Featured Author Theresa Dawn Royal

“Bankruptcy Ain’t Broke”
(Putting the Pieces Back Together Through Life Lessons)

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 Friday, Jan. 22, 2010 at 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST

This straight talk book about bankruptcy and the lessons learned was a God ordered process. Theresa, an entrepreneur specializing in event planning, was forced to file bankruptcy in 2006 due to her putting her trust in one client, and not putting her trust in God. She had good credit all of her life but due to the unethical practices of this client, her finances spun out of control. After many phone calls for help from so-called friends and family, the last option was to file bankruptcy to save her home.

Theresa D. Royal, who holds a degree in Small Business Management from Central Pennsylvania College, dispels the myths that everyone who files for bankruptcy has bad credit or is just trying to get out of paying their debts. Bankruptcy “Ain’t” Broke will give a true account about the struggles of bankruptcy and addresses this taboo subject, especially in the African American and Latino communities.

It's a subject that is often whispered about in minority communities but is discussed openly in other ethnic groups. Bankruptcy in most cases can help those who have no way out of a really bad financial situation. She is also the owner of TD Royal Enterprises, LLC, the holding company for her book publishing, event planning, real estate investing and other business ventures she is pursuing, and is the President and CEO of Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network (EPNET), an organization that encourages individuals, especially minorities, to pursue their passion of owning their own businesses.

“Bankruptcy “Ain’t” Broke” Book Synopsis:
Theresa D. Royal was faced with the difficult decision to file bankruptcy in 2006 due to an unethical client and bad business deal. During the timeframe after she initially filed bankruptcy, there were a string of events that were happening in my life and she felt like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. She was even close to committing suicide because of the stress and enormity of the situation and felt utterly and totally alone.

Theresa is a regular person just like you who had no clue what bankruptcy was or how it would affect her life. This book is not a rag to riches story. It is a true account of her filing bankruptcy and the struggles she has dealt with emotionally and financially over the past three years and how she is dealing with it even to this present day. She gives down to earth, positive perspective to those who are on the verge of filing, have already filed, know someone who has filed or someone having a tough financial situation.

Book ISBN:  ISBN-10: 0615320155    |      ISBN-13: 978-0-6153-2015-1

Website: http://www.bankruptcyaintbroke.com/;  Bookseller: Self-Published through TD Royal Enterprises, LLC;  Booksellers: Amazon.com and  http://www.bankruptcyaintbroke.com/ website.

 Advance Praise For Bankruptcy "Ain't" Broke:
"When I began reading “Bankruptcy “Ain’t” Broke” by Ms. Theresa Royal I was initially surprised, then in awe, and finally honored. Surprised because even though the title suggests failure, the book is filled with hope and faith. In awe of the courage and strength in the character of Theresa to be willing to share the innermost fears and doubts the rest of us will do anything to keep hidden--even from ourselves. Finally, honored to know such a young, talented, beautiful and blessed "Sista."

Professionally speaking, this is a unique and honest view of this extraordinary legal process. The advice on how to approach the process emotionally and legally is invaluable. And the most important statement--not just financially but spiritually--is in the title “Bankruptcy “Ain’t” Broke”. Thank you Theresa Royal!”  
---- Hon. Beverly Hayes-Sipes, District Court, Detroit, Michigan

“I recently finished reading “Bankruptcy "Ain't" Broke”. I would like to personally thank Theresa for sharing so much of her personal life in this fabulous book. I know the book will help many others, even in ways she did not intend. As an example, I often help myself by helping others help themselves, but to this point, I rarely divulge many (if any) of my past struggles. “Bankruptcy "Ain't" Broke” has challenged me to include personal tales of my struggles when mentoring others. I look forward to part 2 (Book 2).” 
---- Steve DaCosta, DaCosta Marketing, Bowie, MD
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