EDC Book Club Partners

Congratulations New Book Club Partners!
I am proud to announce the creation of 9 new book clubs in the EDC Creations network. I had the pleasure of setting up all 9 bookclubs with private blog websites, newsletters, email accounts and gave them their first suggested reading material. This was such an awesome project! The readers range from age 19-77!

Each bookclub was given a "Book club to Go Bag", filled with books, bookmarks, promotional material, EDC Creations hat, EDC Creations Catalog, and Godiva Chocolates. Each bookclub was given a folder with all kinds of suggestions for rules, setting up meetings and how to select the book of the month. EDC Creations has a book club reading room, created for all book clubs to find new books to explore.

Here are the names of our new book club partners:

1. MLK Blvd Readers from Atlanta, GA (27 male and female readers; no Urban Lit)

2. SapphoAngel Sisters from Hattisburg, MS (reading only Erotica and Urban Lit)

3. Garrett Swain Legacy from Annison, AL (reading only Faith based books)

4. 7th Ward Reviewers from New Orleans, LA (42 women and 3 groups;largest of the 17 Wards of New Orleans)

5. Delta Divas Wine and Books from Tuskegee, AL (hosting formal gatherings every 3 months; no online meetings)

6. Mocha Sister Runners from Jackson, MS (exercise club of plus sized sisters; prefers Romance novels)

7. SCLCC Reader's Group from Marietta, GA (all over 40; no Erotica; no poetry)

8. Mt. Moriah Reading Rainbow from Clanton, AL (only reaing Black Authors; no Urban Lit)

9. Daughters of Toni and Maya from Houston, TX (9 teen readers; 14 adult readers; Faith based books)

All 9 bookclubs and 5 groups would like to have reading conference calls with authors. If you are interested in contacting any of these groups to review your books, email Ella Curry at: edc_dg@yahoo.com with a pdf of your first chapter EXCERPT and your professional email coverletter. I am the sole public relations person for these groups and they will select all reading material from EDC Creations magazine, radio show and personal newsletters. Each group will be given a choice of 3 books to read each month. They will discuss the books on their private blogs as well as monthly conference calls with me. I will pull the best of their blog post out and put them in Black Pearls!

Enjoy and tell at least 10 people about this wonderful list of leaders!

Ella Curry, founder of the Sankofa Literary Society
EDC Creations Website: http://www.edc-creations.com
Email me at: edc_dg@yahoo.com