Jacmuir: Trust Stained Lies by Angeline M. Bishop

Jacmuir: Trust Stained Lies
by Angeline M. Bishop

Oastomin, a university freshman and the newest Crimson Knight, consents to rigorous training so he can follow in his father’s footsteps and be accepted among his peers. A few months into his preparation, his dad, King Natro of Jacmuir, dies. Oastomin soon discovers his father’s power came at the high price of a long buried secret.

Seventeen year old Maia has a daily habit of pushing the “gray” boundary between right and wrong, but when she secretly rallies college-aged young men to undermine her father’s petitions for an alliance, her parents deliver a harsh punishment. Maia is forced to leave home but she decides to use her eviction as the perfect time to learn the secrets of the Crimson Knights.

Oastomin and Maia must decide if they are willing to sacrifice their principles in order to preserve their way of life. They will discover if it’s possible to slide across a moral line and openly challenge their parents’ expectations, while trying not to be held accountable for their powerful fathers’ mistakes.

Note from the Author

JACMUIR: TRUST STAINED LIES was inspired by answering the youth's demand for more inspirational stories featuring multicultural characters transitioning into adults.

The diverse, intelligent young adults in this series are forced to challenge their belief systems and deal with the fundamental core tenets of trust and loyalty within modern monarchies. JACMUIR (Book One) explores the topics of brotherhood, betrayal, honesty, secrets, narcissism, and presenting your authentic self to others.

Readers will understand that although men and women mature physically and become more capable in their practical lives, many fail to achieve emotional maturity.

If you've ever been betrayed and wished for friends that would have your back when your world fell apart, then please read JACMUIR: TRUST STAINED LIES. I hope you'll be entertained as you explore the brotherhood of the Crimson Knights and watch these young people navigate the burden of living up to powerful parental expectations.

*Please note that Jacmuir (Book One) can be read as a standalone*

Excerpt: Chapter One


We sprint into the courtyard as Faymer leads with enraged anger. “No, no, no! You should have moved! He meant you no harm!” Faymer yells at Maia.

Maia whirls around and addresses him. “How would you know? I was facing the devilish snarl on his face and purpose in his steps, not you. You observed the animal’s backside.”

“He’s my horse! My horse! I know his intentions. I raised him since he was a young calf,” Faymer seethes, his face just inches from hers. He’s breathing so hard the small tendrils of hair covering her forehead start to part.

But she stands her ground, steels her precarious eyes, and intensifies her grip on the bow. “The horse will heal after a season of rest; the wounds are not severe.”

“You have no idea what you’ve done!” Faymer bellows as curses fall from his lips. “Wounding a horse at full gallop is like taking away a warrior’s desire to charge into battle. Physical wounds can heal, but emotional ones last a lifetime.”

“Then make the person who released him in this courtyard pay for your loss,” she snaps and lifts her chin, meeting his icy gaze head on. “The problem isn’t mine! I was defending myself!”

“In the time it took you to fit arrows in your bow, you could have moved out of the way! Have you no regard for any animal other than your own?”

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never observed a girl like this one. Pretty, confident, and audacious enough to not back down to Faymer. See, if I could get a better view of her legs, I could tell you if she was worth the headache he’s facing. It’s too bad she wears a frown most of the time and has a reputation for being too bossy for her own good.

Seeing neither party is going to back down, I step between the two as Peverell tends to the fallen steed. “Faymer, don’t forget whom you’re addressing. She’s a royal guest in Jacmuir.”

Faymer starts to object when the whimpering exhale of his horse causes him to dash to his animal’s side. I also join Peverell to assess the damages; we talk in hushed tones. Somewhere along the way, the princess leaves us and moves toward the stable.

As Peverell tends to the championship horse, Faymer fumes in my ear. “Trouble, Your Highness! Do you see what I mean? Wounding my horse instead of moving aside, what kind of girl did your parents invite to Jacmuir?”

I nod in agreement, wondering who else she will tick off during her visit and how soon it will be before the citizens who were watching this scene post photos of Faymer’s steed on the internet.

( Continued... )

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