Awakening for Sleeping Giants

Awakening for Sleeping Giants

©2008 M. Bennett Hooper

Democracy is a code word people a smokescreen created by the rich and powerful
To anesthetize you during their rape of you and your children’s children.
The right to vote is given to a privileged few while one man one vote is suppressed
By the electoral college and convicted felons when freed from incarceration continue to march to a muffled drum.

Debts paid to society are meaningless when largely Black, Brown, Red and Latino are relegated to a time worn status of modern emancipated slaves.

Government by the people is historically a legalization of a controlled substance called democracy which was never intended to include huge populations destined to marginalize some at the expense of those less able to pay for membership in a select club of men.

Men who assume they are free and women who are truly not a part of the equation pass giving birth to more men.

Over stand this a pattern is merely an outline of a product to be created.
Freedom is another code word that cannot be sustained or attained without preparation.

A dream which does not include freedom is simply another nightmare.
Sleeping with one’s eyes open is not only stupid it is deadly.

Shoes with strings should be tied and the parallel between crosses hanging around the neck and nooses is not accidental when many clergy drive Rolls while their congregants live on table scraps.

Vote because it is one of the few exercises in which you determine the length.
Drop in, drop out, drop the lever of your choices
Which have always been few.

Leadership as always begins with you who choose whom you will follow.