FIRST GLIMPSE: Taming the Female Impostor Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity

Taming The Female Impostor
Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity

A Beginners Guide by Dr. Sherine Vie

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An intriguing book of fable and wisdom that is guaranteed to first shock you and then quickly  inspire you, as you dive into the story.  The fascinating characters in the book, first discover the root cause of their problems, then embark on overcoming them, as they find, and use the fifteen Magical tools within the Book of Secrets.  You too can benefit from the powerful yet practical tools.

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First Chapter from Taming The Female Impostor

Ch 1. Who Do You Think You Are?

At 29,000 feet above sea level, the tranquility of the Great Himalayas took Shakti’s breath away. She had waited twenty-five years for this day, for this moment. She had been preparing her whole life for this feeling, this state of being one with her true Self.

The tiny Indian woman, slender at 45kg (99 lbs.) and barely five feet tall, perched her body cross-legged on the bare rock surrounded by an expanse of virgin snow. She drank in the beauty around her, became mindful, lowered her eyelids, and took in a deep breath through her nostrils. She held it as she focused the energy on her third eye. In that moment of silence and super-consciousness, she was one with her true identity. She became a witness of her past life and the future.

As quickly as her roller-coaster past sped before her, the future shone so brightly that it startled her delicate frame. She opened her eyes briefly, took in another deep breath, and started to soar into the oneness of the eternal existence as she began to meditate in the home of the gods and goddesses, the land of her roots. She was blissfully peaceful.

It was only last week that she was in Australia, the country of her birth, spending a quiet Sunday afternoon with her dearest mother. Shakti had not been home for ten years. While sitting at the cozy dining table, she was startled when she said something aloud. It seemed as if the words were pouring out of her being. Once the words were spoken, she knew what was going to happen. Been there, done that! She had experienced that sensation hundreds of times before. . . .

When Shakti was a little girl growing up in Melbourne, she often experienced moments where she would say certain words without much control over what she was saying. It would seem as if someone else were saying those words through her. Strangely enough, within a few months, the very words that she had spoken, like a premonition, would turn into reality. As she grew into a young woman, the time between what she said and it happening became shorter and shorter. Eventually she learned to pay closer attention to the power of her words.

So when she casually said, “Mom, we should go to India,” Shakti’s mother was not at all surprised. Parvathi was quite used to her only child’s adventurous spirit. As her mother, Parvathi had partaken of so many of her child’s amazing experiences around the planet, and she could sense that yet another was unfolding.

Within a week, the Boeing was landing in Mumbai at Chhatrapati Shivaji airport, carrying two excited women on board. Their next adventure had begun. They were in India, among over a billion people.

As Shakti sank into deep meditation high in the Himalayas, images of women, children, babies, and the elderly from around the world entered her vision. Their wretched faces were lined with tears and wrinkled with pain. She could feel their emotions, their profound hurt, and their desperate desire for change, for hope, and for salvation. She shuddered at times as the images became stronger, closer, and clearer. Mothers were carrying babies on their hips, sobbing from hunger and dying of disease.

Young girls who had been violated by their family members were crying themselves to sleep, hoping for a miracle. There were women so overweight they could barely walk without discomfort. Some of them were in motorized chairs. Other women were skeletal thin from the ravages of anorexia. Elderly women appeared fatigued by pain, suffering with brain disease and dementia. Young females were crying out, on the brink of ending their lives because of depression. The pain ripped through Shakti’s light body as the sorrow of millions and billions of individual souls entered her, sharp as knives. Oh, dear heavens above, what pain, what sorrow, what helplessness, what desperation, what cries for help she experienced in that fleeting moment! Why was there so much suffering? Where was peace?

Just as quickly, a feeling of loving warmth enveloped her, as if a new era had dawned. She witnessed, through her third eye, women of every color smiling, arms held high as if reaching for the stars, dancing to the rhythm of their cultural music. Billions of women all around the world danced. Tears of joy streamed down Shakti’s face as she continued to observe throngs of children surrounding these women, their tiny faces filled with glee, dancing in rhythm to the sways of the blissful women.

All around the unsuspecting world, this dance emerged, this vibration of peace, this feeling of complete awareness, this sense of immense super-consciousness. These women, these creators of life, these mothers of Earth, were infusing the ground, the water, the air, and the heavens with their deep vibrational energies. Their natural healing powers were changing the fertility of their lands, the safety of their water, the purity of their air, and the power of their food. They were carving out a future of wellness, peace, happiness, and love over every inch of this planet. Around them, men were joyous as they used their amazing physical strength and lifetimes of wisdom to propel and maintain this new age in which the women and children were happy and well. Together, they became one. As one source of cosmic energy, they were changing the world. Love shone bright. Bliss descended over all. There was contentment.

( Continued... )

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