Cultural Bandits and their Parades

Cultural Bandits and their Parades

©2007 M. Bennett Hooper (Grangran)

Some day care and elementary school runways are filled with tomorrows’ raise-a-ho’s as the new fuel for society’s processes are no longer redefined when Black girls and women continue to be exploited this time by of all people their mothers
and the death dance continues.

Mothers too busily deluded by clown fashion themselves think it’s cute to adorn doll baby in miniature attire which includes hair pieces and jewelry that should be worn by older siblings or not at all.

Missy’s’ face is covered with make up as she sings at the church with Jesus Power unaware of the challenge to her innocence by a mother preparing her for pageantry successes not yet determined.

Unable to assume responsibility for transmission of the culture many mothers submit to the first man appearing to give them some attention as they advertise their virtues which are non-existent and offer themselves upon an altar called lust because love for them has never been defined.

Small daughters impressed by momma’s false male popularity watch and imitate her actions and the new prostitots march towards their new goal of becoming a video dancer and the cycle of raise-a -ho is completed by women who don’t know how to love themselves and the beauty which begins within as they multiply, giving birth to new prostitots for tomorrows’ yet to be determined whoredom as raise-a-ho becomes
a new/old enterprise.

Young entertainers are rewarded for performances which denounce womanhood as girls become too willing carrion for cultural vultures who in their words show them what they are working with as they gleefully devour them as hordes of wannabees
stand on the sidelines.

Breathless onlookers stare in disbelief as the prostitot parade continues and raise-a-ho becomes more than a cultural phenomenon as the new unconscious sell themselves this time in a slavery of their own creation.

Prostitutes today become the whores of tomorrow and the blind continue to smile as they lead the blind into today’s quicksand.

And BET, MTV, and VH1 continue to be the new stroll for tomorrows’ willing sex slaves as they advertise the creation of their loss of dignity and rappers continue to sing and chant, “Show me what you’re working with”, and hot drops become one way stops to degradation and cultural death as prostitots evolve into raise-a-ho’s on a one way street leading no where.