Royal Etiquette

Royal Etiquette
By Brenda Douglas

Women were never created to be used as bait to entrap and hold men in bondage to pornography and sexual addiction. No! We have so much to offer to the world. Women have opportunities like never before. We are independently pursuing dreams, achieving goals, and securing jobs and other personal interests that have traditionally been off limits. Today, single women and parents are becoming homeowners, entrepreneurs, and etc..

Furthermore, women are able to leave a legacy for their children as well as make a significant contribution, not only, to their household but to society. We need to purposely remember our worth. When we value and respect ourselves, others will have no choice but to do the same. Your presence should command respect! Act like royalty. It only takes one great example and others will want to follow.

Choose your words carefully; believe that you have much to offer to the world; find ways to build your self-esteem; gain new skills; take higher level educational courses; walk like you're the greatest creature that was ever created- because you are; and finally, stay away from anything or anyone that's harmful to your health.

You must love and honor yourself, even with your flaws. Once you do, others won't have a choice but to do the same. You are royalty and you deserve royal treatment!

Brenda Douglas is the CEO of Royalty, Inc.; producer of Victoriously Speaking; and the publisher of Elegance. She is also a confidence coach, integrity teacher, personal development trainer, speaker, workshop facilitator, and an author that's focused on empowering people.