You’ve Been Fired! Now What by Tonia Askins & Victor Kwegyir

You’ve Been Fired! Now What?
by Tonia Askins & Victor Kwegyir

Today’s decisions determine your tomorrow!
You’ve Been Fired! Now What?  enables you to creatively navigate through the transitioning process after being laid off or experiencing underemployment, by providing you with the necessary options to help you create a better, secure and successful future. Whether you have completed high school or earned a doctorate, are a stay-at-home mom or dad, or professional woman or man on the go, neither unemployment nor entrepreneurship discriminates. Also included are proven principles, strategies, systems and 40 potential businesses you can start, part time or full time. For existing business owners, 33 proven principles, essential business systems, the business life cycle and other successful business examples will equip you to propel your business to the next level. It’s a timely, easy read, packed with key business essentials to succeed in today’s ever changing marketplace.

Primary Topics Discussed:
*  The way forward
*  16 benefits of starting your own business
*  16 advantages economic downturn present for start-ups
*  33 proven principles for building a successful business
*  40 researched businesses you can start Now
*  Essential systems for business success
*  Successful business examples
*  Progress with Right Connections

Book Review for  You’ve Been Fired! Now What?”  by Tonia Askins & Victor Kwegyir
There is never an easy answer to someone's situation of unemployment, whether it is a termination or a lay off. There are plenty of conditions to evaluate, and there is not a quick fix to anything. However, solutions are reached with commitment, dedication, knowledge, hard work and consistent prayers.  The content in this book encourages individuals to think and look forward. It is a great handbook for startup businesses. Encouraging and empowering. It urges to look for opportunities and receive blessings while unemployed. 

The material provides simple, basic and practical information that will change your outward position with your inward situation. “Choices not circumstances, determine whether or not you succeed,”  is a quote from the book to remember daily. The Good Book reveals what the enemy has meant for bad, God will turn into good. Have faith, believe and move forward.
- Melinda C. Sylvester, Owner of Tel-Mel Media & Publishing, LLC, Owner/Publisher of Faith & Soul News Magazine,  Past President of Greater Southwest Louisiana Black Chamber of  Commerce

Genre: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, New Start-up, Small Business Ownership, and  Business Motivation

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