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Excerpt Chapter 1: The Manual by Sherryle Kiser Jackson

"Blessed are the children, for they shall inherit the earth."

Need a manual on raising children and having healthy relationships? Refer to the Bible. That's what Deidre Collins' inner spirit is telling her to do now that Andre, her son's father, is back in town after deserting them eight years ago.

At fourteen years old, her son, DeAndre, is struggling with his own issues-peer pressure, problems at school, and figuring out how to navigate his first crush.

When DeAndre gets suspended from school for ten days, Andre sees it as the perfect opportunity to get to know his son-and to get closer to Deidre. Can this couple overcome the past for the sake of their son's future?

Read the first chapter to see how fourteen years old Andre and his parent deal with the issues at hand.
ISBN: 1601629354
ISBN-13: 9781601629357
Genre: Christian Fiction
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Excerpt Chapter 1: The Manual by Sherryle Kiser Jackson -

About Sherryle
Sherryle Kiser Jackson is a child of God seeking to edify the world. She is blessed to be a educator, wife and mother of two (One girl, one boy). Sherryle Kiser Jackson strives to be a fresh voice in Christian fiction. Her writing style reflects a honest commentary on her personal life with Christ. Soon and Very Soon was her debut novel, which is a Black Christian Book Distributer's Best Seller. Her second novel, a Urban Christian title, The Manual, is slated for release in October 2009.

To schedule speaking engagements, book signings, online/telephone conference contact Author, Sherryle Jackson at sherrylek@aol.com or visit her website at: http://www.sherrylejackson.com

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