I Am Her, The Mistress by V. Brown

Intimate Conversation with V. Brown

V. Brown was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, where she currently resides. She has two books under her belt Broken Promise and the sequel Black Ice.. with her new release I Am Her: THE MISTRESS. She is working on different projects which include a short story, an erotica anthology and best of all a coast to coast book tour. When not at her desk crafting an urban fiction tale she is pursuing a career in modeling.

BPM:  When did you get your first inkling to write, and how did you advance the call for writing?
I would say that I got my first inkling to write in high school when I used to dabble in a little poetry. I advanced the calling to write from reading other author’s books and one morning after being up all night reading a book I decided that it was my time to tell a hot story 1 became 2 became 3 and now I’m on a roll.

BPM:  Introduce us to your book and the main characters. What makes each one special? Do you have any favorites?
I Am Her: THE MISTRESS is a book that teaches many lessons from don’t trust everyone that you get into bed with to be who they say they are, even your closest friends can secretly be your enemies, thou shall honor thy marriage regardless of how out of touch you feel with your partner and lastly secrets can be your ultimate downfall.

This book introduces you to four main characters Tyquasia “Ty” Roberts is young and in love with her boyfriend Benzino of three years who she met her last year in high school. Benzino runs a drug empire that spreads throughout the dirty south. He also harbors some secrets that could come back to harm him if they are brought to the light. Nasir Cruz the husband of Lorraine Cruz is one of if not the hottest party promoters/event planner in the south hosting parties for many top celebrities, athletes, singers rappers etc. Lorraine is a high fashion model who is out of touch in her marriage.

These four main characters each bring something different to the book. My favorite character would have to be Tyquasia because after being hurt by the man she loves she didn’t throw a pity party for herself, she got up, got right and did what she had to do. She’s like me in a lot of ways strong, divalicious and doesn’t take any mess. 

BPM:  What drew you to tackle the questions or topics in I Am Her: THE MISTRESS?
What drew me to tackle the topics in I Am Her: THE MISTRESS is that for a large part of my life I’ve witnessed someone be a mistress and also be ok with who they were and the role they played. In some parts of the book I show that and in other parts I show a constant battle one has with themselves not accepting second best and wanting to be first.

BPM:  Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
Every book that I write has a message or moral to the story no matter how big or small. From I Am Her: THE MISTRESS I want readers to gain a sense of the people and things around them. Take a second look at your boyfriend, girlfriend or friend that you’re about to make your significant other. Make sure that you know them inside and out before you take that next step with them. Know your friends also don’t just call them a friend because you’ve known them since way back when. Really take the time to know them. Lastly but most important be an observer!

BPM:  What are your goals as a writer? Do you set out to educate? Entertain? Illuminate? Inspire?
My goals as a writer are not to only entertain with my stories, it’s to take the mind beyond normal reality. I call it “Let’s Get Real” I write what’s real, what can and most of the time doe happen in everyday life with a twist. In some ways I do set out to educate, maybe something in my books is going on around a reader and they don’t notice the signs until they read my book and see how similar their lives are to the character or characters in the book. I set out to inspire other young women and men that writing can be fun. I want them to see a young woman not much older than them doing it so that they will set in their minds that they too can do it and succeed.

BPM:  Share with us your latest new. How may our readers follow you online?
My next book release will be April 19th the book is entitled I Am Her: THE MISTRESS. I’m also planning a book tour for the month of July with a fellow author. Back to the Basics book tour could be coming to a city near you. To stay updated on future works and the book tour you can send me a friend request on Facebook: Author V Brown, Like my author page Author V. Brown. Follow me on Twitter @authorvbrown. Friend me on Goodreads V. Brown and find me on Linkedin V. Brown.    Follow V. Brown on Twitter  and  Facebook

I Am Her, The Mistress by V. Brown

Meet Tyquasia “Ty” Roberts, born and raised in Miami , Florida . She lived in the Pork N Beans projects, one of the roughest neighborhoods in Miami . Contrary to what you may believe, Ty wasn’t your typical around the way girl. She was a good girl turned mistress when she finds out a sickening secret about her boyfriend of 3 years, Benzino, after he gets locked up. Benz is one of the top bosses in the drug game down south. The secret that comes to light that he’d hidden for so many years, could ruin his team's respect for him.

The revelations lead Ty to move and begin a new life in Atlanta , Georgia . There she meets the hottest party promoter/host known in the South, Nasir Cruz. The sexual attraction between the two is mutual. There’s only one little missing piece of information…Nasir is married to Lorraine Cruz, a fashion model who works so much that she’d become clueless to the problems in her marriage,  but Lorraine won’t be clueless for long because Ty is about to let it all hang out. The evidence will be so direct and in her face that she’ll have no need to wonder anymore.

When Lorraine becomes fed up, she starts doing her own thing and devises a plan for some get-back, but as you know, everything doesn’t always go as planned. Friends become Foes, Benzino gets released from jail and some people aren’t who they say they are. There’s a bigger connection there than you may think. You'll be left with your mouth hanging wide open, shocked by who is who and what the original plan was from the beginning.

I Am Her, The Mistress by V. Brown
Genre: Urban Fiction;  ISBN:  9781938442698
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