Voices of Thanksgiving: author Adra Young

Voices of Thanksgiving  AND Gratitude
Meet Adra Young

Adra Young, a native of Gary, Indiana is not your typical educator. Having a passion for acting, this young lady took her first shot within that performance arena at her very own Alma matter Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. Moving to Detroit, to pursue her teaching career, she wasted no time, and also decided to take additional acting classes to perfect her craft. Taking the classes led her to receiving roles in various commercials, plays, and promotional modeling opportunities within the Detroit and South-East Region. In 2006, she launched and established Ardannyl, an After-School program designed to promote acting, singing, dancing, creative writing, and art.

Due to her first book receiving positive acknowledgments for addressing the dilemmas that children, tweens, and teens are faced with, her second book, The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologues Volume II was released. To find out more about this positive and energetic lady’s upcoming literary events and acting seminars, log on to http://www.%20facebook.com/AdraYoung

What are you most thankful for today?
I am thankful that God sheds his light upon me. I am thankful for my health and my strength. I am grateful for my beautiful parents and siblings. My word would not be the same without my nephews. I am so happy for my friends. When you turn a certain age and begin to strive and aim for higher, you need the right people in your corner and your space. A special shout to all of my friends. My literary partner Tracie E. Christian, I love you for life.

How do you celebrate holidays? 
I celebrate holidays with my family. We play cards, drink, and video tape each other. In addition we watch movies and make jokes about each other. I really love the time I spend with my nephews Elisha, Alonzo, and Tiwan during this time of year. They are the closest thing I have to real kids since I currently am not a mother. 

What are the traditions for you? 
Every year the day after Thanksgiving, my sister Smyrna and I go to Chicago which is just 30 minutes away from my hometown Gary, Indiana. We do our sister bonding thing. We walk around and shop on Michigan avenue until were totally out of energy. We go to Garretts Popcorn in get in that long line. We usually stay until the sun goes down and we head back to Gary.