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Discover the Express Life Scale (ELS) to get your score and kick-start your rescue or the rescue of those whom you love. Or rescue your community or even your nation!  How about the world?  Go for it!  Ideal for guys & girls from 15+.   Ready for an Adventure?  Click now!

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1. The Express Life Profile (ELP) comes free with the purchase of the book, but in the meanwhile, discover the Free Beta Version of Express Life Scale  to get a jump-start on life through a 5 part free skills training - Express version! Perfect for Speedies!  First get a express overview of the entire training.

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After discovering the Express Life Scale, all Adventurers are rewarded with a special reading from the intriguing book by Dr. Vie herself.  Each month one lucky Adventurer wins the book: Taming the Female Impostor. All Adventurers are eligible for the additional Gift (during the quarterly draw) of a special portable water filter, a constant companion of  Dr. Vie during her explorations.  Try out the Express Life Scale, go here:


Every once in a while there comes along a book that captivates the mind and uplifts the soul. This is one of those books. In real life Dr. Vie has managed to maneuver through global cultures with ease and finesse.  With the same level of sophistication, she weaves a tapestry of universality in her book.  We can rise above our circumstance, be it racism, sexism, environmental issues or cultural and religious biases. We can choose to reject change and remain the same or board the “Life Express” and embrace the change, as this book shows .”
Lena McCallajee, Teacher of the Year 2011-12, Nominee, Governor of Year Award, Author of Autism Inspires

With new insights, Dr. Vie unravels the root cause of the global female crises and provides powerful practical tools for health, happiness and vitality - all within a great adventure! A great book for men also .”
Dr. John Gray,  Best Selling Author, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

I have worked all of my professional life with high performance women, whether it was a National Team, a University varsity team or our leading entertainment company. Dr. Vie is certainly an elite, high performance person regardless of the field she chooses to endeavor in to!Dr. Vie is a pioneer in each field she chooses to focus on! I’ve loved Dr. Vie SuperFoods since 2007. Now, yet again, through this book she reveals fascinating perspectives and intuitive wisdom. My wife could not put the book down! I recommend this book especially for men too.”
Boris Verkhovsky,  Performance Director, Former National Team Acrobatics Coach

An adventurer, entrepreneur, and author, Dr. Sherine Vie is also a scientist, humanitarian and radio show host, born in South Africa and lived solo in six countries, while overcoming many challenges.

Dr. Vie, a former Swiss-based medical device scientist, of East Indian lineage, changed her career to natural health after losing her father to heart disease and helping her mother recover from breast cancer. Facing heart-breaking challenges while living solo in six countries, in 2004 Dr. Vie Research pioneered Dr. Vie SuperFoods™ in the North Americas, & since 2007 Dr. Vie SuperKids mentors children & recently, Dr. Vie Academy with Dr. Vie Radio helps all ages globally.

Dr. Vie is focused on restoring the link between humanity, nature and all life. She is a mountain-lover and has trekked many ranges in Africa, Europe, North Americas, including the Himalayas.

"Life is an adventure, and we are all adventurers. If leaders knew the secrets I share in this book, they will change their strategy, and seek peace rather than war, within themselves, their home, communities, nations and the world. We will strive to strengthen the weakest, starting with our children and elders so they will feel protected.Thieves  and criminals, engage in not-so-good, only because they are weakened, once they realise the cause of their weakness, their lives change," says Dr. Vie.

Her travels to every continent around the globe, her personal life challenges and her revelations while she trekked in the Himalayas last year, led to the unraveling of the root cause of suffering in the world. "You will love the good and the not so good characters in this book, because they are after all, bits and pieces of ourselves! I invite you to become an Adventurer and learn about the Adventure by clicking below," says Dr. Vie.

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