Intimate Conversation with Sebri Book Club

Intimate Conversation with Sebri Book Club
Sebri Bookclub was formed in 2010 in Farmington Hills, Michigan by  K. Lynn Brown author of Control Issues and other books in the Stearnes family series. Because of her love for all things literary and her deep admiration and respect for authors she wanted to develop an organization that stood as an advocate for writers and their hard work.   Sebri Bookclub is predominantly an online book club that boast an online following of more than 700 members in it's short existence.

BPM: What is the vision/mission for your organization? Do you host events during the year? Donate to charities or provide any service for the community?
Our goal is to be an advocate to writers and serve as personal connection between writers and readers. We are also strong advocates of literacy and are very involved in promoting summer reading programs in inner city communities.

BPM: In your opinion, why is reading important in our lives? 

Reading is not only a source of entertainment, but it is a proven fact that those that read more have better grammar usage and writing skills. Essential tools in succeeding in life.

BPM: What types of books does your group read? How do you select the featured books? 
The beauty of Sebri book club is that we have reviewers and readers from all walks of life and interest. This being the case, we read and review anything from paranormal sci-fi to erotica. Nothing is off limits.

BPM: What are your all-time favorite book or music selections?
Anything by Carl Weber, Tananarive Due, Electa Rome Parks, Brandon Massey, or Francis Ray. The list is endless.

BPM: Are you concerned with the quality of books on the shelves today?
We are strong supporters of all types of fiction, but quality is extremely important. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, is always important. It is a huge concern to our organization that books that promote positive images of blacks and the black community are promoted.

BPM: Are you satisfied with the legacy black books will leave our future generations?
I am very proud of the number of black books and black authors that have taken control and published their own work. Excellent work that otherwise would have been ignored waiting for a big publishing house to approve their work.

BPM: What legacy will your club leave for those watching in the community?
The importance and need to promote literacy. Informing the community of the awesome talent that we have right in our own neighborhoods.

BPM: Do you think the writings of today's authors are leaving the same legacy as authors from other generations? 
I have to admit that some do and some don't. I support all types of literature. I don't however condone using street lit to glorify bad behavior and promote false stereotypes and black exploitation.

BPM: What are key factors that help a book remain on your mind long after the last page?
A good story line and colorful, interesting, identifiable characters.

BPM: What authors have been able to capture your imagination and support?
Carl Weber, Electa Rome Parks,  and Dr. Maya Angelou.

BPM: Do you feel African Americans are represented in a good light in the novels you read? 
Yes. I don't really read and support books that don't.

BPM: How do you feel about digital books such as ebook downloads from Kindle, Nook or iPad, etc?
I love ebooks and have heard many success stories about authors who's book sales drastically increased due to this technology. The freedom and low cost ability to purchase a book instantly is fantastic.

BPM: Do you think digital books will ever replace a printed book? 
No. I think there will always be a desire to have that physical book in hand.

BPM: If you shop on Kindle or the Nook, does the price play a big part in the purchase?
Would you ever stop buying printed books?

I would never stop buying printed books  but the price is extremely important.

BPM: How may we find out more about your club and possibly your book reviews? 
More information about Sebri Book Club can be found on our FaceBook page, our website:  You can also follow us on Twitter at:!/sebribookclub