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Angela Benson Author Spotlight

Intimate Conversation with Angela Benson

Angela Benson's numerous novels include the Christy Award-nominated Awakening Mercy, the Essence-bestselling The Amen Sisters, and Up Pops The Devil. She's also the author of nonfiction writing book, Telling the Tale: The African-American Fiction Writer's Guide. She is currently an associate professor at the University of Alabama.

Ella: Tell us about your passion for writing. What drives you?
I don't know if I'd use the word passion to describe my writing. I write because I have something to say that I believe will encourage and motivate readers while at the same time entertaining them. My passion is for encouraging. Writing is an avenue for doing it.

Ella: A Legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. Finish this sentence- My writing offers the following legacy to future readers...
My writing offers the following legacy to future readers... a source of encouragement, motivation and …

Murder on the Down Low Interview

Black Pearls Magazine interview with Pamela Samuels Young

Pamela Samuels Young
is the Essence bestselling author of Murder on the Down Low, In Firm Pursuit, Every Reasonable Doubt and the forthcoming Buying Time. The former journalist and Compton native is the fiction writing expert for and is on the Board of Directors of the Southern California Chapter of Mystery Writers of America.

Ella: Tell us about your passion for writing. Why do you write? What drives you? What impact do you want your book to make on the readers?
I definitely have a passion for writing. Nothing else could explain my willingness to sit in front of my computer for ten hours a day or my eagerness to rise at four in the morning to write before going to work. I enjoy creating characters and putting them in precarious situations. I want readers to get wrapped up in the mysteries I create, to love, hate and root for my characters, and to close each book and feel as if they got their money’s worth.

Listen to t…

Sibling Rivalry at its Finest

Sibling Rivalry at its Finest

Got a sister? Got a brother? If so, you probably can testify to a few low-key feuds over the years. And some folk…well maybe a couple of jabs here and there. What about murder? Yes, I said it…Murder! It’s been done before more than you’ll ever know.

Family melt-downs go back to the beginning of time. Think about Cain and Abel, Marsha and Janet Brady, or even Latoya and Janet Jackson. Of course we hear about sibling celebrity feuds nowadays since every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants to be the paparazzi. Let’s take the Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley. They have billions, yet still have that contention and competition amongst themselves. Now one lives on the West coast and the other on the East. The one thing they have over the rest of us…they have billions to fuss over, most of us don’t.

Sibling rivalry is just something that can’t be erased. If you’re human, chances are you have some crazy stories that come to mind. Do you want what he or she has? Jealous about…

Carbon Copy by Azarel

Carbon Copy by Azarel, Essence Bestseller

Meet author and publisher Azarel on Ella's couch! Azarel discusses her new book Carbon Copy and her theme of Sibling Rivalry. Listen in as she introduces us to her new book and characters.

Book spotlight: Carbon Copy by Azarel

Have you ever craved someone so bad…that you’d be willing to do anything? Meet Dominique Lewis, a foul, hard-boiled, go-getter who spends most of her days yearning to be just like her sister, and plotting on taking her man. For her, it’s all about money, sex, and power. Although she possesses the perfect physique and sexy features, her life-long dream is to become wealthy and a house-hold name. By any means necessary, she vows to get what she wants.

As Dominique’s mission unfolds, she manages to get connected to Yuri, a violent replacement for the man she really sought. After realizing she’s partnered with a beast, her world turns upside down. And soon, after the tragic murder of her sister, all hell breaks loose when Do…

Allison Hobbs: Life and Times of the Published


Allison Hobbs discusses the life of a full time author and her new books. Ella and Allison dish on commuity issues. Author and producer Toniwo shares with Ella the life of a female serial killer! You have to join us! Meet fantastic authors and literary leaders right here on the sofa with Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations Media.

Our Intimate Conversation with Toniwo and Allison Hobbs covered a wide range of subjects such as screenplays, new book releases, the change of the literary landscape and most important-the REAL life of a bestselling author! Tune into the 2nd hour of BAN radio and hear Allison bring it! Toniwo starts us off, the first hour, with an amazing look into the mind of a woman scorned!

Pure Paradise by Allison Hobbs

A deliciously decadent glimpse inside a day salon that also caters to the sexual fantasies of its affluent clientele. Behind closed doors, the Pure Paradise salon secretly offers a more salacious menu of services for its discerning …

My Sistahz Keeper Needs Our Help

Black Pearls Family, the recession is striking one of our own, My Sistahz Keeper in NJ. This organization works tirelessly to help the community grow. Shirley Chisolm and her sister Kiwan Fitch are the co-founders of that organization, My Sistahz Keeper. Along with their mentor program director Norman Murph they are inspiring a difference in the lives of citizens in Newark and Jersey City.

Let's reach out and help them succeed. Please read the email below and donate whatever you feel your heart can spare. We love our sisters and we must continue to have each other's back! If we can pull together and give this group at least 20 donations, we could change a child's or family's life!

Ella Curry

Message from Audrey Bell-Kearney
Hi everybody. I got a call this morning from Shirley Chisolm who is one of the founders of My Sistahz Keeper. This organizations help so many people in the Newark and Jersey City area. I've seen first hand how they help people. They have a food and …

Getting the Obama Daughters Ready for School

Getting the Obama Daughters Ready for School
Seven Preparation Tips for Parents

Karen works hard to make ends meet as a divorcee with five kids. She loves her summers because they are less hectic. During the school year, Karen fights a torturing schedule of kids’ activities. Tomorrow will start another school year. Karen wonders how her life will change.

Summer is almost over. It’s time to refocus your child’s summer schedule to the rigidness of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Even the President’s children are no exception to this reality. With an economic downturn dampening their summer, many parents are having a difficult time directing their full attention to their child’s preparation for the new school year. Yet, many experts contribute a child’s success in life to the influences of their parents. Therefore, it is important that parents carefully consider their planning for the year. This article provides insight for overcoming the stresses of managing a hectic school l…

Great event: The Black Book Coalition

Ella Curry and friends enjoying The Black Book Coalition event.

Founders of The Black Book Coalition

I recently attended a spectacular event hosted by the Black Book Coalition. Several authors, publicist, and literary vendors met to network and share resources. This was one of the best networking events that I have attended this year! Great Food. Stimulating Conversation. Power Connections! The Black Book Coalition was founded by MahoganyBooks in conjunction with The Renaissance Group, LLC and The Hurston/Wright Foundation to achieve success and value for our literary community through the use of their combined talents and expertise.

We opened the event by paying tribute to author E. Lynn Harris. Yao Glover, founder of literary giant Karibu Book Stores, was given a photo album documenting the 14 years of operation by the Black Book Coalition founders. Publisher Jessica Tilles was instrumental in making new authors feel welcomed and appreciated. Lee and Charlotte were the perfect hostess…

Build a Better Book Blog Event

Christian Fiction Blog ( ) is
five years old now and will begin kindergarten next month. In
celebration of her first school year we are inviting you to come to
class with us.

CFB's 30 Days to Build a Better Book Blog Event begins September 1, 2009.

I will teach you:

* How to set up your blog
* Where to find free blog templates that makes your blog look more
* Why RSS Feeds and burning your blog is important
* What is SEO and tips to get your Blog SEO optimized
* Different types of blogs and the blog readers who read them
* Blog Content Basics
* Scheduling
* Microblogging using Twitter and Utterli
* The Power of Video
* A listing of publishing houses seeking book bloggers
* Other sources for free books to review
* How to write an online book review
* How to become an Amazon Affiliate
* How to become an affiliate for the major bookstore chains
* How to become a Christian Fiction Blog Affiliate(yeah, that's new)
* Blog Tour Creation and Membership

Have you read a great book?

Have you read a great book lately? If so, tell us about it. On the 10th of each month we will view this thread and give away gifts to bloggers!

Email me your mailing address if you are a winner to:

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