The Significance of Thanksgiving by CD Mohatta

The Significance of Thanksgiving
by CD Mohatta

Just imagine, what would be a world where there is no Thanksgiving. 'Thank you' are one of the most beautiful words in a dictionary. It is said that, gratitude may not be the greatest of all virtues, but it is surely the parent of all other virtues.

Thanksgiving is a day celebrated post harvest. It is a day when people worldwide thank God and give praises to him for the harvest received by them. It symbolizes the values of gratitude, love, respect and honor. It brings about the feeling of togetherness and care among the members of a family and a community. It is said, 'A family that prays together, stays together'.  A festival like Thanksgiving gives a reason for families to sit together, pray and thank God for his blessings. The Thanksgiving meal is the main part of the Thanksgiving celebration. It encourages families to sit together for a family dinner. It generates the feeling of harmony among families and communities; a trait that seems to be missing these days.

The traditional symbols like pumpkins, cranberry, corn, turkeys, etc. epitomize the festival of Thanksgiving further. They signify various things. There are various stories of Thanksgiving told by the elders to children on the day of Thanksgiving. Such practices are not only a ritual but they are also so much fun. Children get to learn more about their elders and it increases the bonding between family members. They bring the family close together. The family senses a feeling of mutual joy and pride. 

It also reminds them that God is always with them. It inculcates in them the values of never forgetting to come back to thank God no matter how happy they are in life. On day of Thanksgiving the family enjoys a lovely home cooked meal, as opposed to the other festivals when normally packed or canned food is ordered from restaurants. It not only makes them learn to believe in God but they also learn that the fruits of joy can only be attained with a combination of hard work and the blessings from God. In the absence of a festival like Thanksgiving, the world would be immensely missing on something worthwhile.  Article Source: