Snacks Are Not Prepared for Diners

Snacks Are Not Prepared for Diners


A Meal Within A Meal

©2007 M. Bennett Hooper

Studied you over and piqued my own interest into knowing every aspect and color of your soul every scent every hint every second that came and went
watching your blazing eyes leave that imprinted stain of beauty burned into me as I shadow dance with your voice inside of my head.

The feel of your words longingly releasing me into a whirlwind of anticipation to bask inside your presence I listen intently to the words your heart speaks.
Our minds touch when we dance stroking the language of passion personified between us two inside your mind amazing phenomenal clues begin to witness the blossoming of our evolving love as it unfolds.

Wild eyed glory plays against my cynicism bringing me to my knees of submission as I confess to just wanting to sit , watch, and listen as many questions are asked without answers as I observe the outcome the summary outlined , the syllabus of the lesson learned, chosen and taught.

Sifting between the pages of my inquisition I answered only one question and left it up to you to apply your own forgone perception of my debate between courting you and loving you from afar.

Dancing with wolves naked in the snow of intent purified the thought of ever leaving you alone and never pondering just what my feelings are for you.

I answer each day with words only you understand
Now calm my spirit show me, show me you.

And I , I shall show you me without reservation or expectations of change.
I am calmed by your ability to be non-judgmental as this life course opens, closes, and opens again silently, lovingly, passionately as it is simmered and served to you for your digestion only.

Snacks are meant for moments and dinners are remembered for a lifetime.
I savor sitting before my dinner are you an illusion or a gourmets’ delight.