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Tahitian Pearl by Esauren Phyer

Tahitian Pearl by Esauren Phyer From The Gritty Dune To An Oasis In The Sun

 Explore the pages of this wonderful, witty, sometimes gritty novel. Follow Naiyah Harland and her family through life's many challenges (Infidelity, Deception and Much More...) and see where they end up. If you know God is always around and will show up on our behalf - good, you won't be surprised. If you don't - good, you'll be blessed. This story is one of redemption.
We find at times, Life to be a real messy mess. It is, has been or will be. There’s no escaping it. We all experience on one level or another, the untidiness, disorder and dirt of life - Life’s Messes! Some of us don’t mind the drama, trauma and maladjustment of the mess, but many of us recognize the need to be “set free” therefore, realizing that in doing so, love wins. Tahitian Pearl (from the gritty dune to an oasis in the Sun) is a compelling story of family drama, where the messes of life (infidelity, drugs and more) demonst…

Intimate Conversation with Nikki Coe

Intimate Conversation with Nikki Coe

Join me in welcoming author Nikkie Coe. Nikki Coe began writing as a hobby. Employed by the USPS for nearly twenty years in several different capacities and locations, Nikki Coe is an expert on the postal experience. An avid reader, Nikki is familiar with the types of literary works that appeal most to women and she writes to that appeal.
Nikki has created characters that people talk about; characters that endear and emotionally involve the reader. Her characters experience common problems that are solved in unorthodox ways. Visit her website at:  
Please read the interview below and consider giving this book as a gift this holiday season. Are you a bookclub, think about making this a book-of-the-month!

BPM: Introduce us to your latest book Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail. What's really going on at the Post Office? The main characters in Postal Blues meet at a safety briefing and form an unlikely friendship that working togeth…

EDC Creations Holiday Gift Guide

EDC Creations Holiday Gift Guide
Please take a moment and visit our holiday gift guide for suggestions on great books!  We have author interviews, holiday interviews, bookclub showcases and tons of inspiration for our readers. Our Thanksgiving issue of Black Pearls Magazin is one of our best ever!  Go to Black Pearls Magazine now

Intimate Conversation with Literary Legends
Go On Girl! Book Club

BPM: Share with us the Go On Girl! history and chapter details. Share your founder(s) introduction. 
Go On Girl! Book Club was founded in February 1991 by Monique Greenwood, Lynda Johnson and Tracy Mitchell, three co-workers from New York City. The organization grew as members moved to other states and wanted to begin GOG chapters in their new cities. Today, Go On Girl! Book Club is one of the largest national reading organizations in the U.S. for black women with over 300 members in 31 chapters in 13 states including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, Virgin…

Create a Thanksgiving Pact by Stacy Hawkins Adams

Happy Thanksgiving from Stacy Hawkins Adams

Hi Friend,
I issue this greeting with the hope that you're preparing for your best Thanksgiving ever! Let's face it, though: We've all got "issues"; and during this time of year, which can be the most festive and joyous, sometimes the circumstances, people, or things that challenge us most threaten to sap our gratitude.

This year, however, why not make a "Thanksgiving Pact" with yourself to find the roses among the thorns?

* When you want to complain, hold your tongue and think of something positive.

* When you're feeling overwhelmed or gloomy, turn on some music with an uplifting beat or inspirational lyrics.

* When you're distracted by what you lack, reflect on your life and rejoice in all the good things (material and intangible) that you do possess.

Decide how you personally want to spell "Thankful" and tuck these words on a piece of paper or in a journal that you can return to thr…

Thankful to be counted amongst the living!

Thankful to be counted amongst the living! by Electa Rome Parks

I am a worry-wart.

I always have been and probably will remain so until the day I take my final breath. It is what it is. Ironically, I don't worry that I am a worrywart. Possessing that title has its rich rewards. For one, I'm always on my "A" game---making sure I cross all my t's and dot all my i's. There is always a Plan B in place, just in case Plan A doesn't work out.

So. . . the spill-off or residue from being a worrywart is that I'm super organized and highly efficient in most all I do. I try to retain control in all I do, as much to the degree that is possible. You guys read between the lines. Okay, I admit it, I can be picky, a control freak and a perfectionist to a fault.

Over the quickly fleeing years that pass by in the blink of an eye, as my spiritual level and maturity has grown, I have come to realize that I should always come with my "A" game, but also realize that…

7 Ways to Empty The Cup by Talayah Stovall

7 Ways to Empty The Cup  by Talayah Stovall

There is a saying, "Empty the cup. Every time you empty it, it comes back twice as full."
Thanksgiving is a time for expressing gratitude and appreciation for our many blessings. Real weath begins with giving. Here are several ways that you can make a difference this holiday season by pouring into the lives of others:

1. Give Your Time - Babysit for someone who can't afford to hire a sitter. Take food to someone who is sick. Visit a nursing home. Send a note to brighten someone's day. Volunteer at a local shelter for whatever cause you support - women, children, the homeless, even your favorite animal shelter.

2. Give Your Talents - What can you do that would make a difference in someone's life? Can you knit? Style hair? Sing? Do you like to clean and organize? Extend yourself this holiday season by using your gifts to help and cheer others.

3. Give Your Blood - Every two seconds someone in America needs blood. Currentl…

Black Books Weekend on the BAN Radio Show

Black Books Weekend on the BAN Radio Show

Black Books Weekend will open Black Friday, November 26, 2010 with live readings and live Twitter and Facebook chats with 80 of the most talented writers on the shelves, from all genres. Readers can possibly WIN one of 50 books being given away by calling into the show nightly! Read on...

Friday, Nov. 26 - Monday, Nov. 29, 2010

Readers Join Us Nightly:  646.200.0402
Party Totally Online at:
BAN Chatroom :

The 3rd Annual Black Books Weekend, hosted by Ella Curry of EDC Creations features four nights of readings and discussions with noted authors, bookclubs and poets. Our mission is to get folks to buy great books for gifts this holiday season, from our featured authors, publishers and their imprints.

Join us from the comfort of your homes, using your phones, and share the spirit of Sankofa with EDC Creations! This event is a bookclub and avid readers paradise!

We have co…

Join the 11/22 BPM Literary Legacy Panel

Celebrating the Legacy of Black Literature Black Authors Network Radio with Ella Curry
Readers Listen Here Now

We are discussing literature, love of community and our literary legacy! This is a community discussion and we want to hear from YOU.
In honor of Thanksgivings, the Sankofa Literary Society (SLS) will host a empowering discussion panel on the legacy our books will leave future generations. This phenomenal online experience will highlight African-Americans in the literary world including radio hosts, educators, authors and publishing leaders. We invite you to call into the show and share your opinions of  "The State of African American Literature" and the legacy we are leaving.
Are you proud of the books that we are producing today? Are the books published today creating a impact on the readers or merely entertaining the masses? Join us and speak up and out!

Black Pearls Literary Legacy Pa…

Thankful by Doris Washington

Thankful  by Doris Washington

Let's be thankful for the times we come together
Not only for the holiday feast,
The Turkey,
The dressing,
And the pumpkin pie,
But also to cherish the time
In seeing each other again,
Till the time we come together-Again.

Let's be thankful
And remember it's the moments we share,
The Love we give,
The Love of family,
The Love of friends,
Near or far.

Let's be thankful for every moment,
For each day,
And remember as we give to others in need,
We too will be blessed.

For its the Love of family,
The Love of friends,
And the Love of Giving.

Let's Be-

Thankful copyright (c) Doris Washington, November 2010. All rights reserved.

About the Author/Poet
Doris Washington is a spiritual writer, author, poet, and disability advocate who resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and son John. Doris takes the inspiration from her poetry from an unfortunate incident that involved her 18-year-old son with autism, and two police of…

Voices of Thanksgiving: author Trice Hickman

Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude Trice Hickman

Trice Hickman, is the award-winning, bestselling author of Unexpected Interruptions, which was selected as a Black Expressions “Dynamic Debut.” The novel also won the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association’s 2008 Afr’ Am Literary Award for Best New African American Voice, and the Best Romance Novel Award at the 2008 African American Literary Awards Show. Her latest novel, Keeping Secrets & Telling Lies, was released June 2009, and has received praise from readers, literary reviewers, and book clubs across the country. Her third novel, Playing the Hand You’re Dealt, was released summer 2010.   Website: What was your most memorable holiday from the past? Christmas at my maternal grandmother's house was always fun! One Christmas that stands out for me was when I was seven years old and she gave me my first watch!  I've always been fascinated by time and could read a clock when I was four years old!  …

Voices of Thanksgiving: author Lutishia Lovely

Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude Lutishia Lovely

Lutishia Lovely grew up in a small Kansan town, and often had to rely on her own creativity and imagination for entertainment. Her childhood habit of long conversations with imaginary friends and fantasies of traveling the world have evolved into a satisfying career that allows her to indulge her passion for spontaneous jet-setting to parts unknown. She’s visited forty states and more than a dozen countries.
Since childhood, she’s also had a deep-seated belief that dreams can come true. This is what gave her the courage to take her self-published novel to a conference attended by 25,000 people, give one book to one editor, and get a book deal. She says that magic can only happen, when we believe…
What was your most memorable holiday from the past? My favorite holiday memory is from when I was eight years old. Christmas was coming, yet on Christmas Eve, there were only two or three presents under the tree, and none of them had my name…

Voices of Thanksgiving: author Gail McFarland

Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude Gail McFarland

Gail McFarland is the published author of more than 100 short romantic confessions and stories and seven novels including: SUMMERWIND (BET/Arabesque), WHEN LOVE CALLS (BET/Arabesque), BOUQUET (with Roberta Gayle and Anna Laurence, BET/Arabesque), LADY KILLER (LULU Books), and ALL FOR LOVE (LULU Books). 
A dedicated wellness/fitness advocate, Ms. McFarland is currently an active fitness instructor and consultant. She happily admits that DREAM RUNNER is the first of her novels to combine her love of sports and fitness with the passion of romance. DREAM KEEPER, the sequel to this well received novel, is slated for December, 2009.   Also in 2009, Ms. McFarland returned to her romantic roots with short stories and confessions, in conjunction with Lady Leo Publications, and readers can look forward to her contribution to the February 2010 anthology, CAN A SISTAH GET SOME LOVE? A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. McFarland now makes her home in…

Voices of Thanksgiving: author Avah LaReaux

Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude Avah LaReaux

A writer inspired by the human condition, Avah LaReaux uses the power of the written word to captivate and entertain her readers. She has a talent for penning stories that focus on the lives of everyday people while conveying messages of empowerment, optimism, and inspiration.
Avah LaReaux’s work and prose has been featured in various anthologies including In-Between Days and Under A Quick Silver Moon in the United States and abroad in the United Kingdom in the anthology Theatre of the Mind.
Her current novels What's Done In the Dark and Song of the Siren are the first two installations of six in the Lost and Found saga series.

What was your most memorable holiday from the past? My favorite holiday memory is from my childhood when my mom and sisters and I would gather in the kitchen to cook Christmas dinner. The event always started on Christmas Eve and I remember being so excited to go on winter…

Voices of Thanksgiving: author Geri Morris

Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude
Geri Morris
Geri Morris was born in Washington, DC . She is a former professional singer, model and avid poetry writer. Residing in Alexandria, VA., she is a mother and grandmother. Wanting to prove that you can become anything in life, she says that her grandchildren are the reason she decided to pursue a career as a published author. Check out her first novel, All That Glitters Just Ain't, Here.
“To see the smile and honor on their young faces when they saw my picture plastered on a book was priceless.”   Presently, Geri is busy working on the sequel to “All That Glitters…, and her next upcoming novel, “Three Shades of Blue. ”  Website:

What was your most memorable holiday from the past?  My most memorable holiday from the past was actually when I was a little girl. The actual year is a little blurry. Being a member of a large family, five sisters and five brothers, I was the youngest girl. My fath…