Audio Preview How I Made The Angels Cry by Meleisa Betts

How I Made The Angels Cry by Meleisa Betts
Neighborhood Publishing (April 1, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0615290507; ISBN-13: 978-0615290508

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"Cleanse the Soul by Facing the Truth"
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How I Made The Angels Cry by Meleisa Betts
ISBN-13: 9780615290508

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Book Reviewed By Heather Slocumb(Official Apex Reviews Rating: 4.5 Stars)

"Life to me is not like a box of chocolates, life is a Pandora's Box filled with 'what if's.' It doesn't matter how rich you are or how poor you are, you going to go through hell in some form or fashion unless you are just plain lucky."-- Molly, How I Made The Angels Cry

Molly Betts claims to have done two lifetimes' worth of living in her short time on Earth, and, by all accounts, such a remark is a stark understatement. Born and raised in the one-horse town of Marionville, Alabama, she quickly gets used to enjoying a life a relative privilege; her father, the town's largest employer, provides the family with many luxuries and pleasures that others would literally kill to obtain, fostering in Molly a strong sense of pride - and near conceit - early on. Of course, the flip side of her father's success is his numerous, careless dalliances with scores of women from all over the town, often leading to dangerous repercussions for Molly, her mother, and the rest of their family.

Torn between her undying love for her mother and her subconscious emulation of her father's ways, Molly's life soon becomes a reflection of the emotional dichotomy that lingers within her. As such, she begins dating men simply for the superficial thrill of what they can do for her, all the while secretly desiring women for the very same thing – only in the sexual, not the material. At an early age, she becomes aware of her affinity toward women, and her struggles to reconcile the resulting moral conflict yield often disastrous results for her over the course of the various relationships into which she enters to scratch her ever-present sexual "itch." At their beginnings, each of her involvements seem to promise the ultimate spiritual deliverance for which she constantly prays, but they, without fail, only lead her further down the path of confusion, loneliness, and pain.

Eventually, Molly begins to realize that only by searching within – rather than without – can she finally receive the peace for which she longs day in and day out. One would think that only a few episodes of heartbreak, rejection, and brutality would hasten such an epiphany, but Molly's tortuous journey toward ultimate truth serves as proof that the sojourn on the road to enlightenment - and the scope of its learning curve – truly varies from person to person.

How I Made the Angles Cry is one of those rare, invaluable finds that must be celebrated and shared widely once discovered. In it, Meleisa Betts takes the reader on a literal emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows, with all the typical jerks, false starts, and sharp curves caught in-between. At times overwhelmingly heavy and sad, her tome nonetheless offers just the right amount of insight and hope to ensure the reader that, no matter how dark or gloomy the circumstances, light truly resides at the end of the tunnel, and ultimate victory over such circumstances is assured – as long as you keep pushing through the tough times.

A stirring memoir of a life whose amazing story must be told and retold. Highly recommended.

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