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Intimate Converation author Pamela Chapman

Pamela Chapman, author, motivational teacher, self-esteem life transition certified coach, and blog talk show host is founder and president of  iAscend Programs, LLC, a limited liability company.

iAscend’s mission, as a web-focused service, is the empowerment of women, and their children, by showing them how to break through their perceived limitations and maximize their potential and purpose while nurturing their esteem.

BPM: Introduce us to Heaven’s Hell by Pamela Chapman
EDC Review Rating: 4/5 stars
Heaven’s Hell, The Beginning is a powerful, spiritual book based on the real-life experience of its author…Nissi Clark (a pseudo name). The novel depicts the life of a young girl who experiences domestic violence in her home. While depicting the fear, abuse, and the pain, this powerful novel also breathes hope, healing, and inspiration between its chapters using New Living Translation scripture, affirmations and declarations. Subliminal messages of hope and healing are spread throughout the pages. True-life journal entries are incorporated. The book digs deep into the soul asking life-changing questions provoking life-changing thought. Either you learn about yourself and why you do the things you do or don’t do; or, you understand why that friend or family member behaves the way they do. It is both entertaining and life-changing and leaves its reader craving more.

BPM: What issue, person or thing inspired you to write this book?
Domestic healing is my passion. Domestic violence numbers are increasing in our community and something is still very wrong. I know what it is to be the product of low self-esteem and low self-worth due to the violence—always needing validation. I found myself in twisted relationships not just with men, but I found myself in very sick life relationships. I am now healed, but there was nothing there to assist me in my healing. At least, I wasn’t aware. I believe when we speak truth into the real  “hell” of a situation and infuse light, the darkness will subside and the problem will dissipate. I believe Heaven’s Hell, The Beginning does just that.

BPM: What impact will this book have on the community?
Domestic violence is at the forefront of our community. There isn’t a week that doesn’t go by and we don’t hear something about it. Heaven’s Hell is not just a story about victimization, but a book of healing. The series will assist women in turning their adversities into victories. The author share’s her journal pages as an adult. You realize how her child-hood victimization perpetuated the struggle, the low self-esteem and low self-worth regardless of her accomplishments, achievements or letters behind her name. This book gets its readers thinking about their behaviors and triggers the desire for real healing.

BPM: The cover of Heaven’s Hell is quite unique. Can you share the inspiration for its cover?
Heaven’s Hell is divine in all its creation. I had asked my very talented son to create the cover. After one year of attempting to create a cover depicting a woman burning in hell, he and I both were quite frustrated. Nothing met his satisfaction. While visiting me last Thanksgiving, I chided him to come up with something before his returning to California . He bought new water colors and after two days of failed attempts, I grabbed his paint brush and started throwing down water colors onto his art paper. As I threw down the colors, my son, Jamal, saw her manifesting. He said, “Mom, there she is.” He then outlined her features and hence, the subtle picture of a woman in hell.

BPM: What was the primary quest in publishing this book?
My primary quest was to assist in the healing of the nations, in particular, the women and the children of all nations on all economic levels.

BPM: Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp and share?
I want my readers to realize they are precious, they are jewels made in the image and likeness of an all powerful Creator and they are good. He desires all of us to live happy, abundant, and prosperous lives. You can turn your adversity into victory and be true over-comers not just in talk. I want them to know our Creator believes in them and so do I.

BPM: What sets your book apart from other books in your genre?
Heaven’s Hell is a fictional, self-help trilogy. It depicts real-life pain; it entertains, it heals, and leaves you wanting more. The second book, Heaven’s Hell, the Journey, due to be released in 2010, continues the saga but deals with the adult life of twisted love relationships, life relationships, and more self-loathing. Heaven’s Hell, the Redemption speaks of just that…the redeeming of the lost soul in its main character. The main character finds true love by loving herself first and the story infuses the pain of her healing. The journal entries from the two earlier books catch up to her present-day adult life in the third book. Heaven’s Hell, is a powerful, life-changing entertaining trilogy. A workbook can be purchased along with Heaven’s Hell, The Beginning—the novel.

BPM: What is the best piece of advice you would give to an aspiring author?

Find a great editor. Editing is everything, but don’t let anyone change your voice or your style. Speak your heart, live your dream, and never, ever give up!

Pamela C. Chapman, CTACC, CDVS
iAscend Programs, LLC
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