Voices of Thanksgiving: author Geri Morris

Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude
Geri Morris

 Geri Morris was born in Washington, DC . She is a former professional singer, model and avid poetry writer. Residing in Alexandria, VA., she is a mother and grandmother. Wanting to prove that you can become anything in life, she says that her grandchildren are the reason she decided to pursue a career as a published author. Check out her first novel, All That Glitters Just Ain't,  Here.

“To see the smile and honor on their young faces when they saw my picture plastered on a book was priceless.”   Presently, Geri is busy working on the sequel to “All That Glitters…, and her next upcoming novel, “Three Shades of Blue. ”  Website: http://www.myspace.allthatglittersjustaint.com/  

What was your most memorable holiday from the past? 
My most memorable holiday from the past was actually when I was a little girl. The actual year is a little blurry. Being a member of a large family, five sisters and five brothers, I was the youngest girl. My father had unfortunately passed. My mother did the best she could raising so many children.

There were many Christmas' when we had nothing. As a child, I remembered the closer it got to Christmas the more depressed I would become knowing that mama couldn't afford to buy us anything. "Show & Tell" at school after the holidays was always embarrassing because I'd have nothing to share.

One year -- it was Christmas Eve actually, news had gotten out in the neighborhood that the lady with all those kids needed food for her eleven children. That Christmas Eve night, I remember hearing the sweet voices of carolers singing outside our door. I think I was around 8 or 9 years old at the time. At first, I wasn't quite sure if I were hearing things. I remember my mom or sister walking over to look out the door. When the door opened, I peeped around her and saw all these people standing outside hugging these large baskets that were filled with food and presents. My eyes nearly popped! Suddenly feeling hunger pangs, I thought to myself…. "is that for us?  Wow, we sure got a lot of food!"  LOL!

In the living room, we had a small Christmas tree but nothing else. The people came in singing, placing the baskets of food and presents down on the bear living room floor. We all stood around smiling in disbelief, my mom's eyes full of tears. For sure, God had sent his angels to our home. That night when I went to bed, my stomach full, I feel asleep right away. In the middle of the night, I awoke. Looking out the window, I thought for sure I saw Santa and all the reindeer riding across the sky! In the morning, me, my sisters and my brothers all flew downstairs. There were toys and gifts for everyone! Even Mama! That is a Christmas I will never forget!