EDC Creations Special Eblast Offer

EDC Creations Special Eblast Offer
Newsletter Eblast Special-- $69.00 per campaign

Is that your book they're reading?  It could be!  Let us submit your text and up to 3 images to our 165,000 readers as an email announcement.   Your book cover will be displayed on the front of Black Pearls Magazine Online 2 months. You can promote your book excerpt, CD, author's interview and/or a video presentation.  The eblast will be posted on Facebook and on our Twitter account. You can use this eblast special to showcase 2014 events or book releases too!

Book clubs, you can also use this as a way to send gifts to your favorite author too!  Pay for your favorite author to have a eblast as a gift!   READ MORE HERE.

We will start posting the eblasts on Dec. 16, 2013. You can purchase now and use it later in 2014!  


View a current eblast here. 

Once your make your payment, you will receive instructions from Ella Curry on the material that we will need. We will begin posting all of the eblasts on Dec. 16.  You can also use this as a way to send gifts to your favorite author!  Pay for them to have an eblast as an appreciation gift!  Here is a sample of one of our latest eblasts,
click here.