Breaking Organizational Ties by Dr. Daryl D. Green (Author)

Breaking Organizational Ties
How to Have a More Fulfilled Life in Your Current Job
Dr. Daryl D. Green (Author)

Over 9 million people want to work full-time but can only find part-time employment. According to a Yahoo survey, a third of American workers are anxious about their job security. Breaking Organizational Ties provides practical strategies for employees attempting to cope in jobs or environments which they hate. While most managers are only concerned with the bottom-line, they leave their employees vulnerable to the casualties of competitive markets.

This book will enable readers to (a) learn how to survive and even enjoy your time at work even in a hostile environment, (b) gain greater confidence in your ability to grow while in a downsizing organization, and (c) discover the insight to go beyond your limitations by breaking the barriers of your self-doubt.

Look at what others are saying:

"Many issues affect why we don't reach our fullest potential. As a human resources professional myself, Daryl Green has hit the nail on the head." --Daphine Glenn Robinson Human Resources Manager and Inspirational author of Brotherly Love and Betrayal

"...I recognized sound validity in Dr. Daryl Green's business insights and the resulting impact change has on its workers." --Dr. Stephen M. Doty Strategic Initiatives Manager National Grid USA

"Simply a must read." ---Marcus J. Glasper Executive Manager Washington State

"This is a must read for those who continue to work for others but have entrepreneurship dreams."
--H. Frank Shanklin, Jr. President/C.O.O.

About the Author
Dr. Daryl Green provides motivation, guidance, and training for leaders at critical ages and stages of their development. He has over 20 years of management experience and has been noted and quoted by USA Today, Ebony Magazine, and Associated Press. For more information, you can go to  or

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