Young Readers Unite Book Club (Y.R.U.)

Young Readers Unite Book Club (Y.R.U.)
Founder Mar'Kisha Warrick

Young Readers Unite (Y.R.U.) was founded by Mar'Kisha Warrick. Mar’Kisha was inspired to start her own club after hearing her mother talk about how exciting being in a book club can be. She was particularly impressed with all the positive things her mother’s club does in the community.

With a newly found passion, Mar’Kisha realized that children and teens would greatly benefit from developing a love for reading. Her new passion prompted her to asked her mother if she could start a book club for children and teens.

After her mother, Takisha Tillie, Founder/President of Deep in Thought Book Club presented the idea to her club members, Deep in Thought Book Club accepted the honor of overseeing Young Readers Unite Book Club. Now a subsidiary of Deep in Thought Book Club, Y.R.U. opened its doors January 15, 2011 with great success.

About the Founder/President of Young Readers Unite (Y.R.U.) 
Mar’Kisha Warrick was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She is in the medical program at Darnell Cookman Middle High School. She plans to continue her academic studies after high school to obtain her Doctorial Degree in Pediatrics. Her hobbies include: basketball, reading, going to movies, and helping the community in any way possible.

Young Readers Unite Mission - Young Readers Unite (YRU) is committed to encouraging, inspiring, and empowering children and teens to become lifelong readers through peer mentorship and being positive role models. We believe young readers can become world leaders.

Young Readers Unite Vision - To continue to provide positive reading practices and life skills needed to become world leaders.

Join Young Readers Unite Book Club - Join Y.R.U. book club and experience the joy of reading captivating mysteries, crazy comedies, and awesome fantasy books. We meet each month to discuss the exciting reads in a age appropriate environment. To join contact Mar’Kisha Warrick at:

Takisha M. Tillie - Founder/President Deep in Thought Book Club 
"Embracing Literature and Sisterhood"

Deep in Thought's Mission
Deep in Thought strives to make a difference in everything we do. We take pride in using our talents to enhance the community through being positive role models for developing youth and seeking diverse avenues to bring moral values, promote literacy, and enhance the lives of people.