Romance: Bring on the Blessings by Beverly Jenkins

Bring on the Blessings
by Beverly Jenkins

Bernadine works hard to clinch a scholarship to UCLA, where she meets and marries Leo Brown. He goes on to become a high-powered quality control manager for one of the nation’s leading oil companies and a very wealthy man, and Bernadine never has to worry about money again. But love is another story. When Bernadine learns Leo’s been stepping out, she divorces him, retaining half his assets. But all that money can’t fill the emptiness in her heart.
So when Bernadine learns her Kansas hometown is in dire financial straits and has been put up for sale by Mayor Trenton July, she decides to buy it. Though God only knows how the residents will react when she also decides to live there in this moving novel of faith and rediscovering hope. Buy the Book

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