Up at the College by Michele Bowen

Up at the College
by Michele Bowen

Bestselling Christian, fiction author Michele Andrea Bowen (Holy Ghost Corner, Church Folk, Second Sunday) weaves a sanctifying new tale of shock and betrayal, of new hope and redemption of spirit. Of all the things Yvonne Fountain Copeland saw herself doing on Valentine’s Day, packing up her stuff and her kids and moving out of her home was not one of them. She’d been married to Darnell for fifteen years—and she thought happily.

So his decree of wanting to end the marriage because he was "bored" came as quite a shock. Yvonne hopes a change of scenery will help her make sense of things, so she moves back to her hometown of Durham, North Carolina , and takes a job at the college. She has no idea this journey will lead her back to sexy basketball coach Curtis Parker…

Yvonne remembers Curtis as a playa, though she finds herself cautiously attracted to him. Curtis, intrigued by the beautiful Yvonne, has his own issues—including Regina, who isn’t in love with him, but likes the status of being the coach’s woman. But when Darnell also gets a job at the college and he and his new wife are added to the mix, Yvonne and Curtis learn that there’s just no finding true peace or joy without God’s help. Buy the Book

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