Reader Spotlight: ANDREA FOY

Black Pearls Reader Spotlight: ANDREA FOY

:: How important is reading to you?
Communicating in some way, talking, reading, writing, it is like breathing to me. It calms me down and soothes me, no matter what the content.

:: On your nightstand now:
Not trying to plug, but I just finished Unexpected Interruptions by Trice Hickman. I heard about it on one of your book tours.

:: Book you've bought for the cover:

Joel Osteen’s first book, he was smiling so hard I had to know what he was up to.

:: Book you most want to read AGAIN much slower, to savor:
Loved Dewey, the cat that lived in a library. (true story)

:: Your top three authors. Why?
E. Lynn Harris, loved his books- great twists and plot turns.
Terry McMillian – she makes it look easy (to write) and is easy to read.
Jackie Collins – older books were better, great entertainment.

:: Share your news or events with us.
What's next for me? My book; HIRE POWER How to Find, Get, and Keep a Job is coming out later this year. It is a how to book for teens on finding their first job.