Classic: Life Is Short, But Wide by J. California Cooper

Life Is Short, But Wide
by J. California Cooper

Hattie B. Brown’s seen a lot in her nine decades, and all of it in her quiet, quirky hometown of Wideland, Oklahoma. From the beginning of the 20th century, which is just about as far back as she herself goes, Hattie talks about how the railroad winding through the town brought in new residents, like African American cowboy Val Strong and his family—his hardened-by-life, still-beautiful wife, Irene Lowell and daughters Rose and Tante—and tells their tales.

As the various families cope with the hardships that come with changing times and fortunes, Hattie recounts the importance of living boldly and squeezing out every possible moment of joy in this down-to-earth, heartwarming, in her words, “strange, sad, kind’a beautiful, life story.” Buy the Book

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