' Erlong and The Uncalled ?

5. Author ____  made an impact with his novel The Blacker the Berry: A Novel of Negro Life (1929), which focused on intra-racial prejudice between lighter-skinned and darker-skinned African Americans.

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