Meet Author and Publisher Heather Buchanan

Meet Author and Publisher Heather Buchanan

Aquarius Press is proud to announce the release of this new anthology. It’s Worth the Struggle is an inspirational guide for anyone who has ever wanted to become a writer, or who has contemplated giving up that dream. Containing essays by 23 professional writers, this book explores all facets of what it means to live a writer's life. This anthology reveals the emotional ups and downs of writing, from fear of failure to haunting childhood traumas to the struggles of parenting while working as a writer.

It’s Worth the Struggle is a work of love from writers, to writers. This book will give you the freedom to become the writer you were meant to be, and will make a precious gift to the writers in your life.

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Ella Curry of EDC Creations sits down for a chat with author Heather Buchanan

Ella: Tell us what motivated you to write this book.
A group of writers who were celebrating the Christmas holiday in 2007 (and had been part of a writers guild for almost ten years) started thinking about the reasons they loved writing, as well as the obstacles they faced every day. Suddenly, the idea of a book to help other would-be writers was born.

Ella: What genre is your book? Who did you write this book for?
This book is nonfiction and it was written for those out there who fear writing for different reasons.

Ella: What makes your book stand out? Why should we buy your book?
You name any brick wall that stops one from pursuing writing and they are covered in the book. That is reason enough to buy it. The book speaks not just on fear but money problems, support issues, religious obstacles; it even has some humorous stories in it. It motivates, inspires and provides steps on how to get started.

Ella: Do you feel writing is for those trained to write or for anyone who has a story to tell?
Writing is for everyone that has a story to tell, simply because all it takes is putting it down on paper. And with help from others (editors, ghostwriters), the story can become a book.

Ella: As a writer, what are some of the most important things you try to convey to readers through your books?
No one who wants to write out there is alone. Writers around the world share the same problems in getting published and putting their ideas down in print.

More about author and publisher Heather Buchanan
Heather Buchanan, M.A., is an award-winning publisher, editor and consultant. A former research fellow for the National Institutes of Health in cognitive science, she is actively involved with studying the relationship between writing and culture. She has presented at conferences such as the Society for the Study of Midwest Literature, Midwest MLA, Gwendolyn Brooks Conference, Textbook & Academic Authors Association, Liberal Arts Network Conference, the Motown Writers Conference, and the Miami University Poetry Conference. She is currently on the faculty of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Wayne State University, the College for Creative Studies and Lansing Community College.

Ms. Buchanan is a State Officer for the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and a past Vice-President of the American Business Women's Association (Ambassador Tri-County Chapter). She is a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. She retired as Executive Director of the Detroit Writer's Guild (a national nonprofit) to devote herself full-time to this website. As a writer for numerous organizations, Ms. Buchanan considers writing for the U.S./South Africa Convocations one of the bright spots of her career. As an instructor, Ms. Buchanan consults with organizations such as the Coleman A. Young Foundation (CAYF).

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Heather Buchanan, M.A. Publisher, Aquarius Press
Member, Publishers Marketing Association (PMA)
Founder, Independent Publishers of Michigan (IPM)
Reviewer, BlogCritics and MyShelf
State Board, American Association of University Women of Michigan
Member, Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA)
Author, Dark River: A Novel of Suspense