Grown and Sassy:The Prada Plan by Ashley Antoinette

The Prada Plan

First introduced in Girls from Da Hood 4, Disaya Morgan doesn't exactly hail from wholesome beginnings. The daughter of a pimp and a prostitute, she learns two lessons early in life: you have to work what you have to get what you want and you can't keep anything forever—including your folks.... Now grown, money-hungry Disaya joins a world of sex and lies with a New York escort group called The Elite.

Disaya has no limits and rakes in the cash, but she soon finds herself trapped—with no easy way out. When she meets Indie, she’s determined to keep her secret life from him. But soon everything comes to light and things go horribly wrong. Can Disaya get her hustle back—or does the game she’s been playing truly have no winners? Buy the Book

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