Sisterhood of Yesterday

Sisterhood of Yesterday
By Heather Sargent

When did it become an 'every mother for herself' world? Didn't it used to be a sisterhood of women raising their children together once upon a time?

I think often of what that would be like. To have the women in your life around you supporting you and befriending you. And how you would do the same for them. I imagine children playing while their moms sit together giggling about what silly thing their husband said to them this morning. Or how little Johnny got in trouble again but always gets caught in the most unusual ways where you can't help but laugh. After you have disciplined him of course.

What would it be like to have the women closest to you understand that you too are just a mere human and are incapable of perfection? How you really do have the best of intentions but sometimes that hand basket from hell comes to take it all away. What if they understood that those things that appear to be bad parenting have a broken heart behind them that may just need a friend? Maybe there is an interesting story there of why things went the way they did.

A world where these sisters did not have one arm wrapped around you in a friendly hug with a knife in the other. A smile and friendly word to you, then biting, angry words at your back. A place where life was so simple that the person you saw in front of you, was the person you saw in front of you.

I long for the sisterhood of the days of old. This catty back-biting that women of today do just leaves me standing there scratching my head, wounds and all, as I slowly drop the knife I hold at my sisters' backs.

Heather Sargent - 2008
A down-to-earth wife and mother of four, Heather Sargent has more than enough to write about. From the insanity of daily life to the quiet, magical moments which include sleeping children, she finds humor and joy in her chaotic life.

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