EDC Creations "Top Books" — 2010 First Quarter

The Sankofa Literary Society Review is focused on the issues and lifestyles that define the avid American Reader — what they read, what they want out of their careers, how they connect to each other, what motivates them and how they feel about the community as a whole. Many have stated, “There is no African American village…it’s dead,” we don’t feel that way. The Village is here, the village in now! Expand your horizons! We are a community of 10 bookclubs, 4 social networks and 20 nurses who want to enrich our community with books and the written word. Listed below are the books we have read from traditional publishers and self-published authors. Join us today to add your voice and experiences to our union.

While highlighting our heritage, our experiences and delivering our voice–we remain anchored to the spiritual, emotional and practical realities of our entire global community, supporting all races. We are not limited solely to African American (AA) authors; we hope to educate our readers by offering a variety of literature and resources. We are offering you the best in literature period, from our perspective. Come on in and join this movement to Give the Gift of Knowledge!

Listed below are a few of the best books representing the literary world and the arts. Each book created an impact for readers and the Sankofa Literary Society network. Our literary hallmarks indicate excellence in writing. Here are the books we want to showcase to the world. Please take your time and expand your reading territory by saluting the literary greats and leaders listed below. The books are NOT listed in any order pertaining to the quality of the literature—they are all 4-5 star reads. Spreads the word...share this listing with at least 10 people!

Authors, if you see your book listed, please leave a comment with your website address, bookseller links and any news about you and your books! Ask your network to stop by and share their reviews of your books too. Make sure you tell your friends if you see their names listed. Follow this blog on the right hand side of the site, to keep up with the comments. Leave all news, reviews and comments here.

Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations

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EDC Creations "Top Books" — 2010 First Quarter

*SLS Power Reads — Fiction from all genres

EDC Creations Pick: Powder Necklace by Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond

1. Till You Hear from Me by Pearl Cleage

2. How Clarissa Burden Learned How to Fly by Connie May Flowers

3. Nappily Faithful by Trisha R. Thomas

4. Damaged by Kia DuPree

5. His First Wife by Grace Octavia

6. From Cape Town with Love by Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due, and Steven Barnes

7. Snapped by Tracy Brown

8. Secret and Lies by Rhonda McKnight

9. Trouble Down The Road by Bettye Griffin

10. A Second Helping by Beverly Jenkins

*SLS Power Reads — Non-fiction from all genres

EDC Creations Pick: The Black Girl Next Door by Jennifer Baszile

1. The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates by Wes Moore

2. I'm a Piece of Work! Sisters Shaped by God by Cynthia L. Hale

3. Jantsen's Gift: A True Story of Grief, Rescue and Grace  by Pam Cope

4. Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

5. All About Love by Susan L. Taylor

6. Put On Your Crown by Queen Latifah

7. Stop Being Niggardly by Karen Hunter

8. The Black Male Handbook by Kevin Powell

9. Secrets of a Skinny Jean Queen by Carolyn Gray

10. Step Out on Nothing by Byron Pitts

*On the Shoulders of Giants — Christian Fiction/Faith-based/Women Issues

EDC Creations Pick: Still Guilty by Pat Simmons

1. Selling My Soul by Sherri Lewis

2. Fifteen Years by Kendra Norman-Bellamy

3. Farther Than I Meant to Go by Tiffany L. Warren

4. The Last Woman Standing by Tia McCollors

5. Dreams That Won't Let Go by Stacy Hawkins Adams

6. Samson by Jacquelin Thomas

7. Be Careful What You Pray For by Kimberla Lawson Roby

8. Yesterday's Promise by Vanessa Miller

9. Shaking the Tree by Editor Meri Nana-Ama Danquah

10. Nothing is too Hard for God by C.M. Jones

*Our Literary Legacy —Our History, Experience and Heritage

EDC Creations Pick: Unburnable by Marie-Elena John

1. Life Is Short But Wide by J. California Cooper

2. The Sacred Place by Daniel Black

3. Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead

4. Porch Stories by Jewell Parker Rhodes

5. Black Water Rising by Attica Locke

6. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

7. Wife of the Gods by Kwei J. Quartey

8. Black Noir: Mystery, Crime, and Suspense by Otto Penzler

9. Darkness and the Devil Behind Me by Persia Walker

10. Daughters of the Stone by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa

*Our Passions— Erotica/Urban Lit/Gay Lit/Alternate Lifestyles

EDC Creations Pick: Diary of a Stalker by Electa Rome Parks

1. Consequences by Skyy

2. Bedtime Erotica by Lexy Harper

3. Dirty Girls: Erotica for Women by Rachel Kramer Bussel

4. Gutter: A Novel by K'wan

5. Flexin & Sexin Vol. 2 by Erick S. Gray, Ashley & Jaquavis, Treasure E. Blue, and J. Tremble

6. Where There's Smoke by Terra Little

7. Karma Part 1 by Sabrina Eubanks

8. Trickery by Christine Racheal

9. Pitbulls In A Skirt 2 by Mikal Malone

10. Trife Life To Lavish Part 1 by Deja King

*Lift as We Climb Leaders — Independently Published

EDC Creations Pick: Bruised Love by Nanette M. Buchanan

1. The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose by Nakia R. Laushaul

2. Colors of a Man: Tribute to African-American Men by Tia Stewart

3. Wretched Saints by Marc Lacy and Assuanta Fay Howard

4. Inside Danica's Closet by Nikkea Smithers

5. Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life by Erica Goodridge

6. Chasing the Avatar by Jovan Jones

7. Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us by Donna Michele Watford, RN

8. Love Found Me by Vanessa Richardson

9. Family Pictures by Rachel Berry

10. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down by Vernadine A. Merrick

11. Ever Changing by Rhonda Dent Herring

12. Color Me Jazzmyne by Marian L. Thomas

13. Sunny Rain by Ci Ci Foster

14. Let My People Go by Wanda Currie

15. 1878: The Life and Times of Henry Forest by R. Jenkins-Oliver

*Recommended Reading List Submitted by Faith's RN Bookclub

1. That Mean Old Yesterday by Stacey Patton

2. Cheetah by Missy Jackson

3. Plenty Good Room by Cheri Paris Edwards

4. Jump at the Sun by Kim McLarin

5. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer

6. Don't Play in the Sun by Marita Golden

7. Dynasty by Dutch by DC Bookdiva Presents

8. Chocolate High by Mika

9. Masquerade by Denise Jeffries

10. Betrayal by Dwayne S. Joseph

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