Double Down and Dirty by L.A. Lewis

Double Down and Dirty by L.A. Lewis
Jade Bordeaux escaped her Southern Baptist family and moved to New York because they would never respect the choices she made or the secret she kept. The Big Apple and her new modeling career proved to be more adventurous than her life in Baton Rouge. Excitement flowed through everything from the towering landscapes, wonderful opportunities, and especially in the form of handsome CEO Sean Wright. Dating him takes an unfortunate turn when his sister's dance to the rhythm of revenge becomes a tune she's hell-bent on sharing with her family and the people they love.

In a matter of weeks, Jade's life takes an uncertain and dangerous turn. Nothing prepared her for the call which stirs emotions Jade thought she'd buried. The former Governor of Louisiana has denied her existence since birth and now makes a life-altering request that fills Jade with resentment. Jade built her success and happiness by making hard choices, even ones that cause heartbreak. Unfortunately, she never imagined that any of those choices could lead to the death of someone she loves.

Jade soon learns in the game of life, sometimes playing Double Down and Dirty is the only way to win.

Beta Reader Reviews
Double Down and Dirty by L.A. Lewis, is impressively developed. It starts off with a bang and continues to engulf you throughout the entire story. The characters are well developed and memorable. It will arouse your senses and affect each emotion simultaneously. Things get real messy as New York and Louisiana collide, but nobody does it better than L.A., to put it all into perspective. It's a drama filled ride that you won't want to get off of until you read the last word!

 -- Christine Pauls, Author of To Begin Again and Belinda's Song

Smiling faces tell lies...and I got proof.. L.A Lewis has penned her best novel to date. Set against the backdrop of New York City's beautiful vistas with scenes from Louisiana interspersed, she takes the reader on an odyssey with two people who appear to have made it to the pinnacle of their respective fields.

Jade left her past in Louisiana and used her looks, ingenuity and dogged determination to reinvent herself. Sean initially wants her face for his latest advertising campaign. ..until he falls for the woman behind the exquisite face, voice and body.

However, every body connected to them is a liar or a schemer. No one is rooting for this relationship. Jade and Sean become embroiled in ancient and current family dramas, are betrayed on multiple occasions. Situations that make you shake your head and mutter a few obscene phrases. These families need Olivia Pope and her entire team to straighten out this mess, untangle the lies and deceptions.

LA Lewis keeps the pressure on until the last page of the book. Who will survive? Who will be exposed? Can love overcome hate, destructive behavior, and self inflicted wounds? You won't be able to put the book down until you answer all the questions.
-- Joyce A. Brown, Author of Getting Away With Everything

Excerpt: Double Down and Dirty by L.A. Lewis

Jade focused on the sound of her heels clicking with each step, trying to ignore the tingle of pleasure she felt, which signaled he was keenly aware of her every movement. Thanks to her mother, who blessed her with a tiny waistline and a rear end that would make even the most famous posteriors look like a piece of cardboard, Jade became accustomed to the appreciative looks that went along with being country-bred and country fed.

Halfway up, Sean's baritone voice sliced through the silence in the elevator. "Ms. Bordeaux,"

"Yes." She put her focus on the numbers above the doors, but felt his gaze narrow on her as he asked, "Am I really so bad?"

Jade thought about her response until the chime from the elevator echoed. She couldn't have been happier to have an excuse to avoid that question.

"Right this way," Jade said, leading him from the elevator and directly into the most beautiful penthouse she'd seen in a very long time. She could only dream of being in a place like this. The kind of place that was a long way from the little wooden house that was home for the three members of the Bordeaux family.

"Very nice," Sean said walking across the living room to a glass wall, his panther-like gait a sure sign of confidence and ambition. His gaze shifted to the New York skyline, which was the epitome of breathtaking. The view of a picturesque sunset and skyscrapers that were almost as tall as the sky itself really should have been named the eighth wonder of the world.

"That's a big selling point with this particular property. The open floor plan is great for entertaining. The balcony is also a perfect setup for gatherings," Jade said, unlocking then opening the sliding door for him to step out into the cool evening air, a common occurrence for spring evenings in New York.

"You like what you see so far?" Jade asked, crossing the distance until she stood beside him.

Sean tilted his head downward. His gaze locked on hers as he grinned and said, "Definitely."

"Would you like to see the rest of the place?" Jade gestured toward the master bedroom.

"Sure, but before we do, can I ask just one more question since you conveniently ignored the first one?" He took her outstretched hand into his and prevented her from walking away.

An electric kind of energy flashed throughout her body. That was certainly a concern. She had learned when and how to play it safe. And Sean was as dangerous as they came. Having been an employee of an upscale escort service, she knew the hard fact that those at the top of the food chain were equally as slimy as those who were willing to do whatever it took to get there.

Jade had shielded herself from unwanted advances-of which there were many. But years of going without a human touch had built up something inside of her that needed to be extinguished. A man like Sean Wright would be a perfect choice, but there was no way she would go there. Being with a man like him came with too many problems.

She steadied her breathing and her voice. "Go ahead."

"You care to tell me the real reason you don't want to work with me?"

"Is that why we're here?" Jade questioned, trying to keep her voice level. "I hope not because my time is valuable, and I don't need to waste it by entertaining that question."

"I believe in making the most of an opportunity. If I have a question, I ask. So, do you plan on providing an answer or should I just assume that you don't have a reason at all?"

Her eyes met his. "I didn't make it clear the first, second, and third time?"

"You don't feel it's the right job for you," he smirked. "But we both know that's not it at all."

"Okay, then I'll be honest," she shot back. "I don't like the way you do business. I don't like that money means more to you than people. You're not the type of person I'm interested in dealing with. Does the truth satisfy you?"

Sean was silent for a few spells, then, "And you came to this conclusion based on what? Because if I recall, you've never done business with me." He closed the distance between them. "So cut the bull and tell me what is it about me that frightens you so much," he snapped.

"Nothing frightens me," she countered. "But I am wise, and wisdom tells me to steer clear of you." She stepped back and didn't realize how close she was to the wall.

"So that's it." He inched closer. "You're not afraid of doing business with me. What scares you is the fact that we're very much alike. Isn't that right? We both know what we want and would risk it all to make it happen. What frightens you the most," his mouth nearly touched hers, "is knowing what will happen if you let your guard down." His lips lightly brushed against hers and she trembled with an anticipation so strong she almost reached up and pulled him to her.

Then he abruptly moved away, walked toward the circular staircase, but tossed over his shoulder, "I believe you said there was more to see."

( Continued... ) 

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