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Intimate Conversation with author Pamela Ridley  

Pamela Ridley’s  first published piece was a play about the Dred Scott Decision that she wrote in fourth grade. The play was well received by the PTA of Riddick Branch Elementary School.Since purchasing her first computer in 1995, she has written five novels (three of which are published) and several short stories.Ms. Ridley currently resides in Maryland. http://www.pamelaridley.com/

Introducing Another Memory by author Pamela Ridley
Forty-two year old Chelly Whitaker has shut down her emotions to protect herself from pain, which means she’s shut herself off from feeling anything, including love. Then Sean Price enters her life. He’s ten years younger, but despite the age difference and the stress surrounding their relationship which includes a murder, Chelly makes strides toward losing her sorrow, learning to feel again, and in doing so, creates another memory.

Q. What issue, person or thing inspired you to write this story?
It’s been established that horrific things happen; that at any given moment, life can turn tragic, but then what? How can we go on and what happens next? That’s what I wanted to address through the life of the main character in this book. If you stop living as a result of a tragedy, if all you do is go through the motions, then, in essence, all you are doing is waiting to die. Another Memory is about how Chelly struggles to reclaim a life where she is able to feel again.

Q.What was the most powerful chapter or scene in the book for you?
One was when Chelly had to tell Sean, her potential love interest, that she saw and spoke to her deceased daughter. You can imagine that’s a tough conversation to have. As a writer, it was fun to see how Sean would handle it.

Q.What do you like to do when you're not writing?
When I’m not writing, I’m wishing I was. I’m afraid the muse will take a permanent hiatus and if it does, then what form of creative endeavor will I undertake because I believe an expression of creativity is essential for living a balanced, sane life.

Q.What is the best piece of advice you would give to an aspiring author?
When you find yourself writing for hours at a time, and it feels like only five minutes have passed, then you’ll know writing is a passion, and that’s a good thing! With passion comes drive and persistence. Those are the things needed to stay the course.

Q. Who should read Another Memory and why?
Read this book if you believe the lines between this world and the next can blur. Read this book if you believe life can steal every wisp of joy and still the human spirit will not relinquish hope. Read this book if you believe our elders teach us to celebrate life--every bit of it; the good and the bad. Read this book if you believe in the power of love to transform. Visit my website to read excerpts: http://www.pamelaridley.com/

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•Paperback: 288 pages
•Publisher: Genesis Press
•ISBN-10: 1585713678
•ISBN-13: 978-1585713677

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