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A Storm is just what you Need

When a Storm is just what you Need

Minister Cheryl Lacey Donovan on iLike - Get updates inside iTunes
Since its first release of The Triumph of My Soul, Peace in the Storm Publishing Company has worked to consistently deliver books that encourage, inspire, uplift, and entertain readers. Both the premium quality of these books and the stellar talent of PITS authors have been recognized by several nominations across several categories in the 2009 African American Literary Awards Show. At Peace In The Storm, our first priority is to give readers what they deserve and desire as well as to show our appreciation for their support by continung to offer enjoyable experiences through literary journeys.

Peace in the Storm Publishing recognizes that we need our readers to be purposed and driven writers, if not for them, who would we be? PITS would like to thank you for your continuous support and ask for your help in acknowledging the art and the peace that has been introduced to the literary world…

Lutishia Lovely's Contest

Will You Do Me A Favor?
Help Support Black Book Stores & Make Heaven Right Here a Bestseller!

On Tuesday, July 27-August31, 2009, you can help our community and hoist Heaven to bestseller status by entering for your to chance to win the entire autographed Hallelujah Love Series & $50 cash! How? In 3 simple steps:

1) Click on one of the Black Bookstore links below,
2) Put Heaven Right Here in their search engine & purchase your copy,
3) Forward a copy of your email confirmation to:

Participating Book Stores for the HRH Contest!
:: Precious Memories Bookstores (VA):
:: Mocha Readers (OH):
:: Pyramid Books (FL):
:: Kana CDs & Books (OH):
:: Jokae’s Books (TX): 800.749.7725 (yes, call, Til will take your order and forward me your information!)

If you’re in the following areas, you can purchase in person, but due to demand, it may have to be ord…

Meet Author Pat G'Orge-Walker

Meet Author Pat G'Orge-Walker
The First Lady of Gospel Comedy Writing and Performing

Somebody's Sinning in My Bed
by Pat G'Orge-Walker

Pat G'Orge-Walker delivers a wickedly funny, uplifting novel of love and betrayal…good karma and bad karma…sin and redemption…

Reverend Grayson Young and his wife Chyna have the perfect marriage. Perfect, that is, if you believe Reverend Young is walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

For while the Reverend preaches about the evils of infidelity, both he and his wife are having so many affairs, you'd think the day of reckoning was at hand. And when Reverend Young catches his wife in the act at the fittingly named Sweet Bush Lounge, his faith and love for his wife are put to the ultimate test…

Distraught, Chyna turns to her sister Janelle for guidance—the same sister whose man she stole years ago. But if Chyna thinks she's getting sympathy from Janelle, she'd better think again. Cordell was Janelle's first love. And even …

Carbon Copy by Azarel

Carbon Copy by Essence Magazine Bestseller Azarel

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Carbon Copy by Azarel
Life Changing Books:

Have you ever craved someone so badthat youd be willing to do anything?

What happens when "swagger jackin" becomes deadly? Dominique Lewis spent most of her days as a high maintenance wanna-be. Although she had the perfect physique and facial features, she studied the charming behaviors of women who successfully landed pro-athletes, and mimicked the money-hungry ladies who were able to get into the pockets of hustlers. Her life-long dream was to become wealthy, and a house-hold name. By any means necessary, she vowed to get what she wanted.

As Dominique's mission unfolds, she manages to only rub elbows with the elite, and those who could get her to the top. Soon, after the tragic murder of her sister, all hell brea…

Reflections Of A Quiet Storm

Author on Book Tour, invite her to your next radio show, chat session, blog-affair or online party!

Reflections Of A Quiet Storm by Patricia A. Bridewell

As CEO and owner of a new nursing registry, Pauline Bridges is striving to reach the height of success, and then unexpectedly tragedy strikes. After a near fatal automobile accident, she climbs from the wreckage unscathed. Shortly thereafter, God begins to reveal her past. Chronicled in a series of stories, her life unfolds through a long journey; a pathway that unveils many secrets that not even her children had been told.

Memories, dreams and flashbacks of her mother's abuse at the hands of her stepfather, a rape during adolescence, her brother's stormy lifestyle, and the agony of a marriage that was destroyed by her ex-husband, Naman's infidelity and substance abuse, all return to torment her. Then there is the shattering memory of the unsolved murder of her former boss, a vice pre…

Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Down

Author on Book Tour, invite her to your next radio show, chat session, blog-affair or online party!

Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Down by Anita Ballard-Jones

Josey was pregnant, struggling to overcome her cocaine addiction, and determined her baby would not be born an addict like her second daughter, Kelly. After three attempts to clean up, Sabur, Josey's husband continued offering her an endless supply of cocaine to keep her under his control. Finally, Josey ran away and with the help of Sabur's mother, Sadie, she entered a long term rehabilitation facility and vowed never to return to Sabur. The only problem was Sabur was a powerful and anonymous drug financier and Josey loved him more than she feared him. Did Josey want what Sadie wanted for her and her children? Did she just want Sabur to love her and change their way of life, or did she have a choice?

Dr. Pearson, Josey's psychologist at the Springwood Rehabilitation Center, had no…

Lies of Blue by Lynne Forde

Author on Book Tour, invite her to your next radio show, chat session, blog-affair or online party!

Lies of Blue by Lynne Forde
What is the price for fulfilling your dream?

Lies of Blue is the story about Lynne Forde, a young woman who tries to reach her dream by making sacrifices. Somewhere along the line, the wrong sacrifices get made. It's Training Day meets OZ with a twist of Set It Off.

When Forde gets tired of her dead end job in the City Courts, she embarks on a career in the belly of the beast. With a degree in hand and a little bit of street sense, she decides to try her hand working in River's Edge Jail Complex. From day one at the Academy to her last day at Prison, Forde evolves from your average "rookie" into something other than just a woman. To make matters worse, if you put a sexual being in the midst of some of the city's most conniving men and women, you are bound to come up with something a little kinky and very destructive. The more dangerous the g…

Support Xpress Yourself Publishing

Voting for the 5th Annual
African American Literary Awards Show

The voting process is now underway for the 5th Annual African American Literary Awards Show to be held September 24, 2009 in Harlem, New York. This event showcases some of the most talent people in the literary world. We are putting our full support behind several people on this ballot! Xpress Yourself Publishing is one of the main organizations we support.

If you believe in Xpress Yourself Publishing as well as their authors and support what we do at EDC Creations, please be sure to cast your vote for Xpress Yourself Publishing for the Independent Publisher of the year, along with your other favorite authors. We appreciate your consideration.

For your convenience, here is the link to cast your vote today:


I hope this email finds you all doing well. If I could have a quick moment of your time, I have a HUGE favor to ask of you.

Last yea…

Black Pearl Top Seller Campaign

Black Pearl Top Seller Campaign- this online promotion includes a virtual book signing on
BAN Radio-complete with trivia contest and treasure hunt, catalog ad for 2 months, eblast to 133,000 readers, front page interview in Black Pearls Magazine and book cover on sidebar of major pages. We will syndicate your written interview to 8 social networks. The author will be mailed the full details after payment. Book added to our BP Amazon online store. Custom graphics created for program. Exposure on the front page of EDC Creations. Fee: $375.00

::: Custom graphic of book cover displayed on 10 high traffic sites
::: EDC E-blast to 133, 000 subscribers
::: Submission to 3 Radio Stations and 3 Magazines
::: Audio book presentation
::: BAN Radio Virtual Book Event
::: Book Club Webcast
::: Full page on Black Pearls Magazine
::: Product Placement on main website of EDC Creations (Front page)
::: Full page in the EDC Creations Event Catalog

Black Pearls Magazine has 38,000 readers, the EDC Creations databa…

What Elements Make a Great Book?

Hello Black Pearls Family,
We are off and running with the new Give the Gift of Knowledge program. I want to give you a little background to use when reviewing books. First you need to know what's in a good 3-D read. Begin the article below to get an idea of what to look for in a professionally published book or ebook. After reading the entire article, you will have an idea how to rate future books. Does the book you are reading now address these elements?

What Makes a Great Book?
Posted on 25 August 2008 by Wordpreneur

Before You Send Out Your Manuscript, Be Sure These are in Place.
According to National Public Radio, 291,000 books were released in 2006. That’s up from 172,000 in 2005. Seems like everyone wants to write a book. But so many books get unread, unseen, unloved by the readers who could enjoy them. Most people who set out to write a book never do. Why?

Because unlike writing a story, poem, essay, or article, completing a book-length manuscript takes real stamina.

Compare it t…


By Andrea Blackstone

This morning I consider an oxymoron at its finest. President Obama made his first visit to sub-Saharan Africa, and last night, I witnessed a mother’s pain. The accomplishments that have been made by a man of color make me ponder why Kyle, a twenty-five-year-old black male, had to say goodbye. He was a new father, someone’s son, and a village helped to raise him to become a man.

My phone rang at approximately 11:30 pm. I’d already spoken to my cousin earlier. I found it strange that she called me back not even ten minutes later.

“Would you ride with me? My sorority sister’s son was killed,” she said.

She explained to whom she was referring. I remembered her from a cook out, during the 4rth of July weekend. An earthy, warm woman with an infectious smile stood out in my mind. She hugged me with a welcome, although I didn’t know any of my cousin’s friends. It made this reality feel so much uglier, and so much more unfair.

I scurried around my room grabbing k…

Michael Jackson: Wealth, Fame, & Corrosive Friendships

Michael Jackson: Wealth, Fame, & Corrosive Friendships

When rap burst on the scene, many people thought it was a passing fad. In the 1980s, the New York-based group Whodini emerged with hard-hitting lyrics that imitated life. One of the classic Hip Hop hits was a song called Friends: “Friends. How many of us have them? Friends . . . And if you ask me, you know, I couldn’t be much help. Because a friend is somebody you judge for yourself. Some are okay, and they treat you real cool. But some mistake kindness for being a fool.” Unfortunately, many people have not developed the instinct to know true friendship.

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson died at the age of 50. Everyone started absorbing this tragic reality. The radio stations had already begun playing Michael’s famous hits. Cable stations had already begun dissecting his life. In fact, in less than 24 hours, Michael’s so-called “friends” were coming out with innuendos about him. Search the Web and you will see headin…

EDC Book Club Partners

Congratulations New Book Club Partners!
I am proud to announce the creation of 9 new book clubs in the EDC Creations network. I had the pleasure of setting up all 9 bookclubs with private blog websites, newsletters, email accounts and gave them their first suggested reading material. This was such an awesome project! The readers range from age 19-77!

Each bookclub was given a "Book club to Go Bag", filled with books, bookmarks, promotional material, EDC Creations hat, EDC Creations Catalog, and Godiva Chocolates. Each bookclub was given a folder with all kinds of suggestions for rules, setting up meetings and how to select the book of the month. EDC Creations has a book club reading room, created for all book clubs to find new books to explore.

Here are the names of our new book club partners:

1. MLK Blvd Readers from Atlanta, GA (27 male and female readers; no Urban Lit)

2. SapphoAngel Sisters from Hattisburg, MS (reading only Erotica and Urban Lit)

3. Garrett Swain Legacy from …

Sankofa Literary Watch 09

Sankofa Literary Watch Summer 2009

The Sankofa Literary Society Review is focused on the issues and lifestyles that define the avid American Reader -- what they read, what they want out of their careers, how they connect to each other, what motivates them and how they feel about the community as a whole.

Many have stated that "there is no African American's dead," we don't feel that way. The Village is here, the village in now!Expand your horizons!
Join us today to add your voice and experiences to our union. While showcasing our heritage, our experiences and delivering our voice--we remain anchored to the spiritual, emotional and practical realities of our entire global community, supporting all races. We are not limited solely to AA authors; we hope to educate our readers by offering a variety of literature and resources. We are offering you the best in literature period, from our perspective. Come on in and joi…